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Oz Erickson - Head of Emerald Fund


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Oz Erickson is well known head of US based Emerald Fund in 1979 . He is also better-known for one of the best real estate projects in the Bay Area . He is very attentive with the entitlements, financing, project design and sales. Oz is renowned with many industry Titles including the San Francisco Business Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Loved CEO.

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Oz Erickson - Head of Emerald Fund

  1. 1. Oz Erickson - Head of Emerald Fund
  2. 2. Introducing Emerald Fund Emerald Fund, a San Francisco based real estate development company, has successfully developed more housing projects and more housing units in San Francisco than nearly any other developer in San Francisco history. Founded in 1979, Emerald has developed 37 projects totaling over 5,500 housing units; 420,000 sq. ft. of office; 400,000 sq. ft. of retail; a 200- room luxury hotel; and over $3 billion of value.
  3. 3. Further Important Contributions • Totals include 15 ground up developments and over 3,000 housing units in neighborhoods across San Francisco. • Emerald Fund specializes in dense, transit-oriented, urban infill development. Most projects also contain a mix of uses.
  4. 4. LEADERSHIP - Core Team • S. Osborn (Oz Erickson), Principal • Marc Babsin, Principal • Tim Vrabel, Principal • Alastair Mactaggart, Principal • Shane Harris, Director of Construction • Justina Hollis, Director of Property Management
  5. 5. S. Osborn (Oz) Erickson, Principal • Oz Erickson founded Emerald Fund in 1979 and has been actively developing projects in the Bay Area since that time. • Oz identifies new projects and is involved with the entitlements, financing, project design and sales and marketing.
  6. 6. Lifetime Awards • Oz has been recognized with many industry honors including the San Francisco Business Times’ Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Admired CEO in 2013. • Oz Erickson received a BA degree from Harvard University and a MBA from Stanford University
  7. 7. Pervious Contributions • Oz Erickson is far known as principal Director of San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association and served as Chairperson for nearly 4 years. • He was one of the mains of SPUR’s Housing Committee. Even He was on the Advisory Council of the Fannie Mae Bay Area Partnership Office, and has served a housing advisory committee for then California State Treasurer Phil Angel-ides.
  8. 8. For further Information Emerald Fund, Inc. The Russ Building 235 Montgomery Street, 27th Floor San Francisco, CA 94104 415-777-2914