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Ryan McInerney | Anyone Can Do It


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Presented by Ryan McInerney – Founder, Bluematter

Why small & midsized PEO's Have what it takes to Succeed at Modern Marketing.

A live case Study of PACE PEO and Atlantic Payroll Partners

The PACE Annual Conference focuses on the sales, marketing, and technology trends that affect PEOs and the service providers that support them.

Published in: Marketing
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Ryan McInerney | Anyone Can Do It

  1. 1. Why Small & Midsized PEO’s Have What it Takes to Succeed at Modern Marketing. Anyone Can Do It
  2. 2. “Do you do social media, and can you help us with ours?”
  3. 3. “Where are you going, and what is your purpose?”
  4. 4. Define who you are and who you aren’t to create a brand story. Select right fit clients and map their journey to purchase Launch a unified sales and marketing strategy. Use advanced technologies to scale efforts in chosen niches. BrandIdentity Market Selection Market Starter Market Disruptor Market Leader Scale your team and deepen your stronghold in multiple niches. ML5: Five Steps to Market Leadership
  5. 5. Clarified the Brand Determined who PACE is, and isn’t
  6. 6. Defined the Market Prospective Member Conversations
  7. 7. From Invisible to Revealed
  8. 8. Welcome New Members
  9. 9. “Where are you going, and what is your purpose?”
  10. 10. Anyone can do it. But which of you will?
  11. 11. Step 1: Join PACE
  12. 12. Step 2: Join Bluematter
  13. 13. PACE members get 20% off Bluematter Enrollment + 2 Initial Coaching Calls Valued at $1,550
  14. 14. “What happens if we train our people, and they leave?”
  15. 15. “What happens if we don’t… and they stay?”
  16. 16. Dave Ramsey Momentum Theorem: Fi/T(G)= Focused intensity, over time, multiplied by God, equals unstoppable momentum.