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Love Your Greens

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Love Your Greens

  1. 1. ~Love your greensVegetarianism is a lifestyle change that can help improve your health, but it’s also a moral issue. Some people whocut meat from their diet feel better about themselves. If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian, the environmentis happy, too. Here are some benefits of vegetarianism.Maybe you became a vegetarian because you became more conscious of what you were putting in your body or youwanted to lead a healthier lifestyle. Maybe a serious thought for the environment also contributed to your decision.But whether or not it did, did you know that becoming a vegetarian is one of the biggest contributions you can maketo eco-friendliness?According to Dr. David Brubaker at John Hopkins University, how animals are bred is a huge threat to theenvironment.The process pollutes the planet while using great amounts of water, grain, pesticides and drugs. Ittherefore places a large strain on the environment and contributes to the extinction of animals.You might think that by cutting out meat you’re not really making much of a difference in the larger scheme ofthings. You are not able to shut down the industries that slaughter animals, after all.However, by cutting out meat from your diet you are significantly lowering your carbon footprint.What this means is that you are making a substantial difference to alleviating the problem.Now, imagine if more people jumped on the bandwagon and stopped eating meat. The difference made wouldcontinue to multiply.Why the planet is helped when you cut meat from your diet:You don’t use up limited resourcesThe earth’s resources are already limited so when farmers rear animals to slaughter, the problem is increased. Theanimals require a large amount of land on which to graze, plenty of water to drink as well as grain and food to makethem grow.If these animals weren’t being reared for consumption, it would mean that we would not be increasing our carbonfootprint or using up so much of the world’s resources so that we can eat meat.You don’t waste waterIn the article, ‘Making Every Drop Count’ published in the February 2001 issue of Scientific American, Peter H.Gleick states that it takes between 100 and 250 gallons of water to grow a pound of corn, but between 2000 and 8500gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.That is an alarmingly large amount of water.Even scarier is the fact that a pound of ground beef only produces approximately four average-sized hamburgers!
  2. 2. You help the oceansYes, there are limited resources on the land, but what about our ocean life? With all our increased consumption andrequirements for food, there has been an increase in the fishing of marine life such as salmon and tuna.The result is that the fish populations are nearing extinction.Many of the fishing practices that occur are also not humane, which just increases the gravity of the situation.By not eating fish products, you are not taking part in the disruption of the ocean life or global warming’s destruction.You save other animalsIf you refrain from eating meat, you prevent the killing of many animals for food.Animals in the meat industry are seen as nothing but commodities and many are forced to live in unhealthy, squalidconditions.By becoming a vegetarian you are taking a stand for the ethical treatment of animals and working towards theending of animal suffering.Chemical fertilisers stop harming the environmentAlong with saving animal life, vegetarian lifestyles mean that less chemical fertilisers are used in the creation of food.Chemical methods of production have replaced manure fertiliser to aid the growth of crops, which is negative for theenvironment.What makes the situation even worse is that animal manure piles up, leading to pollution of rivers and causing a lotof waste for our lovely planet.Becoming a vegetarian means that fewer animals need to be reared for food, it means that water consumption isreduced and we stop wasting our limited resources.But most importantly of all, it also results in more food being available to aid in our battle againsthuman poverty.~~`
  3. 3. `Your Local FOOD BANK Needs YouPlease help. Thank YOU!http://foodbank77.insanejournal.comhttp://nielzekock.insanejournal.com``Organic Gardening for VICTORY
  4. 4. Books:Growing Without Digging; by Esther DeansSquare Foot Gardening; by Mel BartholomewHow to Grow World Record Tomatoes; by Charles WilberLasagna Gardening for Small Spaces; by Patricia LanzaEdible Flower Garden; by Rosalind CreasyDesigning And Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally; by Robert KourikThe One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming; by Masanobu FukuokaMycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World; by Paul StametsLeaves of Life, Therapy Garden for People with Disabilities; by Esther DeansWorms Eat My Garbage; by Mary AppelhofBOOK PREVIEWSworldcatlibrarythingloc.govSWAP your Books with Other PeopleSwap Swap Books/d400% increase in Plant Growthhttp://www.remineralize.org
  5. 5. `Food not Lawnsbookworldcat librarything books.googlegroupsfoodnotlawns.netfoodnotlawns.comedibleschoolyard.orgfoodnotlawnskc.orgsdfoodnotlawns.comfoodnotlawns.ning.comtristatefoodnotlawns.orgediblephoenix.comproverb:GOOD FOOD is GOOD MEDICINE<> Garbage in, garbage out.Why be Sick?eat Local Fresh Organic foodhttp://www.localharvest.orgorganicconsumers.orghttp://livingnutrition.comhttp://www.wellbeingjournal.com`Proverb:A good person leaves an inheritance to their children’s children.What kind of inheritance are you leaving?
  6. 6. JOURNEY TO``FREE subscription to a Solar Magazine for your School Library TECHNOLOGY for WOMENPlease see Links below to Ending Hunger, child education, child health, training for women, sustainable technology,organic gardening-farming, recycling, reducing water usuage and good books to read.SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY TRAINING for WOMEN http://www.windpower.org http://www.journeytoforever.org http://www.networkearth.org http://www.adobebuilding.com http://www.gadhiasolar.net http://www.tri-steel.comhttp://www.portlandpermaculture.com http://www.aidg.net
  7. 7. http://www.squarefootgardening.com Farming Training: http://www.wwoof.orgbook: Women in Green, Voices of Sustainable Design; by Kira Gould http://www.ecotonedesign.combook: Solar Living Sourcebook 30th Anniversary Edition, by John Schaefferbook: Super Power Breathing for Super Energy and Longevity; by Paul C. Bragg for Neighborhood Technology http://www.greengrants.orgGreen Empowerment: http://www.livelihoods.org http://www.palangthai.orgCohousing: http://www.cohousingresources.comSingle Mothers House Sharing: http://www.coadobe.orgCommunities for Disabled people: http://www.leftfootorganics.org for the Older people: http://www.fellowshipcommunity.orgCarSharing: http://www.carshare.orgFree organic gardening-farming Catalog: SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Journal http://www.homepower.combook: Unlocking the Secrets to Living Your Dreams; by Jack Canfieldbook: The Power of Positive Thinking: A Practical Guide; by Norman Vincent Pealebook: You Can If You Think You Can; by Norman Vincent Pealebook: Pioneer Doctor, the Story of a Womans Work; by Mari Granabook: Bold Spirit; by Linda Lawrence Hunt~I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRU GOD WHO STRENGTHENS ME.~The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary.He gives power to the weak.To those who have no might, He increases their strength.Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall.But those who wait on the Lord, He shall renew their strength.They shall mount up with wings like eagles.They shall run and not be weary.They shall walk and not faint.~translate traduzca übersetzen traduisez vertaal DESIGNS FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES
  8. 8. http://other90.cooperhewitt.orghttp://openarchitecturenetwork.orghttp://architectureforhumanity.orghttp://build2.livejournal.comhttp://build3.livejournal.comhttp://build4.livejournal.comhttp://build5.livejournal.comhttp://natural1build.livejournal.comhttp://natural2build.livejournal.comhttp://strawbale2.livejournal.comhttp://calearth.orghttp://www.ewb-international.orgbook: Design for the Other 90%; by Cynthia E. SmithVEGETABLE AUTOmobileshttp://plantdrive.com Groups Supporting ELECTRIC AUTOmobiles http://www.greenvehicles.comhttp://www.zapworld.com Electric Car Groupshttp://www.electric-cars-are-for-girls.comConvert GAS Cars to Plug-In ELECTRIC Autos http://www.evparts.com HYBRID Cars to Plug-In ELECTRIC Autos http://www.afstrinity.com http://www.energycs.com`Electric MOTORCYCLEShttp://www.solarmobil.nethttp://www.e-max-ltd.comhttp://www.topmotorx.com BICYCLEShttp://nycewheels.comhttp://www.myebike.comhttp://www.cyclone-tw.com
  9. 9. http://egovehicles.com your Electric Auto with RENEWABLE ENERGY http://www.awea.org http://www.lowimpact.org http://www.greenempowerment.org http://www.txses.org http://www.azsolarcenter.com http://www.canyonhydro.com http://www.etsolar.de http://www.spirecorp.comhttp://www.windpower.org http://www.i2p.org http://www.firstsolar.comhttp://www.rmi.orgDVD: WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? Internal Combustion; by Edwin Black The Tyranny of Oil; by Antonia Juhasz ENERGY DIRECTORY TECHNOLOGY MEDICAL FACILITIES and MEDICAL EQUIPMENT http://wfmic.org http://swisssolartech.com http://www.kalwall.com http://www.sunda.de
  10. 10. http://foodnotlawns.com http://www.lorentz.dehttp://www.wolvertonenvironmental.comCHURCHES - Energy Stewardship AGRICULTURE WILL TERMINATE WORLD HUNGER FARMING AND GARDENING TECHNOLOGY http://biointensiveforrussia.igc.org http://www.growerssupply.com http://www.homepower.comPassive Solar Greenhouse Workshop: design, construction and year round production:contact: telephone: 717.225.2489 (USA) Steve and Carol Moorebook: Four Season Harvest; by Eliot Coleman Solar Gardening; by Leande Vogel Poisson Winter Harvest Manual; by Eliot Coleman Lasagna Gardening; by Patricia Lanzabring sun light indoors to grow food: http://www.sunpipe.comenergy efficient LED grow lights: http://www.led-grow-master.comWater Walls-Thermal Mass http://www.slosustainability.comWater Wall Design Manual Water Wall Bag PLANS: How to make a simple GREENHOUSE GREEN HOUSES with SOLAR HOT WATER and radiant heating systems(Using the floor as a Thermal Mass for Retaining Heat at Night - see THERMAL MASS) http://www.radiantcompany.com http://www.thermotechs.com Installation Manual: Water Wall for Passive Solar Heating http://www.growerssupply.comWater Wall Design Manual Water Wall Bag http://www.growerssupply.combook: Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses; by John Bartok Biodynamic Greenhouse Management; by Heinz Grotzkebook: Greenhouses for Homeowners and Gardeners; by John Bartok Complete Greenhouse Book, Building and Using Greenhouses from Cold-Frames to Solar Structures; by PeterCleggbook: Complete book of the Greenhouse; by Ian Walls Greener Greenhouses; Greenhouse Gardeners Companion; by Shane Smithbook: Building Your Own Greenhouse; by Mark Freemanbook: Gardening Under Cover: A Northwest Guide to Solar Greenhouses, Cold Frames; by William Headbook: Building and Using Cold Frames
  11. 11. book: Polytunnel Companion; by Jayne Nevillebook: Gardening Under Plastic: How to Use Fleece, Films, Cloches and Polytunnels; by Bernard Saltbook: Starting Early Flowering and Vegetable Plants Under Glass; by Charles Nissleybring sun light indoors to grow food: http://www.led-grow-master.comWater Walls-Thermal Mass http://www.slosustainability.comVertical indoor Garding: POWERED GREENHOUSES and passive solar heated greenhouses Water Wall for Passive Solar Heating Wall Design Manual Water Wall Bag http://www.growerssupply.comBringing Sun Light Indoors for Gardening inside your home(recycling indoor air with plants, save energy, grow food indoors) http://www.huvco.combook: Daylight Design of Buildings; by Nick Baker How To Grow Fresh Air; by B. C. Wolverton http://www.wolvertonenvironmental.comREFINERY REFORM, POLLUTION and DEATHDoes Big Oil have a body bag with your name on it? http://shellfacts.comhttp://www.greenpointvexxon.comIS GOD GREEN Care of Creation; by R. J. Berrybook: Serve God, Save the Planet; by J. Matthew Sleethbook: Our Fathers World; by Edward R Brownbook: Redeeming Creation; by Fred Van Dykebook: Earth-Wise; by Calvin B. Dewittbook: Caring for Creation; Edited by Sarah Tillettbook: A Moral Climate, the Ethics of Global Warming; by Michael S. Northcottbook: For the Beauty of the Earth; by Steven Bouma-Predigerbook: Saving Gods Green Earth; by Tri Robinsonbook: God Is Green; by Ian Bradleybook: God in Creation; by Jurgen Moltmannjournal: Creation Care Magazine http://www.creationcare.orgKeepers of the Earth.~SIOUX PRAYERGrandfather Great Spirit (Holy Spirit, or Spirit of God )Fill us with the Light.Give us the strength tounderstand, and the eyes to see.
  12. 12. Teach us to walk the soft Earthas relatives to all that live.~I can do all things thru God who strengthens me.~The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary.He gives power to the weak.To those who have no might, He increases their strength.Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall.But those who wait on the Lord, He shall renew their strength.They shall mount up with wings like eagles.They shall run and not be weary.They shall walk and not faint.~ORGANIC GARDENINGFree Organic Gardening Catalog How to Grow World Record Tomatoes; by Charles Wilber http://www.acresusa.combook: Square Foot Gardening; by Mel Bartholomew http://www.squarefootgardening.combook: Soul of Soil, book; by Joseph Smilliebook: Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof http://www.wormdigest.orgbook: Compost Tea Manual, 5th edition; by Elaine Ingham http://www.soilfoodweb.com An Earth Saving Revolution; by Teruo Higa http://www.agriton.nlbook: Four-Season Harvest; by Eliot Coleman http://www.led-grow-master.comhttp://www.fifthseasongardening.combook: Bread from Stones; by Michael Olson http://www.remineralize.org http://www.wewantrealfood.com http://www.globalrepair.cabooks: Food Not Lawns; by Heather C. Floresbook: Organic Lawn Care Manual; by Paul Tukey http://www.aggrand.guarding-our-earth.comhttp://www.soilsalive.combooks: Complete Book of Edible Landscaping; by Rosalind Creasybooks: Edible Flower Garden; by Rosalind Creasybook: Preventing Deer Damage; by Robert JuhreOrganic insect repellant - Garlic Barrier: http://www.ghorganics.com http://www.foxfarmfertilizer.comOrganic Weed Killer - 25% Acetic Acid eliminates Weeds:
  13. 13. http://www.greenergyinc.com http://www.hotpepperwax.com http://www.mcs-global.orghttp://www.panna.orgWorm Tea: http://www.edibella.comhttp://www.gaiacollege.ca http://www.homeharvest.comSustainable Technology for your community:Seattle Tilth: http://www.seattletilth.org http://rswr.orgMicrogardens: http://www.neemfoundation.org more information, please contact local gardeners and farmers who specialize in Organic gardening, Permaculturegardening, Biodynamic gardening, Japanese Kyusei Nature gardening - Shizen Nouhou, Biointensive gardening,Heirloom gardening-Heritage Seeds, Agroforestry gardening, Organic Hydroponics gardening and GardeningTherapy. Gardening is micro-climate specific. These means that local gardeners might know of gardening techniquesand resources which are helpful for the location you live in.Keep researching, reading, refining your gardening methods and experimenting with different growing techniques.Eco Gardening technology is changing and improving all the time. Also, as the climate changes, you may need tolearn other gardening techniques for various climates.http://www.localharvest.orgECO FARMING - ORGANIC GARDENING BOOK CATALOG TECHNOLOGY: FARMING - GARDENING to WORK on ORGANIC FARMS all over the World Europe Through the Back Door; by Rick StevesQUADRUPLING FOOD PRODUCTION - ORGANIC FARMING AND GARDENINGPer a report from Malaysia, crops grown with Volcanic Rock Dust ( ) and EeffectiveMicro-organisms (EM ) increased production by 400%.References: Permaculture Magazine, #51, Spring 2007; article: Stone Age Science; by Dylan Keating http://www.localharvest.orgbook: An Earth Saving Revolution, Vol. 1, Vol 2; by Teruo Higa Bread from Stones; by Michael Olson http://www.acresusa.combook: Eco-Farm; by Charles Walters http://www.acresusa.combook: Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof http://www.vermico.combook: Recycle With Earthworms; by Shelley Grossman The Farmers Earthworm Handbook; by David Ernst http://www.acresusa.combook: Preventing Deer Damage; by Robert JuhreEeffective Micro-organisms: http://www.emrochina.com
  14. 14. Free organic gardening-farming Catalog: SOILSAdding CHARCOAL to soil ~ ~ greatly increases crop production for very many years.References: Solar Today journal, Nov/Dec 2006, article: Chairs Corner: Positive Charcoal equals Negative Carbon;by Roanl Larson http://www.solartoday.orgPermaculture Magazine, #50, Winter 2006; article: The Magical Soils Of El Derado; by Terra Preta http://www.agri-therm.comCHARCOAL SOIL: Adaptation Strategies for Global Change:,%20403-427,%20Lehmann,%202006.pdf,%202002,%20WCSS%20Bangkok,%20paper%20no.0449.pdfbook: Carbon Cycle; by Leonard Ridzon http://www.acresusa.combook: Lost Crops of the Incas TEA: INCREASED FOOD PRODUCTIONCompost Tea fights plant diseases, insects and increases plant growth. http://www.soilsoup.comhttp://www.nature-technologies.com Compost Tea Brewing Manual, 5th edition; by Elaine Ingham http://www.soilfoodweb.combook: An Introduction to the Soil Foodweb; by Elaine Ingham http://www.soilfoodweb.com http://www.soilfoodweb.comWORM COMPOSTING: RECYCLING - SOIL IMPROVEMENT - INCREASED FOOD PRODUCTIONWorm Composting rapidly converts organic waste into safe and very beneficial garden products. http://www.wormbooks.com http://vermitechnology.com Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof http://www.vermico.combook: Recycle With Earthworms; by Shelley Grossman Let An Earthworm Be Your Garbage Man Composting With Worms; by G. Pilkington A Worms Eye View of Recycling Rubbish The Farmers Earthworm Handbook; by David Ernst http://acresusa.comarticle: The Worm Composting Toilet http://www.wormdigest.orgbook: The Worm Café: Mid-Scale Vermicomposting of Lunchroom Wastes- A Manual for Schools resources for theClassroom and univerities composting their organic waste
  15. 15. training and seminars: Worm Composter http://www.elementgreen.comE.M. COMPOSTING: RECYCLING - CLEANING POLLUTED SOILS - INCREASED FOOD PRODUCTIONEffective Microorganisms Composting converts animal waste into safe garden products and eliminates odors. http://www.eminfo.info http://www.emnz.com http://www.emhellas.com http://www.emhawaii.com http://emerald-natural-living.ie Beneficial and Effective Microorganisms for a Sustainable Agriculture and Environment; by Teruo Higabook: An Earth Saving Revolution; by Teruo Higa Eco Pure The Front Line of EM Kitchen Garbage Recycle; by EM Joho-shitsubook: EM Teachers Manual Transforming Waste http://bokashicenter.comCompost-Zing for Kitchen Waste Recycling Compost-Zing Systems Kitchen and Garden Composters TEA: FIGHTS PLANT DISEASES - ORGANIC FERTILIZERS COMPOSTING METHODSbook: Let it Rot; by Stu Campbellhttp://www.countrysidemag.combook: Secret Life of Compost; by Malcom Beck Fletcher Sims Compost; by Charles Walters Mulch It; by Stu Campbellhttp://www.countrysidemag.combook: Field Guide to On-Farm Composting; by Mark Dougherty and RECYCLING POLLUTED SOIL with plantsphytoextraction of lead, arsenic and uranium from soil; oil spills and hydrocarbons http://www.regenesis.com http://www.bloodoftheamazon.com Mycelium Running; by Paul Stamets Permaculture Magazine, #53, Autumn 2007; Permaculture News: Mushroom Magic in the Amazon - Going Beyond Sustainability into the Future http://www.permacultureinternational.org
  16. 16. http://permakultur.dk http://www.permaculture.biz http://www.permaculture.net http://www.tierramor.org http://www.permacultura.cl http://www.vidasana.org http://www.permaculture.orgbook: Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability; by David Holmgrenbook: Small Is Beautiful; by E. F. Schumacherbook: Gaviotas, A Village to Reinvent the World; by Alan Weisman Permaculture Activist http://www.permacultureactivist.netjournal: Permaculture Magazine Permaculture Drylands Journal http://www.permaculture.netPermaculture Store: http://acresusa.comRENEWABLE ENERGY - ENERGY CONSERVATIONThree Times More JOBS - Real Economic Progresssolar energy, wind energy, micro-hydro, ocean energy, tidal energy, river energy, energy conservation, earth energy OUR COUNTRY STRONG LIKE A ROCK!Please support LOCALLY generated and LOCALLY owned renewable energy systems. Thank you.MORE JOBS and ECONOMIC GROWTHPer the Wisconsin Energy Bureau, locally generated renewable energy (solar water heating, solar pool heating, solarbuilding heating, passive solar buildings, solar daylighting, solar electric, wind energy, micro-hydro, earth energy,organic vegetable diesel fuel, solar-hydrogen fuel cells, wind-hydrogen fuel cells, wave-hydrogen fuel cells, tidalpower, Geothermal Hydronic heating and cooling, organic farming and gardening), creates THREE TIMES more jobsand economic growth in local economies than using imported fossil fuel or energy from other regions.SOLAR TAX CREDITS - GRANTS http://www.bergey.comELIMINATING PHANTOM ELECTRICAL LOADS from APPLIANCESThis a cheap way to reduce energy use. For information: VEHICLES AND BICYCLES LINKS
  17. 17. of SOLAR HOMES and SOLAR BUILDINGSand Links to Groups supporting food security, clean air, climate protectionhttp://solargroup.livejournal.com WARMING DESTROYS MAPLE SUGAR INDUSTRY WARMING Crushes WINE INDUSTRY SLAMS CHRISTIANSa Bunch of Nuts AGAINST NATURE and RACISM, INJUSTICEbook: Confronting Environmental Racism; by Robert Bullardbook: Environmental Injustices; by David Camachobook: Environmentalism and Economic Justice; by Laura Pulidobook: Pollution and the Death of Man; by Francis Schaefferbook: From the Ground Up, Environmental Racism; by Luke Colebook: Struggle for Ecological Democracy; by Daniel Faberbook: No Safe Place, Toxic Waste and Community Action; by Phil BrownGreen Collar Economy; by Van Joneshttp://www.vanjones.netDICK CHENEY MADE MILLIONS WITH SADDAM HUSSEIN INDUSTRY DESTROYED. FOOD SECURITY at RISKhttp://wine2hot.livejournal.com
  18. 18. CLIMATE CHAOS and the DESTRUCTION of the POOR http://campaigncc.orgGLOBAL WARMING DESTROYS MAPLE SUGAR INDUSTRY OF INDUSTRIAL AGRICULTURE, correcting the problems. Lessons for Africas Small Farmers DIVERSITY AND GLOBAL FOOD DISASTER OF SUICIDES GATT to WTO: Seeds of Despair; by Devinder Sharmabook: In the Famine Trap; by Devinder Sharmabook: Seeds of Destruction; by William F. EngdahlTHE MELTING RUSSIAN TUNDRA IS RELEASING METHANE WARMING IMPACTS on ARCTIC ECOSYSTEMand the DESTRUCTION of Native Alaskans and artic people. WARMING is a massive THREAT to BIODIVERSITY and WILDLIFE
  19. 19. utilizing ORGANIC GARDENING in SCHOOLS-UNIVERSITIESfor improving Academic Performance and social development http://www.schoollunchinitiative.org http://www.organicconsumers.org http://urbanharvest.org http://csafarms.org Farming Training: http://www.wwoof.orgbook: Growing Communities: How to Build Community Through Community Gardening; by Jeanette Abi-Nader Learning About Lifecycles Using An Organic Garden; by Allan Randall How to Grow World Record Tomatoes; by Charles Wilber http://www.acresusa.combook: Worms Eat My Garbage; by Mary Appelhof http://www.vermico.combook: Four Season Harvest; by Eliot Coleman http://www.fourseasonfarm.combook: Growing Naturally: A Teachers Guide to Organic Gardening; by M. Brownbook: Lets Grow!: 72 Gardening Adventures with Children; by Linda Tilgnerbook: Ecological Literacy: Educating Our Children for a Sustainable World; by Michael Stonebook: Permaculture Teachers Guide; by Andrew Goldring Manual For Teaching Permaculture Creatively; by Robin Clayfield A Childs Organic Garden, Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables; by Fryer Bradfordbook: Digging Deeper: A Comprehensive Guide to Integrating Youth Gardens into School and Communities; byKiefer and Kemplebook: Organic Gardening, The Natural No-Dig Way; by Charles Dowding No-Did, No-Weed Gardening; by R. Pioncelotbook: The Ruth Stout No-Work Garden; by Ruth Stout Tips for the Lazy Gardener; by Linda Tilgner http://www.countrysidemag.combook: Heirloom Vegetable Gardening - Heritage Seeds; by William Weaverbook: Ultimate Fruit and Nuts; by Susanna Lylebook: An Earth Saving Revolution, Vol. 1, Vol 2; by Teruo Higa Rebel Farmer; by Sepp Holzerbook: Permaculture, Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability; by David Holmgrenbook: Gaias Garden; by Toby Hemenwaybook: The Natural Way of Farming; by Masanobu Fukuokabook: Seaweed, A Users Guide; by Sonia Surrey-Gent http://acresusa.combook: Square Foot Gardening; by Mel Bartholomew http://www.squarefootgardening.combook: Cinder Block Gardens, book; by Lynn A. Gillespiebook: Practical Guide to Container Gardening; by Susan Berrybook: Soul of Soil; by Grace Gershunybook: Great Garden Formulas; by Joan Benjaminbook: Super Nutrition Gardening; by William Peavybook: Carrots Love Tomatoes, Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening; by Louise Riottebook: Great Garden Companions; by Sally Jean Cunninghambook: Sprouts The Miracle Food; by Steve Meyerowitzbook: Windowsill Gardening, Year-Round Indoor Gardening Projects for Kids; by Klutz indoor Garding:
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  21. 21. all the time. Also, as the climate changes, you may need to learn other gardening techniques for various climates.http://www.localharvest.orgECO FARMING - ORGANIC GARDENING BOOK CATALOG Gardening - Science and Academic Successand school Farmer Markets GENERATING REVENUE a FARMERS MARKETAt your School, Church and Elsewherebook: New Farmers Market; by Vance Corumbook: Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing; by Neil Hamiltonbook: Grassroots Marketing; by Shel Horowitzbook: Backyard Market Gardening; by Andrew Leebook: MetroFarm; by Michael Olson http://www.metrofarm.combook: Micro Eco-Farming; by Barbara Berst Adams http://www.microecofarming.combook: Growing and Selling Fresh-Cut Herbs; by Sandie Shoresbook: Sharing the Harvest; by Elizabeth HendersonFOOD COOPS~How to Set Up a Food Coop at schools, churches etcbook: Food Co-Ops for Small Groups; by Tony Vellelabook: How to Start a Food Co-op; by Karen Zimbelman Consumer Food Cooperatives; by Ronald Cotterill~Coop Directoryhttp://www.coopdirectory.orghttp://www.localharvest.org Book Online: Common Ground Food Co-op Grocer http://www.cooperativegrocer.coopNew Sector, Community and Co-operative Enterprise Business Journal Securtiy Share Programs Tours to Food Coops Development Services
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  33. 33. AIR RADIANT PASSIVE HEATING/COOLING SYSTEMSvery Energy Efficient Passive Solar - very cost effectiveSee Sand Mass Storage below - several people have combined Air Radiant and Sand Mass Storage.They build the Air Radiant Floor System over 3 feet of Sand Mass Storage. http://www.airfloor.comSAND MASS SOLAR HEAT STORAGE-very cost effective for Cloudy Winter daysSome European manufactures use the floor for thermal mass heat storage. This can keep the building warm for threeto seven days if electricity is lost or there are many cloudy days in a row or if there is little daylight during the winter.One method is to put a layer of insulation on the ground, using the same insulation that is used for the MonolithicDome, see Then, a three foot (one meter) layer of sand is placed over theinsulation. In the sand is placed the hydronic radiant floor heating system or hot water pipes. The sand is cover withaluminum foil. Then the flooring system is placed on top of the sand.A deeper base of sand may be used to obtain more thermal mass for areas of extreme cold. The hot water heats up thethermal mass of sand allowing the retained heat to keep the building warm if electricity is lost or there are manycloudy days.An additional option for multi story buildings is to place one foot (1/3 meter) of sand between upper level floors andto place additional hydronic heating pipes in the sand. A floor systems is placed on top of the sand. The building hasto be built extra strong to withstand the additional weight of the sand sub-flooring. Some manufactures use the steelframing method for homes and buildings to obtain the strength needed for the additional weight of the sand. See for steel homes and buildings. journal: Solar Today; article: Warm Radiant Comfort in the Sand; by Bob Ramlow; Nov/Dec 2007; issue: vol. 21, no.6; Nov/Dec 2007, page 42 http://www.solartoday.org FRESH AIR EXCHANGER and HUMIDITY CONTROLhttp://www.ultimateair.comSolar energy, SOLAR HEATED HOMES - BUILDINGSSolar heated SWIMMING POOLS, spas and hot tubs.~~Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Economic Progress dehumidifiers- http://www.fraccaro.it http://www.calpak.gr http://www.solteknik.comfree books: Solar Hot Water Systems: Lessons Learned 1977 to Today; by Tom Lane Tapping The Sun, A Guide To Solar Water Heating Solar Water Heating, A DIY Guide; by Paul Trimby Solar Heating In Cold Regions; by Jean-François Rozis
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