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Masters of Enchantivism: Healing Ceremony Dogecon 2018


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Presentation slides: Dogecon 2018 Vancouver Healing Ceremony.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Masters of Enchantivism: Healing Ceremony Dogecon 2018

  1. 1. Masters of Enchantivism – The Wyrd Sisters Whirling with Chaos. Weaving Fate.
  2. 2. There is a kind of refusal to serve power that isn’t a revolt or a rebellion, but a revolution in the sense of reversing meanings, of changing how things are understood. Anyone who has been able to break from the grip of a controlling, crippling belief or bigotry or enforced ignorance knows the sense of coming out into the light and air, of release, being set free to fly, to transcend. — Ursula K. Le Guin
  3. 3. The word Wyrd is an Anglo Saxon and Norse word. It means that everything in the universe is connected by a weave of intricate strands. Wyrd is our destiny and our fate. We are able to proactively participate in the shaping of our future instead of being passive bystanders to our fate.
  4. 4. Granny WeatherWax Turnapatopia: The Tumbling Witch of the Sea
  5. 5. Imagination is a Free Doorway to Magic…
  6. 6. Absurd Creative Play Experiment
  7. 7. A Healing Training Program for Machines
  8. 8. It is believed that when Idun, The Goddess of Regeneration and Prosperity, sings, she is able to change the Weave of Wyrd.
  9. 9. Protection Song & Movements
  10. 10. Space Goddess Blessing Space Goddess Blessing
  11. 11. Intention Song
  12. 12. Healing Song
  13. 13. Prosperity Poem
  14. 14. Idun’s Quest The Prosperity Game in PossibilitySpace A machine training manual for Personal and Cultural Transformations By MaRi Eagar BlackLlama Enchantivist School