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GOS and GOS-E Case 6


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Published in: Sports, Business
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GOS and GOS-E Case 6

  1. 1. GOS and GOS-ECase 6
  2. 2. Pre-injury StatusBefore his injury this, 21-year-old manwas a manager of a distributionwarehouse. He worked in excess of therequired full 40 hours.He was in the army before and was inthe reserve. He lived with his father,whom he helped and supported.He dated and had many friends withfrequent social contacts. He drove aso-called muscle car, which wasactually wrecked in the accident.He had no pre-existing conditionsand was perfectly healthy.
  3. 3. Present ConditionAfter his injury, this patient has notresumed working. He is at home onlong-term disability leave.He has taken up social activities andthey are at a level of at least one-halfof that before the injury.He is completely independent athome and can be left alone for eighthours without a problem.He does not drive at this time but isable to take the bus or call a taxi, andhas gone out on his own to shop.
  4. 4. Present ConditionThere are no complaints of anypost-injury symptoms and he doesnot report any strain or disruption ofhis normal life.He says that he would love to beback at work.
  5. 5. GOS and GOS-E Rating Now click on the link below to select the GOS and GOS-E rating. GOS and GOS-E Rating 5