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GOS/GOS-E Case 5


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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GOS/GOS-E Case 5

  1. 1. GOS and GOS-ECase 5
  2. 2. Pre-injury StatusBefore his injury this patientwas an unemployed, unskilledworker, who loved to ride hisbicycle for fun all the time.He was married with onechild, drove a car and did notsuffer from any illness ormedical condition.He did not have manyfriends, but did like to meet upwith the few that he had in thelocal tavern.
  3. 3. Present ConditionAfter his injury this patient isunable to do any activity alone.He is unable to work, hasserious difficulties tocommunicate, he onlyrecognizes his wife, son andparents, but none of his friends.He is unable to participate infamily activities or take care ofhis son.
  4. 4. Present ConditionHe has no leisure activities anddoes not go out much if at all.He is dependent at home in allroutine activities and cannot beleft alone for more than 15minutes. He has urinary andfecal incontinence. He does notseem to be suffering fromheadaches or dizziness, anddoes not complain of anysymptoms. His memory isimpaired.