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GOS and GOS-E Case 8


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GOS and GOS-E Case 8

  1. 1. GOS and GOS-ECase 8
  2. 2. Pre-injury StatusBefore his injury this patientwas a 20 year old and a secondyear full time student at anarchitectural college.He lived with a couple of friendsin a rented apartment andenjoyed a very active social lifeand had no steady relationship.He also loved playing computergames and could drive acar, but did not own one.He had no pre-existing medicalconditions and ran everymorning.
  3. 3. Present ConditionAfter his injury this patient isattending revalidation therapyand is improving. He has notbeen able, however, to resumehis academic studies andblames it on his head injury. Helives with his family close to therevalidation clinic. He has somesocial interactions but less thanhalf as often as before. Hewalks but cannot run likebefore. He spends most of histime playing computer games.
  4. 4. Present ConditionThere are occasional disruptionsdue to the injury, but he is ableto do most of the routine dailyliving activities. His family canleave him alone for more than 8hours and he is able to getaround using publictransportation. He can handlemoney and can independentlygo shopping.He is still troubled by a slightparalysis in the right hand whichis assumed to be related to thehead injury.
  5. 5. GOS and GOS-E RatingNow click on the link below to select the GOS andGOS-E rating. 5