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PAARL Newsletter, Jan-Mar 2010


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PAARL Newsletter, Jan-Mar 2010

  1. 1. Newsletter PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION OF ACADEMIC AND RESEARCH LIBRARIANS Rm. 301, The National Library Building, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita 1000 Manila Philippines No. 1 January - March 2010 ISSN - 0116-014 PAARL Holds 37th General Assembly; Inducts New Set of Officers; and Awards Deserving Librarians/Library/ Library Programs PAARL’s new set of board members as they take their oath (l-r) Elvira B. Lapuz, (Ex-Officio), Erlinda Gonzalez, Sr. Gloria B. Pasamba, and Victoria P. Baleva, (Directors), Veronica M. Jose (Auditor), Aisa M. dela Torre (Treasurer), Sonia M. Gementiza (Secretary), Roderick B. Ramos (V. Pres.) and Chistopher C. Paras (President) The General Assembly Now on its 37th year of existence, the Philippine Asso- Inside this issue ciation of Academic and Research Librarians (PAARL) held its Annual General Assembly, Induction of Officers, and Award- PAARL Holds 37th General Assembly ... 1 ing Ceremonies at St. Paul University in Quezon City (SPU- To CPE or not to CPE: a Public Forum 4 QC) on January 29, 2010. The assembly was highlighted by the report of out- Welcome Remarks 4 going president, Ms. Elvira Lapuz, who gave an account of PAARL’s accomplishments for the year 2009 and gratefully ac- The Board Plans for 2010 Activities 5 knowledged the members, the sponsors, and the donors, for all the support they have all extended to the association. Ms. Joce- High Impact Library Customer Handling ... 6 lyn Balangue, outgoing treasurer, presented the financial report noting a significant increase in the association’s total earnings. Inaugural Speech 7 NOMELEC chair, Susan Pador, on the other hand, informed the 8 body on the guidelines for the nomination and election and pre- List of PAARL Paid Members PAARL holds 37th General Assembly ... see page 2 Upcoming Events 12
  2. 2. PAARL holds 37th General Assembly ... from page 1 Now on her third term of office, she was voted as auditor to work closely with the treasurer and see to it that disbursements sented of the results of the recently concluded election. Ms. Fe are properly carried out according to the by-laws of the associa- Angela Verzosa, Chair of the Law and Legislation Committee tion. for 2009, presented three amendments to the PAARL by-laws, which were all approved by the body. Ana Maria B. Fresnido is presently the Director of the De La Salle University Library- Manila. Just like the other board The Induction of Officers members, Ana is not new to PAARL as she has also been ac- The ceremony started with an opening prayer led by tively involved in the association for more than a decade ei- Sr. Ma. Gloria B. Pasamba, SPC and was immediately followed ther as officer or chair/co-chair/member of the various standing by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem, led by Ms. committees. Articulate in both oral and written communication, Aisa M. Dela Torre. To warmly welcome the members was Sr. Ana will certainly make a good public relations officer. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, Vice President for Academics of the SPU-QC, whose message clearly manifested strong support Victoria P. Baleva is the Librarian-in-Charge of the Periodi- for PAARL as well as its incoming president (who is SPU-QC’s cals Unit of the Centro Escolar University Library. Versatile, librarian) and high regard to the association for the value it puts jolly, and always on the go, Vicky is one of the three board of into interdependence in the forms of cooperation, collaboration, directors, a position she has been holding since 2009. and networking among and between libraries and librarians. Sr. Nintha Lucilla Baldado, SPC, University President of SPU-QC, Erlinda B. Gonzalez is the chief librarian of the Manila Doc- gave the inspirational message. tors College in Pasay City. Her extensive experience as library Ms. Pador formally presented the members of the 2010 administrator and PACUCOA accreditor definitely makes her Board of Directors and were inducted into office by Sr. Nintha. an asset to the association. It can be remembered that Linda was This year’s PAARL board members are the following: PAARL board of director in 2008, a position she also holds for this year. Christopher C. Paras is currently the College Librarian of the St. Paul University in Quezon City. He has served PAARL in Sr. Maria Gloria B. Pasamba, SPC, Head of St. Paul College various capacities for the past 3 years-- as secretary in years Library in Pasig is the last member of the board of directors. 2007 and 2008 and as Vice President and conference chair in Fun to be with, straightforward and compassionate, Sr. Gloria is 2009. His vast experiences as officer of different library associ- indeed heaven sent for she, herself, is a constant reminder of the ations and administrator of a couple of libraries, his educational board’s commitment to God and PAARL members. attainment, and his commitment to PAARL have considerably contributed to the making of probably the youngest PAARL Elvira B. Lapuz, the Head Librarian of College of Social Sci- president ever. ences and Philosophy Library, University of the Philippines and was the 2009 PAARL president completes this year’s line up Roderick B. Ramos works as associate Information-Reference of board members being the ex-officio of the association. She librarian at the De La Salle University Library- Manila. In 2009, has been serving the organization for quite some time and is Mr. Ramos served as public relations officer of PAARL and very approachable and knowlegable on the profession’s current associate editor of its newsletter. Creative and techno-savvy, trends which makes her an idol to young librarians. Erick, as he is fondly called by his colleagues, perfectly fits the position of PAARL’s Vice President and conference chair. President Paras, in his inaugural speech, expressed his gratitude to his PAARL “family” for believing in his potentials Sonia M. Gementiza is the Library Director of the De La Salle and capabilities to lead the association and promised to give his University- Dasmariñas and presently the President of the Cav- utmost dedication in serving the association and its members. ite Librarians Association. A seasoned library administrator He also presented the list of activities lined up for the year as who is actively involved in various library associations, Sonia well as plans for other projects and activities like the extension undoubtedly possesses the qualities of an effective and efficient of the scholarship program to underprivileged but deserving secretary any PAARL president would ever want. high school graduates who intends to take up library science courses; the creation of section committees to address library Aisa de la Torre serves as electronic resources librarian of the related concerns; the setting up of a feedback mechanism to en- Ateneo Professional Schools Library in Rockwell, Makati City. sure that members are accorded with the services and benefits Aisa was one of PAARL‘s board of directors in 2009. Prudent due them; the provision for more privileges for individual and and forward looking, Aisa was entrusted to manage the finan- institutional members; and the plan to make PAARL globally cial resources of PAARL being this year’s treasurer. recognized through cooperation with other regional counter- parts. Veronica M. Jose is the chief librarian of the Mapua Institute of Technology in Intramuros, Manila. Veron has, for the past two years (2007 and 2008), been a board of director for PAARL. PAARL holds 37th General Assembly ... see page 3 2 - PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010
  3. 3. PAARL holds 37th General Assembly ... from page 2 Two librarians, Ms. Celedonia R. Cayaban of DLS-College The Awarding Ceremonies of St. Benilde and Ms. Zorayda Bartolome of the Central Lu- In its own little way, PAARL has, for the last 37 years of exis- zon State University, were awarded Outstanding Academic/ tence, been instrumental in recognizing deserving librarians/li- Research Librarians of the Year for their outstanding national/ brary/library programs who/which, in one way or the other, have regional contribution to academic or research librarianship and contributed to the advancement of Philippine librarianship. library development in the Philippines. This year’s Committee on Awards and Scholarship, chaired by Ms. Marietta Molina, deliberated on the candidates A special citation was also given to Ms. Fe Angela M. Ver- for the different awards and came up with the decision to grant zosa, former DLSU Library Director and PAARL past president, the awards to the following: for keeping PAARL members well-informed about the organi- zation’s activities through the PAARL Yahoo!Group, PAARL Ms. Loreto Garcia, Director of the Jose Rizal University Li- Wiki, and PAARL Facebook account, which she moderates and brary, is the recipient of this year’s Professional Service Award, regularly maintains. in recognition of her invaluable service as immediate past Presi- dent of the Association, and for her wholehearted dedication to The real scene stealer of the day was Ms. Corazon M. Nera, the cause of academic and research librarianship in her capacity when she was acknowledged with standing ovation, as she re- as resource speaker in seminars and conferences of different li- ceived the Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest recognition brary associations and as President of UE Library Science Alum- given to a librarian who has reached the hallmark of professional ni Association. excellence. Mrs. Nera, has contributed significantly to Philippine Librarianship as the present Chairman of the Board for Librarians of the Professional Regulation Commission; as past president of PAARL, PLAI and PATLS; for her notable advocacy in provid- ing training opportunities to students of Library Science and professional librarians through scholarship grants when she was FAPE Program Director; for unselfishly sharing her expertise as a resource speaker in various local, regional and international seminars and conferences; and above all, for being a role model among her colleagues in the profession. The awardees (l-r) Ms. Loreto T. Garcia, Ms. Cele- donia R. Cayaban, Mrs. Corazon M. Nera, Ms. Teresita C. Moran, Ms. Zoraida Bartolome, Ms. Reysa Alenzuela with Mr. Richard W. Nelson The Thomas Jefferson Information Center’s American Shelf bagged this year’s Outstanding Library Program. The said pro- The awardess (sitting l-r: C. Cayaban, L. Garcia, C. Nera, gram aims to reach out to the general public, particularly the T. Moran, Z. Bartolome, R. Alezuela) with PAARL’s past younger generation of Filipinos, by providing chosen host librar- presidents (standing l-r: R. Tarlit, S. Pador, R. Jocson, D. ies with small-scale compendium of American Studies core col- Angeles, Sr. I. Tal Placido, L. Gonzalez, T. Calma, M. Mo- lection and updated information on the United States. To date, lina, R. Nelson, E. Lapuz and V. Sajorda there are 37 American shelves in the Philippines where 12 are in the National Capital Region (NCR), 9 in Luzon (outside of the NCR), 4 in the Visayas, and 7 in Mindanao. Sixteen (16) past PAARL presidents, namely: Corazon Nera (1983-84), Lolita Gonzales (1988), Teresita Moran (1989), The Outstanding Academic/Research Library of the Year was Rodolfo Tarlit (1990), Celedonia Cayaban (1991), Rebecca Joc- given to Ateneo Professional Schools Library for its valuable son (1994), Dionisia Angeles (2005), Zoraida Bartolome (1996), contribution in supporting the intellectual effort of groups of Veneranda Sajorda (1999), Fe Angela Verzosa (2000 & 2004), scholars, students and others, outside the immediate university Teresita Hernandez (2002), Susan Pador (2003), Sr. Ignatius Tal context in view of its unique capabilities, nationally and interna- Placido (2006), Marieta Molina (2007), Loreto Garcia (2008), tionally, in areas of particular strength. and Elvira Lapuz (2009) graced the occasion together with 150 members. PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010 3
  4. 4. To CPE or not to CPE: a Public Forum G. s. Audrey spea kers (l-r) M , Mrs. Some The forum y Librarian of th Ope n Universit Li- Vyva e participa Anday, UP , Board for . Nera , Chairman UP Aguir n re (se ts with sp Corazon M re, Dean, cond e Vyva Aguir ce from aker Atty. brarians, A tty, ation Scien the le ibra ry and Inform ft) School of L The long debate on whether Continuing Professional Edu- sional Education which confirmed that most librarians share the cation (CPE) should be implemented as a mandatory require- same sentiments, that is, they would want to attend seminars ment for the renewal of license or not, demonstrate how librar- and trainings not only because it is mandatory but because they ians dread being unable to renew their licenses because of lack feel that it is a way of improving oneself. However, certain fac- CPE points. tors such as lack of resources and time hinder them from doing so. Atty. Aguirre discussed on the legal aspect of CPE making To shed light on the issue, PAARL, sponsored a public clear that it is not mandatory but rather voluntary. Hence, it is forum entitled To CPE or not to CPE on February 19, 2010 not a legal obligation but a moral obligation as it is essential in at the Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo in De La Salle University– the practice of the profession. Mrs. Nera, on the other hand, fur- Dasmariñas, Cavite. Invited to serve as resource persons were thered the discussion by presenting legal provisions lifted from Ms. Audrey G. Anday, Librarian of the UP-Open University, various sources justifying the need for CPE. Atty. Vyva Aguirre, Dean, School of Library and Information Studies of the UP-Diliman and former CPEC member, and Mrs. Also present during the forum were Mr. Marco S. Saez, AVP Corazon M. Nera, Chair of the Board for Librarians. for Academic Services, DLSU-Dasmariñas, who welcomed the participants and gave a short inspirational message and Ms. Fe The discussion started with the presentation of the re- Angela M. Versoza, who actively participated in the discus- sults of the survey conducted by Ms. Anday on the Expecta- sion. tions and Perceptions of Librarians Toward Continuing Profes- Welcome Remarks (Speech delivered by Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC, VP for Academics, SPUQC on the occasion of the 37th Annual General As- sembly & Induction/Awarding Ceremonies at St. Paul University Quezon City, 29 January 2010) Ms. Corazon Nera, Chairperson of the Board of Li- It is indeed a great honor for St. Paul University Que- brarians of the Professional Regulations Commission and its zon City to host this 37th Annual General Assembly and Induc- other board members; // Dir. Prudenciana Cruz, Director of tion and Awarding Ceremonies of the Philippine Association of the National Library of the Philippines; // Ms. Lilia Echeverri, Academic and Research Librarians (PAARL). This is a sincere National President of the Philippine Librarians’ Association, manifestation of our school’s unwavering support not only for Incorporated;// present and past presidents and officers of the our very own Mr. Christopher Paras, of whom we are proud to Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians; // have been elected as the incoming president of PAARL, but it is officers and members of other librarian and library associations also clearly a manifestation of our support for the entire cause, in the Philippines; // distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, goals and objectives of your association. good morning! Welcome remarks ... see page 6 4 - PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010
  5. 5. The Board Plans for 2010 Activities Led by President Cris Paras, the board headed to Sa- jorda Riverpark Resort in Iba, Zambales for the annual plan- ning-workshop on January 8, 2010. Despite the long and tiring ride, the members were on their toes the following morning. Who wouldn’t with a sumptu- ous Filipino breakfast on the table, a perfect view of the river, and a warm welcome from the owner, Mrs. Venie Sajorda, past president of PAARL Short after, the group proceeded to the meeting venue to formally start the planning workshop. The exchange of ideas between the members of the board made the discussion very lively and fun despite the pressure. The success of this year’s activities is dependent on how well the members will respond to the call of support from the people whom the members themselves chose to be their ser- vants— the 2010 PAARL Board. PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010 5
  6. 6. Welcome remarks ... from page 4 information mediators and providers, digitized information St. Paul University Quezon City is one of the 39 organizers and knowledge resource managers. The need for Schools all over the country with 27 in Luzon and 12 in the further skills training and development seems to be unstoppa- Visayas and Mindanao. We form Christ-centered persons who ble; recreating the role of the librarian seem to be a continuous are simple, warm and active, and with a passion for service. necessity. The challenge is so great that we need to put our We advocate Paulinian Catholic Education for Social Trans- thoughts, acts and efforts together in order to effectively re- formation. spond to the needs of the times. Here is where we find the value The library has always been an essential academic sup- of cooperation, collaboration, and networking. Here lies the port unit in the academe without which we would not have been value of interdependence. Stephen Covey says, (quote) : “Life able to effectively accomplish our mission as an institution. is by nature highly interdependent. To try to achieve maximum In this information, technological and digital age, your effectiveness through independence is like trying to play tennis role as librarians has changed and has continued to evolve in with a gold club--- the tool is not suited to the reality. Inter- your effort to respond to the needs of the present day learn- dependence is a far more mature and advanced concept than ers. In 1987, Murr and Williams have foreseen that the “Li- independence.” If we are interdependent, we realize that we brary,” as a place, will give way to “a future library” which can, collectively accomplish more than what each of us, even at would be (quote) “a transparent knowledge network providing our best, can individually accomplish alone. “intelligent” services to business and education through both I firmly believe that the reason why your association specialized librarians and emerging information technologies.” has continually grown and been sustained all these years is that (unquote). Reading the trend of their time, they have foreseen you recognize and affirm the value and the benefits of interde- that libraries will rely heavily on computers and peripherals pendence. It is our joy and privilege to be part of your continu- to facilitate electronic document imaging, publishing, telecom- ing effort towards strengthening the networks and collabora- munications, and information delivery in addition to networked tion among our schools through your association. collection management and reference services. That future li- With this positive note and on behalf of the adminis- brary is now here: from traditional librarians you have become tration, faculty and staff of St. Paul University Quezon City, I warmly welcome you all. High Impact Library Customer Handling in the 21st Century (l-r) Ms. Baleva with Ms. Lalana and Mr. Ramos presenting The participants as they attentively listen to the certificate of appreciation to Dr. Eduardo Garrovilles the speaker Have you ever been caught in a situation when you With the library customers in mind, PAARL spon- almost loose control of yourself because of a difficult customer? sored a forum on High Impact Customer Handling in the 21st How did you feel afterwards? Did you feel guilty, wronged, Century with Dr. Eduardo Garrovillas as the resource person ashamed, offended, upset, or angry? Did you promise yourself on March 19, 2009 at the Ortigas Library Foundation. Dr. Gar- to be more patient and composed next time? Or did you just let rovillas is currently the Research Director of the Jose Rizal Uni- it pass without giving much thought on how you should have versity and has authored several textbooks in marketing. reacted or responded to the situation? The discussion focused on library branding as a way Librarians just like sales people should be well adept of providing excellent library service and achieving customer at handling difficult customers because they are the ones who satisfaction, thus, avoiding conflict between the library person- drive libraries to innovate and perform better. nel and the customers. 6 - PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010
  7. 7. Inaugural Speech (Speech delivered by Christopher C. Paras on the occasion of the 37th Annual General Assembly & Induction/Awarding Ceremo- nies at St. Paul University Quezon City, 29 January 2010) Hon. Corazon M. Nera, Chair of the BFL, distin- guished past presidents, awardees, guests, our dear PAARL Aside from continuing all the common tasks being undertaken members, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. by every passing Board, including that of what had been spear- Allow me to express my sincere appreciation first and headed by President Elvira Lapuz, I intend to pursue the follow- foremost to all of you who have come here and joined us once ing activities: again on this annual event of PAARL. To me this affair is not only a venue for discussion and argument, induction or award- 1. Extend the scholarship program not only to our ing, this, I consider as a more meaningful occasion like a family PAARL members but also to underprivileged High School gathering or a reunion where all of us here are like brothers and graduates in the provinces who are willing to take the four sisters with our elders of course, who come together and share year Library Science program in any state college or uni- some moments of thoughts, laughter and joy for yet another versity in the country. In line with this, holding of career successful year of our dear Association. And speaking of fam- talks in selected remote secondary schools is proposed. ily, this is exactly what it felt like to be with PAARL, and so let 2. Massive promotion and campaign on Scholarship me start by saying that at this moment, we are not an association Grants provided by PAARL to its members. of professional librarians but indeed a family. 3. Creation of Section Committees that will address spe- I have a daring confession to make to all of you and I cific issues and concerns of our members focusing on areas demand your immediate forgiveness. You know what, in my and services like Readers, Technical, Multimedia and Digi- entire life I have never dreamed of becoming a librarian. It’s a tal, Academic Law and Management and Administration profession I denied many times before, not only to my closest of Libraries. friends, but even to my family and relatives as well. Maybe it’s 4. Designing of a monitoring mechanism to ensure that the reason why it took me just last night to draft this speech, every member is given due services and benefits. it’s really unintentional but it happened. I asked myself then, if 5. Work for additional privileges that our members, both my heart doesn’t purely belong to the profession, how could I individual and institutional, may enjoy and avail of. ever lead as your next President? Until after almost midnight, 6. For PAARL to become visible in the international I finally came to realize and got reminded of what my PAARL community by furthering its collaboration to local and re- “family”, for three consecutive years, has always been telling gional library associations. me and I quote “Chris, you have all what it takes to become With this in mind, I am proud to announce our Cal- President”. endar of Activities for the year 2010 which was drafted and What actually tickled in my mind is not the fact that finalized by the Board during our Planning-Workshop held at Yes! I’m now on top; I just need to discover or maybe enrich Sajorda Riverpark in Iba, Zambales last January 9, 2010, of my potentials. No it’s not, but it is the fact that there are peo- course, subject to changes without prior notice. ple who believe in me, in my ability and in my leadership; and Our initial activity for this year is a Public Forum on when I say people-- there are many-- not only one or two. And To CPE or not to CPE which will be held on February 19. This that leads me to believe that leadership then is not only about forum which will be held in cooperation with DLSU – Das- being a professional or librarian by heart, it’s more of gaining mariñas aims to tackle salient provisions and true mandates of respect and confidence from your colleagues. And that firmly Continuing Professional Education for librarians. convinced me to accept this position. Second in the list is a Lecture–Forum themed as High I know that some of you may have doubts and hesi- Impact Library Customer Handling in the 21st Century to be tations on the way I will handle things during my term, but held at Ortigas Library Foundation. It will basically focus on please don’t worry; I have been a good servant to three past how librarians should properly deal with disoriented clients and Presidents. I may not be as great as them or like the past presi- handle difficult situations involving library services. dents here present, but I can assure you my utmost dedication Of the three major activities we prepared for the year, and principled actions in continuing the great legacy of our as- one of them is already ventured with Dao Diamond and Break- sociation which we have earned through the years. fast Hotel in Tagbilaran City, Bohol from April 14-16. A theme Now let’s go back to business. What can your new on “Superior Practices and World Widening Library Services President offer this year? There are only a few items I want to of Philippine Libraries” awaits all of you this summer at the focus on and give full attention together and hand in hand with refreshing scenery of Bohol. the incumbent Board and appointed chairs and members of the On May 21, we will conduct another lecture-forum in different Committees and Councils. I do not want to dream of cooperation with C&E Publishing. This is a half-day discus- so many good things for the association for I know that a calen- sion on Communicating Effectively in the Library Workplace dar year is not enough to accomplish such endeavors, hence, I which aims to strengthen the language and speech capabilities can only mention what I believe is manageable and feasible for of librarians towards better and proactive service to clients and this term. Inaugural speech ... see page 8 PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010 7
  8. 8. Inaugural speech ... from page 7 tion and in support of the National Book Week in November at stakeholders. Likewise, unleashing topic on Bibliotheraphy the National Library. and Book Prescription Methods will take a slot on June 18 at Let me end this note by paying gratitude to the follow- the National Bookstore. ing people who, in one way or another, have contributed and Also for this year, PAARL will be hosting two pow- made this occasion possible: erful fora in two biggest events in July and September during 1. To the officials of SPUQC headed by Sr. Lucilla; To ABAP and MIBF Book Fairs, respectively. Raising the librar- Sr. Eva, Sr. Sabina, Sr. Lorna, Sr. Kate, and Sr. Ignatius, ians’ teaching identity through lifelong learning modules and because even though I am very new to this institution, I was portfolios and information ethics and copyright lawyering of in- wholeheartedly supported and embraced by their benevo- formation professionals are the topics to surely watch out for. lence. Holy Angel University in Angeles City Pampanga is kind 2. To the Library staff who are with me all the way to enough to welcome PAARL on August 19-20 for a two-day this endeavor. Seminar-Workshop and Parallel Sessions on the topic “Library 3. To the past and incumbent PAARL Board, thank you and Web 2011 for Readers, Technical and Archives Services” for standing by my side at all cost. as its newly designed and state-of-the art library will serve as 4. To the past presidents for continuously guiding and the venue for this session. advising us, unsolicited or not. I think the most exciting, if not, the much awaited ac- 5. To Christine, for doing best in our newsletter for the tivity for this year, among all other activities I mentioned is last three years. actually PAARL’s international exposure to China or Hong 6. To my family for accepting me for where I am now, Kong. We will attempt to take you on tour in the region’s finest and lastly, academic libraries and cultural places come October 2010. 7. To the voting members of PAARL, to all of you, for And finally, the last in the list is our National Book believing in my capabilities and for trusting me with the Week Forum entitled Deliverable Web-Based Reader Services lead position. for Information-Challenged Individuals, of course in celebra- MARAMING SALAMAT AT MABUHAY ANG PAARL! List of PAARL Paid Members for 2010 Prepared by Aisa M. dela Torre Individual Members NAME INSTITUTION INSTITUTION ADDRESS Albay, Alva Marquez Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Aler, Olivia R. St. Scholastica's College L. Guinto, Manila Alvian, Rose Eileen Adamson University Ermita, Manila Amores, Ofelia Miriam College Grade School Quezon City Amurao, Ninda F. Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Anajoc, Catherine C. Western Philippines Univ.-Main Campus Palawan Antonino, Guerrero III Colegio de San Juan de Letran Intramuros, Manila Aralar, Mercedes A. Philippine Women’s University-Manila Sta Mesa, Manila Arellano, Christine DSM Manila LLC Makati City Asuncion, Luis G. UERM-MMC QC Austria, Carmelita IRRI Los Baños, Laguna Babao, Josefina B. St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan Caloocan City Baleva, Victoria CEU Mendiola, Manila Banal Kareen de Jesa ATeneo De Manila University Loyola Heights, QC Baniqued, Chonina Siena College Del Monte, Ave. Quezon City Baon, Almira Univ. of Perpetual Help System-Delta Campus Bacoor Cavite Baris, Jera Mae C. San Sebastian Recoletos-Cavite Cavite City Barredo, Erlinda Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Bellisillo, Leslie A. St. Scholastica's College Malate, Manila Biboso, Romelia Agurin Ateneo De Manila University-Rizal Library Loyola Heights, QC Borja, Clarita St. Theresa's College Quezon City Borromeo, Armando DLSU-Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Cavite 8 - PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010
  9. 9. NAME INSTITUTION INSTITUTION ADDRESS Bugarin, Noemi Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong City Bulla, Marietta M. UP Manila Manila Caballero, Maricen Technological Institute of the Philippines–Manila Quiapo, Manila Calimag, Delia Canto, Grace P. Western Philippines Univ.-Main Campus Palawan Caparas, Felicidad De La Salle University Taft Ave. Manila Cauilan, Bob De La Salle University Taft Avenue, Manila Causing, Marciana L. St. Paul University-QC Cubao, QC Celada, Fe Adamson University Ermita, Manila Chavez, Maria Chona De La Salle-Lipa Dasmariñas, Cavite Chavez, Marites R. Congressional National High School Dasmariñas, Cavite Clarito, Beatriz B. Adamson University Ermita, Manila Cruz, Jennifer U. Univ. of Perpetual Help System-Delta Campus Bacoor Cavite Cstro, Lilian D. Eulogio Rodriguez Institute of Science & Technology Sampaloc Manila Cueto, Waldetrudes Ateneo De Manila University-Rizal Library Loyola Heights, QC Daquer, Roxanne dela torre Emilio Aguinaldo College Ermita, Manila De la Cruz, Sheila P. Bulacan State University Malolos, Bulacan De Leon, Ermina M. University of Assumption San Fernando, Pampamnga De Leon, Magdalene T. Siena College Del Monte, Ave. Quezon City De Leon, Virginia PWU-JASMS Quezon City De Paz, Joebert DLSU Dasmariñas Dasmariñas, Cavite Dela Merced-Tomas, Jhonalyn St. Scholastica's College Malate, Manila Dela Torre, Aisa M. Ateneo Professional Schools Library Rockwell, Makati City Delos Reyes, Louise Ian T. DOST-PCHRD DOST Dery, Pory Dizon, Heidi M. ADMU-Rizal Library Katipunan, Quezon City Dizon, Merceditas Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong City Elica, Riza St. Theresa's College Quezon City Empeynado, Florence Espedido, Jovita St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan Caloocan City Fabella,Ruth R. Adventist Univ. of the Phil. Silang, Cavite Fajardo, Liza Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Fernadez, Cherry Ann Technological Institute of the Philippines–Q.C. Cubao, QC Flores, Claire Technological Institute of the Philippines–Q.C. Cubao, QC Flores, Lejempf Technological Institute of the Philippines–Q.C. Cubao, QC Fontalba, Rowena PWU-JASMS Taft Ave. Manila Gamolo, Nora Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation Quezon Ave, Quezon City Gazmen, Maria Julia Noces UERMMM Quezon City Geparte, Ma. Vicky T. Emilio Aguinaldo College Ermita, Manila Haico, Fe Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Inciong, Lailani P. St. Scholastica's College Malate, Manila Jimenez, Ma. Ruchiella T. Bulacan State Univ. Malolos, Bulacan Joson, Amaryllis O. CEU Mendiola, Manila Lacasandile, Juby Technological Institute of the Philippines–Q.C. Cubao, QC Laganzo, Ruel L Technological Institute of the Philippines–Manila Quiapo, Manila Laguatan, Sheree Ann Technological Institute of the Philippines–Q.C. Cubao, QC Lalic, Rosita S. Bulacan State Univ. Malolos, Bulacan Lansangan, Emerald L. IRRI Los Baños, Laguna PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010 9
  10. 10. NAME INSTITUTION INSTITUTION ADDRESS Lasig, Camia CLSU Muñoz, Nueva Ecija Laurio, Jesusa M. Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila Lirio, Vivian A. Adamson University Ermita, Manila Literal Nancy PNTC Colleges Dasmariñas, Cavite Llantino, Angela Mama S. Lyceum of the Phils. Intramuros, Manila Lomokco, Marites Western Philippines Univ.-Main Campus Palawan Luber, Marites Lyceum of the Phils. Intramuros, Manila Manalo, Janice St. Theresa's College Quezon City Marques, Marian May Manila Cathedral School Tondo Manila Martin, Magdalena Blacer Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong City Mauricio, Grace Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Medrano, Rose Lily University of the Philippines Quezon City Mendoza, Ethel H. DLSU Dasmariñas Dasmariñas, Cavite Menil, Alona Solis Adamson University Ermita, Manila Miado, Nelah Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Mont, Everest Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Montallana, Benjamin N. DLSU-Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Cavite Montenegro, Shielski Bantayog, Memorial Center Quezon, Ave, QC Moscosa, Sarah T. House of Representatives Batasan Commonwealth Moyano, Josie L. Siena College Del Monte, Ave. Quezon City Nablo, Nida C. St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan Caloocan City Nabor, Jeojilyn SouthernVille International School & Colleges Las Pinas City Natal, Erlinda P. Eulogio Rodriguez Institute of Science & Technology Sampaloc Manila Neonem, Felices Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Nerona, Esmeralda M. Siena College Del Monte, Ave. Quezon City Ocampo, Rosalyn Santos Ateneo De Manila University Loyola Heights, QC Olivar, Julieta F. DLSU-Manila Taft Avenue, Manila Opu-an, Regina Flor Lyceum of the Phils. Intramuros, Manila Padillla, Valentia Ofelia Adventist Univ. of the Phil. Silang, Cavite Papa, Maria Anaihan V. St. Paul University-QC Cubao, QC Perez, Joy DLSU-Health Sciences Dasmariñas, Cavite Perez, Ma. Theresa St. Theresa's College Quezon City Perla T. Garcia retired c/o DLSU Library Taft Ave. Manila Piones, Leslieann DLSU-Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Cavite Quirong, Gretchen San Sebastian Recoletos-Cavite Cavite City Rabino, Lilian C. De La Salle -Lipa Lipa, Batangas Ramos, Jean Ann Gargantiel Bulacan State Univ. Malolos, Bulacan Ramos, Mila M. IRRI Los Baños, Laguna Relaton, Arlene Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Reovoca, Marlene T. La Consolation College Biñan Laguna Reyes, Aurea CLSU Nueva Ecija Rivera, Sahlee Technological Institute of the Philippines–Manila Quiapo, Manila Roque, Editha C. St. Joseph School Tondo Manila Ruado, Maphella Adier Western Philippines Univ.-Main Campus Palawan Ruzgal, Gloria E. Emilio Aguinaldo College Manila Sabelino, Joan Technological Institute of the Philippines–Q.C. Cubao, QC Salaysay, Jackie Lou St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan Caloocan City Salvador, Mary Ann DLSU Dasmariñas Dasmariñas, Cavite 10 - PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010
  11. 11. NAME INSTITUTIONS INSTITUTION ADDRESS Samonte, Ma. Elena G. Manila Cathedral School Tondo Manila San Buenaventura, Seony Univ. of Perpetual Help-Calamba Calamba, Laguna San Juan, Nuelah F. CLSU Muñoz, Nueva Ecija Santiago, Glori Stephani Rossine Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Santos, Welsie B. Bulacan State Univ. Malolos, Bulacan Shandee C. Balenbin St. Scholastica's College Malate, Manila Sibatan, Mila L. Bantayog, Memorial Center Quezon, Ave, QC Solis, Deana Adamson University Ermita, Manila Soriano, Merlin G. St. Paul University-QC Cubao, QC Soriano, Rosalina A. EARIST-Cavite GMA, Cavite Sr. Delos Reys, Myra D. Siena College Quezon City Sr. Pasamba, Gloria St. Paul University-Pasig Pasig City Tabiendo, Grace B. UP Diliman Quezon City Tejada, Ellen Adamson University Ermita, Manila Tejada, Eloisa PWU-JASMS Taft Ave. Manila Tined, Racquel DLSU-Dasmariñas Dasmariñas Cavite Trinidad, Myra F. PNTC Colleges Dasmariñas, Cavite Uson, Purita PWU-JASMS Taft Ave. Manila Valencia, Nerissa Mariano Bulacan State Univ. Malolos, Bulacan Vidal, Helen Bulaklakan, Lipa City Villanueva, Ma. Theresa B. Ateneo de Manila University Loyola heights, Q.C. Villeza, Eliseo B. St. Mary's Academy of Caloocan Caloocan City Yap, Joseph M. De La Salle University Taft Ave. Manila Institutional Members REPRESENTATIVE INSTITUTION INSTITUTION ADDRESS De Castro, Helen Adamson University Ermita, Manila Bartolome, Zoraida Central Luzon State University Nueva Ecija Bitmal, Wilma STI-Bacoor Bacoor, Cavite Borja, Nenita M. Technological Institute of the Phil.- Manila Quiapo, Manila Cabance, Maria Theresa Moral Dept. of Labor & Employment Casar, Nihaya G. Asian Collge of Technology Cebu City De Jesus, Carolyn R. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Intramuros, Manila Del Rosario, Maria Nora V. OB Montessori Greenhills, San Juan Delfin, Simeona St. Scholastica College Manila Del Mundo, Rosela D. Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong City Manalo, Sonny Boy Technological Institute of the Phil. Cubao, Quezon City Manlangit, Rene San Pablo Collges San Pablo City Moran, Teresita C. Ateneo Professional Schools Library Rockwell, Makati City Ms. Patron, Marlene B. De La Salle Araneta University Malabon City Nabus, Evelyn P. Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba Laguna Ong, Olga Technological University of the Philippines Ermita, Manila Salazar, Herminigilda H. University of Northeastern Philippines Iriga City Sales, Mila H. Adventist Univ. of the Phil. Silang, Cavite San Agustin, Rodolfo J. University of the Assumption San Fernando, Pampanga Santos, Cielito D.R. Bulacan State University Malolos, Bulacan Sebastian, Rowena Miriam College Quezon City PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010 11
  12. 12. Upcoming Events April 14-16, 2010 Staff Box National Seminar-Workshop on SUPERIOR PRACTICES AND WORLD WIDENING LIBRARY SERVICES OF PHILIPPINE LIBRARIES Editor-in-Chief Venue: Bohol Ana Maria B. Fresnido May 21, 2010 Associate Editors Forum on COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY IN THE LIBRARY WORKPLACE Christopher C. Paras Venue: CE Logic Marita G. Valerio Karen Cecille C. Victoria June 18, 2010 Forum: TECHNICAL PREPARATIONS-REQUIREMENTS FOR BOOK PRESCRIPTION SHOPS: STARTING PACE FOR BIBLIO- Circulation Managers THERAPY SESSIONS IN PHILIPPINE LIBRARIES Sonia M. Gementiza July 16, 2010 Erlinda B. Gonzalez Forum on RAISING THE LIBRARIANS' TEACHING IDENTITY Roderick B. Ramos THROUGH LIFELONG LEARNING MODULES AND PORTFO- LIOS Contributors August 19-20, 2010 Sr. Evangeline Anastacio, SPC Parallel Sessions/Workshops on LIBRARY and WEB 2011 Aisa M. Dela Torre for READERS, TECHNICAL & ARCHIVES SERVICES Christopher C. Paras September 17, 2010 Forum on INFORMATION ETHICS & COPYRIGHT LAWYERING PAARL BOARD 2010 OF INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS October 20, 2010 President Christopher C. Paras LIBRARY TOUR IN BEIJING, CHINA V. President Roderick B. Ramos Secretary Sonia M. Gementiza November 19, 2010 Treasurer Aisa M. Dela Torre Forum on DELIVERABLE WEB-BASED READER SERVICES FOR INFORMATION-CHALLENGED INDIVIDUALS Auditor Veronica M. Jose PRO Ana Maria B. Fresnido December 17, 2010 Directors Victoria P. Baleva PAARL Outreach 2010 Erlinda B. Gonzalez January 30, 2011 Sr. Ma. Gloria B. Pasamba, SPC PAARL’s 38th GENERAL ASSEMBLY Ex-Officio Elvira B. Lapuz Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians ENTERED AS THIRD CLASS MAIL (PM) Rm. 301 3/F The National Library Building AT MANILA POST OFFICE Under Permit no. 1295-00 T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila 1000 Date Granted: February 15, 2000 PHILIPPINES Valid until: December 31, 2010 Postage Paid. Subject for postal inspection TO: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ PAARL Newsletter is published quarterly in print and online ( Subscription is free to all members. Contributions come from Executive Board and Committee Members. For comments and suggestions, please contact Ms. Ana Maria B. Fresnido at 5244611 local 600. 12 - PAARL Newsletter No. 1 Jan.-Mar. 2010
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