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GOS and GOS-E Case 3


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GOS and GOS-E Case 3

  1. 1. GOS and GOS-ECase 3
  2. 2. Pre-injury StatusBefore his injury, this 22-year-old malelived at home and worked 20 hours ina 7-11 as a cashier.He was a senior at a continuationschool and was doing reasonably well.He may have finished his high schooldiploma in half a year.
  3. 3. Pre-injury StatusHe loved to work out with weights, ridehis motorcycle and hang out withfriends almost every night.He took care of his home and sharedthe responsibilities of the householdwith his girlfriend who worked full time.He did not have a car and occasionallyused the bus to go to town. He hadno pre-existing illnesses.
  4. 4. Present ConditionAfter his injury, this patient hasresumed his former job for 10 hoursa week. He feels he is not mentallyup to starting studies again.He has taken on householdresponsibilities and is at home withhis two children. He sees otherpeople and goes out but significantlyless than before.He has not returned to do sportsand cannot drive a motorcycle.
  5. 5. Present ConditionThere are frequent-but-tolerabledisruptions in his life due to strain andanger outbursts about once a week.He can take care of himself completelyon his own and can be left alone for aday or more without any problem.
  6. 6. Present ConditionHe uses the bus or a taxi to go out on hisown and has no trouble shopping, even ifhe does not do it as much as before.He does have a mild speech impairmentand does not concentrate as well asbefore the accident.He feels he has trouble rememberingnew things and suffers fromheadaches and dizziness as well.
  7. 7. GOS and GOS-E Rating Now click on the link below to select the GOS and GOS-E rating. GOS and GOS-R Rating 7