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Kenneth Rictor PAFP Direct Primary Care


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Kenneth Rictor, MD, CEO, Scotland Family Medicine discusses Direct Primary Care

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Kenneth Rictor PAFP Direct Primary Care

  1. 1. Scotland Family Medicine Direct Primary Care
  2. 2. Trends of Fee-For-Service Practice More Control By Insurance and Government Less Income with Increasing Overhead More Dissatisfaction with Patients with More Out of Pocket Expenses Demand to See More Patients Overall Disappointment with Private Practice More Documentation than Care
  3. 3. Direct Primary Care
  4. 4. Direct Primary Care “If you’ve seen One DPC then you have seen One DPC” A Direct System Between Physician and Patient Eliminates the Complexity and Expense of Insurance Billing Allows Increased Time for Patient Contact without the need for Extensive Documentation The Physician works for the Patient Rather than The Physician working for the Insurance Industry
  5. 5. Direct Primary Care Increased Patient Quality Increased Patient Satisfaction Decreased Overall Cost
  6. 6. Traditional Fee-For-Service Insurance Solo Practice of 25 years January 2014 sent letters to patients March 2014 Launched Direct Primary Care
  7. 7. 3800 Patients 500 joined 1300 transferred 2000 Waiting
  8. 8. Practice Basics Generally need 400-600 patients per Provider Staff Reductions Expect at Least 6 months with Limited Income
  9. 9. DPC Patient Benefits Limited Wait Times Improved Access to Care Increased Office Visit Time Access to Discount Medications Access to Discount Labs with Direct Client Billing Complimentary Procedures
  10. 10. DPC Provider Benefits Consistent Income Limited Outside Control More Time Dedicated to Patient Care Limited Overhead Distractions Limitless Potential for Growth
  11. 11. Thank You