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Digital Futures: Leadership Futures


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Building on the masters degree Leadership by Design which was developed by Manie Eagar and MaRi Eagar for the Da Vinci Institute in South Africa, Leadership Futures initiates conversations about futures leadership.

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Digital Futures: Leadership Futures

  1. 1. LEADERSHIP FUTURES I D A E O Nidea design activate engage operate navigate DIGITALFUTURES©2015 digitalfutures
  2. 2. idea Ideation is the creative process of generating, evolving, and communicating new ideas – from innovation, to development, to actualization. It is essential for creating and sustaining value. DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  3. 3. design Marrying creative and dynamic systems and design thinking principles to draft a range of possibilities until the selection of options and the course of action becomes clear. In the end the facts must speak for themselves and the optimal design is set in place. DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  4. 4. activate Pivot or stay the course? Are there areas of misalignment, opportunities and risks; and levers of change? Identify and address current and fresh opportunities and accelerators, risks and roadblocks. What are the vital decisionpoints and actions for success? DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  5. 5. engage Engage the user/customer. Exchange value. Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. Steve Jobs DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  6. 6. operate Integrated business systems connect the technologies, information assets, applications and processes with the strategic, operational and financial planning functions across the enterprise to improve organizational alignment, value creation, and financial performance. DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  7. 7. navigate The application of future-oriented design principles increase an organization’s innovative and competitive qualities. It redefines how problems are approached, identifies opportunities for action, and helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions. DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  8. 8. Leadership in Transformation •  Existential threats •  Sustainable futures •  Futurepreneurship •  Technoself rising •  Closing the gap in equitable and fair participation •  Nurturing well-being Global/Metaverse Cultural/Societal Organizational Personal/Team DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  9. 9. Design for Transformation •  Shared commitment through collaboration •  Deep meaning through empathic research •  Deeply felt insight through visualization •  Unexpected opportunities by asking new questions •  Powerful new ideas through the use of intuition •  Fast thinking and learning through prototyping Define Research Ideate Prototype Choose Implement Learn Replicate DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  10. 10. The art and science of creativity For inspired and creative living: •  The Transitions: From Emergence to Experience to Engagement •  Personal: From Originality to Composition to Transformation •  Society: From Insight to Design to Innovation lifecreativ DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  11. 11. Convergence •  Meshworks - nested, embedded knowledge and practices •  Hive mind - Cloud effect •  Integral - associative - relational •  Original & Transformational (maintaining core values at scale) •  21stC – from Moon to Mars – increasing levels of complexity •  Blockchain technologies for the Internet of Things IDAEON©2015 A 'jumping together' of knowledge and technologies
  12. 12. Distributed Autonomous Organizations & Trading Zones IDAEON©2015
  13. 13. Engaged Leader
 The dance of work-life-society-tribe-family Immersive reality Big data meets AI Consciousness Studies & Neuroscience Transhumanism Science of Vitality Engaged leader Technological convergence Diversity & Gender Bias Cross–discipline reach Ingenium Creativity DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  14. 14. Leadership Trajectories •  Wealth creation and exchange with an eye on the future •  Bio-psycho-techno-social integration •  Technoetics – art meets science •  Creating strengths-based differentiators and accelerators •  Transformational thinking and emotional agility for elegant, meaningful and purposeful execution •  Sustainable futures creating new sources of value integrated into corporate strategy and culture DIGITALFUTURES©2015
  15. 15. Contact Manie Eagar MaRi Eagar +1 604.992.1124 +1 604.329.8526 DIGITALFUTURES©2015 digitalfutures