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parker design house

  1. 1. design house Strategy + Creative = Brand Love206 330 4153 CeLL 206 938 4986 OffiCe kLindtparker @ hOtmaiL.COm parkerdeSignhOuSe.COm
  2. 2. Cheryl Stewart, Principal 3617 SW Othello Street Seattle, WA 98126 206.910.6271 cheryl.plummohair @ plum ohair David A Probart AiA Architect | Director of Quality control 2001 Western Ave., Suite 200 Seattle, WA uSA 98121 meng 206 587 3797 tel StrAzzArA 206 587 0588 fax Architecture plAnning cOnSulting StuDio meng StrAzzArA Matt Dorcy Master Roaster / President U R R AC O 628 W Cota Street COFFEE CO. EST. 2003 Shelton, WA 98584 253 205 7433 BC 2.indd 1 1/4/11 4:13 PMCOmpanY identitieS - BUSINESS CARDS
  3. 3. Cafe Solstice cafe Cafe solstice SOlStice Cafe S lStiCe SolStice SOlStice cafe solstice CAFE cafe Solstice Cafe SOlStice Cafe SolsticeCafe SOLStiCe - lEttERmARk CoNCEptS
  4. 4. Skirt StrAtegieS Skirt rAtEg iEs Skirt st DEsignSkirt LeCture SerieS - pRogRAm mARkS
  5. 5. SeattLe artS & LeCtureS - IDENtIty SyStEm
  6. 6. gOOd night rOOm - IDENtIty SyStEm
  7. 7. HONDURAS HONDURAS HONDURAS HONDURAS - Organic - d HONDURAS HONDURAS HONDURAS HONDURAS HONDURAS H H BLEND H H USE USE USE USE BLEND H USE H H BLEND H H BLEND USE USE BLEND fresh roaste n coffee whole bea USE USE BLEND BLEND BLEND BLEND ITALIAN ITALIAN ITALIAN ITALIAN ROAST ROAST ITALIAN ITALIAN ROAST ROAST ITALIANITALIAN ITALIAN ROAST ROAST ROAST Sumatra Sumatra ROAST ROAST Sumatra Sumatra Sumatra Tasting Notes: Notes: Sumatra Tasting Sumatra Tasting Notes: Notes: Sumatra Intensely earthy, Sumatra Intensely earthy, flavors of herbsherbs & spice. Tasting flavors of & spice. Tasting Notes: Intensely earthy, flavors of herbsherbs & spice. Intensely earthy, flavors of & spice. Tasting Tasting herbs MEDIUM MILD MILD Notes: MEDIUM BOLD Intensely earthy, flavors of Notes: & spice. BOLD EXTRABOLD EXTRABOLD Intensely earthy, flavors of BOLD herbs & spice. Intensely earthy,BOLD herbs &EXTRABOLD Tasting Tasting Notes: MEDIUM Small MILD MILD Notes: MEDIUM Batch, Batch, Small flavorsEXTRABOLD of spice. Artisan Roasted Roasted By: MILD MEDIUM Intensely earthy, Hand Roasted On:& spice. Artisan By:EXTRABOLD BOLD Small Batch, Batch, Small Hand Roasted On: Intensely earthy, flavors of herbsherbs & spice. flavors of MILD MILD MEDIUMMEDIUM BOLD Roasted On: EXTRABOLD Hand BOLD Roasted On: EXTRABOLD Cafe Cafe Small Batch, Artisan Roasted By: Artisan Roasted By: Hand Artisan Roasted By: Hand Roasted On: Small MILD Dorcy, Master Batch, MILDMEDIUMMEDIUM BOLD BOLD Matt Dorcy, Master Roaster Roaster Matt EXTRABOLD EXTRABOLD VCafe Cafe Veneto Small Batch, Cafe eneto Artisan Roasted Roasted By: Artisan By: Hand Roasted Roasted On: Hand On: Matt Dorcy, Master Roaster Roaster Small Batch, Dorcy, Master Matt Veneto VCafe Matt Dorcy, Master Roaster Small Batch, Veneto Cafe eneto Artisan Roasted Roasted By: Artisan By: Hand Roasted Roasted On: Hand On: FRESH ROASTED FRESH ROASTED Cafe Cafe Matt Dorcy, Master Roaster Roaster Matt Dorcy, Master FRESH ROASTED WHOLE ROASTED FRESH BEANBEAN COFFEE WHOLEROASTED Roaster FRESH Master Matt Dorcy, Master Roaster Matt Dorcy, COFFEE Veneto Veneto WHOLE BEAN COFFEE BEANBEAN COFFEE WHOLE WHOLE COFFEE FRESH ROASTED visit ROASTED FRESH visit Veneto Veneto visit visit ROASTED FRESH ROASTED COFFEE FRESH BEAN WHOLE BEAN COFFEE WHOLE visit WHOLE BEANBEAN COFFEE WHOLE COFFEE visit visit visit visit urracocoffee.comurraCO COffee - pACkAgINg AND StAmp SERIES
  8. 8. urraCO COffee - holIDAy mERChANDISE
  9. 9. WYCLef Jean - CD AND SINglES SERIES
  10. 10. Big dipper WaX WOrkS - CANDlE pACkAgINg SyStEm
  11. 11. Big dipper WaX WOrkS - holIDAy 2011 pACkAgINg SyStEm
  12. 12. Parking lot closes Permanentlye Wednesday, september 23, 2009 at 5 p.m. A leTTeR from For Further inFormation contact Patrick Donohue at 206-684-9286 or Patrick.Donohue@seattle.govtive your pArKs Levies The SuPeRiNTeNdeNT BuiLDiNG A GreeNer seAt tLe mAKiNG A more LivABLe City Parks have always been important. With the slowdown in the economy, visit us at and unemployment rates reaching new levels, community centers, parks greenspaces, trails, beaches, playgrounds, ballfields and other communit From 2001 to 2008, the highly successful Pro Parks Levy gathering places are more important than ever. provided $198 million to improve and expand parks throughout Community centers provide places to gather, learn and participate in your community. Parks provide refuge from the stress of everyday life in an urban Seattle’s neighborhoods. The Levy played an integral role in environment. They offer an array of recreation opportunities for families. creating and sustaining successful, vibrant and engaging places They make available inexpensive options for keeping fit and staying healthy. They teach our children to value and protect the natural environment. for the citizens of Seattle. • Recognizing the need to continue investment in green spaces as Seattle grows in both population The 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy supports the community by investing in the precious resource of public open space. The Levy and density, the Seattle City Council convened the Parks and supports families by building and preserving a top notch park system for our children. And it helps get people working right now by providing jobput and Green Spaces Levy Citizens’ Advisory Committee in the spring ofpaces 2008 to recommend a fiscally sound and diverse list of projects My hope is that you will join me in helping shape the future of Seattle park’s and open spaces through your participation. I encourage you to to present to the public. Dedicated community organizations PARKS & GREEN SPACES LEVY PRESORTED 800 Maynard Avenue S., 3rd Floor attend a public meeting. Apply for Opportunity Fund money to improve STANDARD Seattle, WA 98134-1336 a park in your neighborhood. Volunteer to install playground equipmen U.S. POSTAGE and individuals mounted a grass roots effort to pass the 2008 roject We can’t do this successfully withoutI you. Get involved. PA Dblic Parks and Green Spaces Levy by an impressive 59% vote on SEATTLE, WA PERMIT NO. 900 I look forward to an ongoing partnership with you.project November 7, 2008. The new Levy provides $146 million over six es years, including neighborhood and green space acquisitions and Please Post ECRWSS Timothy Gallagher Postal Customer Superintendentut the development projects such as new improved playfields, reservoir Timothy.Gallagher @ lid parks, forest and stream restoration, community gardens,per, and renovated playgrounds throughout Seattle.ces Camp Long Environmental Learning Center - Community Meeting ect in Greg Nickels visit us at / par Mayor, City of Seattle parkS & green SpaCeS - IDENtIty SyStEm
  13. 13. SeattLe artS & LeCtureS - SEASoNAl pRomotIoNAl mAtERIAlS
  15. 15. engine interaCtiVe / eXpedia - EmAIl BlAStS
  16. 16. eyvER” CatCh a northwest originaletty currant The Distinctive Flavor of Washingtonint of sagend.”DALtionalEST bUy f Ly I N G f I S h W I N E . C O m CLiCk Wine grOup - flyINg fISh - p.o.S. pRomotIoNAl mAtERIAlS
  17. 17. Cutter & BuCk - ClASSICS CAtAlog
  18. 18. SWediSh hOSpitaL - BRAND gUIDE Book
  19. 19. SWediSh hOSpitaL - CollAtERAl SyStEm
  20. 20. StarBuCkS - 2007 ANNUAl REpoRt
  21. 21. StarBuCkS - WholE BEAN pACkAgINg
  22. 22. StarBuCkS - BREWINg EQUIpmENt & gIft pACkAgINg
  23. 23. StarBuCkS - fAll pARtNERShIp CAmpAIgN
  24. 24. StarBuCkS - SUmmER CAmpAIgN - REtAIl ENvIRoNmENt
  25. 25. StarBuCkS - holIDAy pACkAgINg AND tRIm
  26. 26. StarBuCkS - holIDAy DISplAy ElEmENtS
  27. 27. StarBuCkS - holIDAy - oUtDooR
  28. 28. LOgOCOLOR White White pantone 659 C PANTONE® WHITE 659 C White ThiS iS NOT a CONTRaCT COLOR pROOF. printouts and screen representaions of this Starbucks Sorbetto White guide are for reference only. Refer to actual pantone® color guides for critical color matching and assessment.FONTS Estilo Script Use Estilo Script for headline ESTILO SCRIPT copy or display copy. Never use Caps all caps (only small caps like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ logo). The all capital letters are hard to read. Small Caps abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz StarBuCkS - SoRBEtto - BRANDINgf AND lNEWppRoDUCtzlAUNCh CAmpAIgN Lower case, numbers and characters abcde ghijk mno qrstuvwxy 12345678910 ?!/(){}[]$%&
  29. 29. StarBuCkS - WholE BEAN StoRE pACkAgINg & CollAtERAl SyStEm
  30. 30. StarBuCkS - WholE BEAN StoRE, tokyo - REtAIl DESIgN