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Stewardship: Living Christianity Radically


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Stewardship: Living Christianity Radically

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Stewardship: Living Christianity Radically

  1. 1. A newsletter for priests and pastoral staff prepared by the Department of Stewardship and Development Volume 1, Issue 11 December 2004 Wichita’s Story: Part Two Bob Voboril, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Wichita, spoke on No- vember 5th at the Pastoral Center to a group interested in learning more about the “Nuts N’ Bolts” of Stewardship. Many of you may have heard Bob speak on Wichita’s stewardship story; below are some highlights from Part Two of this presentation. Please contact Anne Marie Tirpak at 312/655-7713 if you would like copies of the handouts Bob shared. 1. Implement Stewardship as a way of life for all Catholics and all ministries. Stewardship is not tax planning; it is mission driven and is about how we live out our call to be disciples. The cornerstones of stewardship are hospitality, spiritual- ity, formation and service. Living Christianity [Radically] 2. Leadership must be converted, committed and willing to take a leap of faith. Stewardship is a conversion of the heart and starts with the notion that every- thing is gift. 3. Create a stewardship committee. This committee is responsible for educating about stewardship, managing its implementation, completing a wide-scale needs assessment and celebrating successes.8:6 4. Implement stewardship systematically. It should be a part of every agenda, ofHA every group—forever! Move slowly. Look at the vocabulary you use. Get rid ofCIM the “purchase” mentality. Ask yourself, “Is the way we are doing business consis- tent with stewardship?””.DOG 5. Stewardship must be ongoing and must be perpetuated in the parish despite TR NU pastor and staff transitions, etc. EO MY: P 6. If it is true stewardship, must care for theU OHO L TY ParishPay representatives cordially poor. “Once you decide to take care of the EI VWF poor, God takes care of you.” If every parish EO invite you to an educational DYSL luncheon regarding ParishPay, the truly practiced stewardship, every parish D EBK 0 N LMS 1 could sustain itself. A LA 6 companys services, and ChicagoU A 0H P SD 6 "success stories." I ARK H L LOL Hear from Chicago priests and 7. Schools must be parish-centered and must S IAL D HW , R TE business managers how they have be open to all. The notion of parish life must O R A HO G O W TT increased parishioner giving get stronger. If move toward stewardship, A N E C T, T through ParishPay. IA 1Y eventually need to eliminate fundraising. S H Stewardship:H 2L CW 7R F Enrollment in school should not be con- OESD Additionally, author and Villanova trolled by money, but by faith. T IN NES professor, Charles Zech, Ph.D., will ETI M HE T speak regarding his book,TV R“O A Homily Help….L P EO Why Catholics Dont Give And With a Stewardship Twist DT What Can Be Done About It., In an effort to share the stewardship mes-YLT sage more intentionally from the pulpit,S Wednesday, January 12, 2005U volunteers from the Archdiocesan Steward-J 11 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.E ship Steering Committee have preparedVIL Our Lady of Hope Advent stewardship reflections. These re-O 9711 W. Devon Ave. flections are offered as a guide and can beT Rosemont, IL 60018 found on the Stewardship and Develop- ment web page at http://www.archchicago. RSVP by December 31, 2004 to org/departments/stewardship_dev/ Janis Lutkus stewardship.shtm . You can also receive at 312/655-7614 or copies by dialing 312/655-7713.
  2. 2. “T H I S IS WH A T T H E L O RD A S K S O F Y OU : TO LIVE JUSTLY, TO LOVE TENDERLY, TO Upcoming Stewardship Education and PrayerW A L K H U M B L Y W I T H Y OU R G O D . ” M I C A H 6 : 8 January 8, 2005 An Introduction to the Bishops Pastoral "How Am I a Stew- D EP A RT M E N T O F S T E W A R D S H IP A N D ard?" D E V EL O P M E N T Discussion Part I- Stewardship of Creation 7 2 1 N O R T H L A S AL L E Host location: Catholic Charities’ Vincent Hall C H I C AG O, I L 6 0 6 1 0 January 12, 2005 ParishPay Luncheon at Our Lady of Hope, RosemontThe parish stewardship office of the 11 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. RSVP to jlutkus@archchicago.orgArchdiocese of Chicago’s Stewardship February 12, 2005 Bishops Pastoral Discussion II- Stewardship of Vocationand Development Department exists to Host location: Our Lady of Mt. Carmelsupport and educate our priests and Facilitators: Lea Dacanay– The Catholic New World,people to enable them to realize the joy Anne Marie Tirpak– Stewardship and Developmentthat is theirs by boldly reclaiming theirrole as baptized disciples of Jesus March 5, 2005 Stewardship and theChrist, recognizing and embracing God Churchas the Source of all, and Pastoral--"Communities of Salt andgratefully responding to God’s Light"abundance by sharing our gifts. Host location: St. James’- Arlington Heights Facilitator: Sr. Kathy Brazda, CSJ, Pastoral Associate April 16, 2005 Catholic Social Teaching and Stewardship We’re on-line at Host location: St. Stephen Deacon and Martyr Facilitator: Bill Purcell, Office for Peace and Justice departments/stewardship_dev/ stewardship.shtm. May 21, 2005 Stewardship in the Parish and School Stewardship Stan- dards Host location: St. Gregory the Great Mary Foley, Office of Catholic Schools and Foley Consulting Sunday Stewardship Reflections and Prayers of the Faithful Communicating the importance of stewardship in all areas of liturgy and parish life underscores the gospel call to this way of living. The reflections and petitions are offered to support your parish’s stewardship efforts.December 12, 2004: 3rd Sunday of Advent you take time to be thankful you realize that you have been abundantly“Go and tell John what you hear and see: the blind regain their sight, blessed. When you take time to be thankful you are more open to en-the lame walk, lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, and the dead are joying and sharing the many blessings in your life. As the old year endsraised…” Matthew 11:4-5 and a new year begins resolve to be thankful. This is the first step toWhen Jesus cured the sick we called it a miracle. Yet God has blessed living as a good and faithful steward of all God’s with many good things – our eyesight, our hearing, our talents, our Petition:health and so much more – and we often take it all for granted. The That we may begin the new year with a heart overflowing with grati-good steward recognizes every blessing in life as a miracle from God tude for the gifts of family, health and happiness that God has be-and strives to use those gifts for God’s honor and glory. stowed upon us.Petition: January 1, 2005 New Years DayThat we may recognize God’s many little miracles in our lives and be Todays second reading reminds us that through Christ we have beengrateful. delivered from the old law and have become sons and daughters of God. New Years Day provides a perfect opportunity to ask ourselvesDecember 19, 2004: 4th Sunday of Advent the question: Does my life reflect my gratitude for all that God has“The Lord’s are the earth and its fullness; the world and those who given me?dwell in it. For he founded it upon the sea and established it upon therivers.” Psalm 24:1-2 Petition:How can we take credit for the good things in our lives when Psalm 24 That we take the time to reflect upon God’s grace in our lives this pastreminds us that God created absolutely everything and everyone on year, acknowledging and surrendering to Emmanuel, our God who isthe earth? We all have an obligation to return a portion of our good always with us.fortune to God, for without God nothing would be possible. January 2, 2005 Epiphany of the LordPetition: Today we remember the three wise men from the East who came toThat we may joyfully return a portion of our blessings to God, recog- pay homage to the infant Jesus, bringing Him rich gifts of gold, frank-nizing that everything belongs to God and it is only ours to use for a incense, and myrrh. The gifts we bring -- our time, service and someshort time. share of what we earn for the work we do -- are equally precious in His sight.December 26, 2004: Feast of the Holy Family Petition:“And be thankful.” Colossians 3:15 That we present our gifts to God by recognizing the multiple ways inThis short phrase can be the key to a life of great peace and joy. When which we have been blessed and sharing of these gifts with our neighbors in need.