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PACE Suite 2019


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PACE Suite is the fastest application packaging tool that enables you to create MSI, MSIX, Appx, App-V and ThinApp packages, edit, and deploy them with the help of intelligent, step-by-step Wizards.

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PACE Suite 2019

  1. 1. PACE Suite Application Packaging and Virtualization Solution
  2. 2. Inspired by Packagers, designed for Packagers PACE SUITE IS THE FASTEST APPLICATION PACKAGING TOOL THAT ENABLES YOU TO CREATE MSI, MSIX, APPX (UWP) AND APPV PACKAGES, EDIT, AND DEPLOY THEM WITH A CLICK OF A BUTTON PACE Suite provides lighting fast packaging and intelligible wizards for running complex user scenarios PACE Suite is out-of-the- box application packaging tool, which does not require any pre- and post- installation adjustments PACE Suite have a friendly per-engineer licensing model, which allows unlimited installs on any number of physical and virtual machines KEY ADVANTAGES: PACE Suite is always up to date with 4 major releases each year.
  3. 3. PACE Suite Highlights Windows Installer package authoring Create from scratch or open existing MSI and MST to manage their resources with a convenient tree-like interface Repackaging With the fastest ever MSI Generator, quickly capture and repackage existing installations into MSI, MSIX, APPX, App-V or ThinApp packages Patch package (MSP) creation Choose a way of delivering application updates: either create a Windows Installer Patch package or integrate MSI Virtualization (App-V, ThinApp) PACE Suite brings full support of Microsoft App-V 5.x and VMware ThinApp 5.0-5.2 technologies that enables you to create and edit packages for virtual application Windows 10 support Use PACE Suite on 32-64 bits platforms and various operating systems, including Windows 10 Microsoft SCCM integration Publish your packages from PACE Suite to Microsoft SCCM 2007 or 2012 and get them ready for deployment Automation with Active Scripting Run the pre-defined and your own scripts against the opened MSI database Re-use and share Re-use projects to rebuild packages next time, create various profiles and exclusion filters and share them with your team
  4. 4. PACE Suite Release History and Roadmap 4.7 27/09/2018 Improvements to registry keys & values management 3.5.5 30/03/2016 Microsoft Windows 10 Support has arrived 4.0 07/07/2016 Support of App-V 5.X technology 4.1 30/09/2016 Brand new user- friendly Interface 4.2 28/02/2017 Improvements to registry keys and values 4.3 25/04/2017 PACE Suite is now the fastest packaging tool! 4.4 10/10/2017 PACE Suite now builds AppX packages 4.5 22/02/2018 Smart Wizards for Custom Actions & Drivers 4.6 27/06/2018 New approach to manage Files, Folders and Media 1.0-3.0 2012-2016 First releases where MSI packaging & tailoring was being refined 3.5 02/02/2016 Virtualization is now a part of PACE Suite 5.1 19/02/2019 creation of MSIX packages and export of Windows Installer Merge Modules 5.0 07/12/2018 Package Designer for editing MSI with an ease 2019-2020 5.2 May-June, 2019 Brand new interface to management of files, folders, registry entries, shortcuts and permissions in MSI Generator. Introduction of App Readiness Validator for quality check for all package formats 5.3 October-November, 2019 Allow capturing on a remote machine without installation of PACE Suite Contact PACE Support and request the desired change to PACE Suite 5.4 February-March, 2020 Introduction of Application Package Catalog for automation of the packaging work processes. Add batch MSI(X) creation
  5. 5. PACE Suite Support STANDARD SUPPORT OPTIONS EXTENDED SUPPORT OPTIONS • 24×7 access to e-mail/web-based/in-application requests • Updates to the latest PACE Suite versions, including major upgrades • Patches and Hotfixes for critical issues • Includes everything that comes with Standard Support, plus: • Online support sessions for the teams • Personal support from a dedicated support engineer via remote access As PACE Suite is a customer-driven product, we pay a lot of our attention to ensure you are getting the best customer experience. Check additional materials we have prepared for you or contact us directly. Check out also and
  6. 6. PACE Suite Licensing PACE Suite Freelancer is applicable for a freelancer or a private entrepreneur looking to facilitate the creation of custom software packages. Whether your business is to provide application packaging services to end customers or if you merely want to use PACE Suite for your personal packaging needs, the PACE Suite Freelancer license is exactly what you need. All PACE Suite licenses are perpetual. Our customers can use the purchased software for unlimited amount of time. All licenses are user-based. One license can be used by one user only at any number of physical and virtual machines. With any type of license, you get a whole year of Free Software Maintenance. All types of PACE Suite licenses provide access to the equal number of features, but are applicable for different types of end-users. Further renewal of maintenance provides access to software upgrades and professional support. All educational and governmental organizations are eligible for a 50% discount. PACE Suite Enterprise is applicable for SMEs and companies. Our application packaging solution is a superior, fast, and powerful tool allowing companies to easily manage internal* software updates and migration projects. PACE Suite Service Provider is applicable for companies that provide application management services for their end customers. If you want to increase your business scope and efficiency of application packaging services for your end customers, this is the license you are looking for.
  7. 7. PACE Suite Customers
  8. 8. Testimonials Open Line, a Trusted Cloud provider from The Netherlands “With regards to value for money ratio, PACE Suite compared to AdminStudio® is the biggest win. Not only are the licensing costs very much lower but also timesaving in the long run will be significant…” Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider with 7 million mobile customers and 20K+ employees “The competition in the packaging market is very strong and the pressure on the prices of the packages is very high specially with the nearshoring and offshoring packaging. If we want to continue to package in Switzerland and win new customers, we needed a tool that allows us to create high quality packages in a minimum of time. For us, PACE Suite is the complete alternative for Wise Package Studio™ which matched this criteria!” – Benoît Richoz, Head of Software Packaging at Swisscom IT Services Data4, IT services provider from The Netherlands CAE Technology Services, a leading technology services company from the UK “We have found it to be an excellent product that fits perfectly with our requirements to package applications…” – Noel Costello, Technical Services Operations Manager at CAE Technology Services “We find PACE Suite very helpful in our packaging processes because the tool is very user-friendly and easy to use. Also, when we have problems with the “heavier” packaging tools (like Wise or Flexera) that an application doesn’t work, because they failed to capture some info… PACE Suite always saves the day!” – Danny Janssen, Seniour Packager at Data4
  9. 9. PACE Suite Partners ACP Germany ATS Teconomy The Netherlands ComponentSource USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific Connection Enterprise Solutions USA Endpoint Focus Australia PFH Technology Group Ireland Softchoice North America Spark Digital New Zealand Aquion Australia ClearByte Switzerland Compuwave GmbH Europe Coronation Sweden Infopulse GmbH Germany Road Map Technologies LLC USA SoftwareONE USA, UK, Switzerland, France, Canada Thomas Duryea Consulting Australia
  10. 10. Infopulse, a part of the Nordic IT group Evry Contact Us +380 44 593 70 19 /pacesuite /pacesuite /groups/4765703