Want better warehouse efficiency with NetSuite?


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With OzLINK NetSuite warehouses can improve fulfillment rates, cut down on pick errors, shipment mistakes, and drive customer loyalty.

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Want better warehouse efficiency with NetSuite?

  1. 1. Want Better Warehouse Efficiency? "Oz Development provides us with the three keys to running a successful distribution operation: 1. increased quality assurance, 2. greater speed and efficiency in fulfilling orders 3. tremendous follow up service".Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  2. 2. Agenda• Intros and Welcome• Where are the Opportunities for ROI• ROI Model – Building the Business Case• OzLINK Mobile - Demo• Customer Case Studies• Overview of Oz Development• Q&A Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  3. 3. What Problem Are You Trying to Solve? • Keep adding new channels • Each marketplace treated differently• Too much time cross checking POs eCommerce • Too many portals and Excel sheets• Stacks of paper delay operations• Items are not available for sales Receiving • Where are the items in warehouse? Fulfillment & Put Away • Too much paper & re-keying • Picking errors are costing too much • Delayed shipments • Drop ship customers are demanding Inventory • What are my costs? Shipping Control • Where are the goods? • Shipping errors impacting customers Partner • Retail customers need ASN Fulfillment • Where is the inventory? • Is it in the right place? • What are my costs? • Did the orders ship? • Is there inventory available? • My brand is not captured effectively Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  4. 4. Building the Business CaseFunctional Hard Dollar Productivity Additional Area Savings Improvements Benefits • Supplier delivery accuracy 95.6% • Cut time 10-50% • Higher inventory velocityReceiving • Costs range from $50 to $1000’s • Reduce clerical data entry up • Capture serial, lot info& Put-away per order to 90% • Bar coding inbound goods improves inventory control • Picking errors can cost • 35% of picker time can be • Customer satisfaction & loyaltyFulfillment/ $50-$750+ per order walkingPicking • Improvement of 15% can result in $1837.50 per worker • Wrong carrier/service, • Up to 20-95% reduction in • On time delivery incorrect address time to process shipment • Reduced customer service callsShipping • $3-$20+ per shipment • Close to 100% elimination of • Improved visibility/tracking • Additional charges: $10+ clerical data entry follow up • Charge-backs - $75-$400+ • APICS benchmarks carrying • Improved picking efficiency, • Lower lost sales & reduce costs at 25% right item in right location backordersInventory • Reduce safety stock • Up to 90% reduction inControl • Cut obsolete inventory paperwork • Repeatable processSources: WERC, APICS, UPS, FedEx, DC Velocity, Customer scenarios Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  5. 5. Two Customer ExamplesFulfillment Shipping Products: Machinery & tools Products: Home lighting Segment: Wholesale distribution Segment: eCommerce Functional Area: Fulfillment Functional Area: Shipping/returnsChallenge: Challenge: • 200-300 shipments per month • 10-15 returns per day • Domestic and international • 2 hours processing per day • Serialized equipment • Complex charge-back rules • 2-3 errors per month • Too much clerical paperwork • $600-$1000 cost per error • Minimal time for customersSolution: Solution: • Mobile/wireless picking • Integrate RMA & UPS • Savings $24K per year • Savings $17.5K per year • Improved customer service • Reduced clerical tasks 96% Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  6. 6. Summary: OzLINK Solutions for NetSuite MobileShipping Partner Fulfillment Warehouse Integration • Leverage bar code scanning to optimize fulfillment • Implement complex business rules to drive cost savings • Gain end to end visibility by extending NetSuite to warehouse Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  7. 7. OzLINK Mobile Extends NetSuite to Warehouse PO Receiving Wireless & Put Away Picking Inventory Work Orders Cycle Count Gain Real Time Visibility and Control of Your Warehouse Operation Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  8. 8. OzLINK Mobile DemoOz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  9. 9. Unmatched Customer ROI "OzLINK supports our growth while keeping our costs in check and our operations highly efficient. “ Jay Moltz, IT/Operations Manager “OzLINK is critical to ensuring we deliver to and delight our customers.” Rick Hoppe, CFO of Pyrotecnico “OzLINK has saved us thousands of dollars, and the team has been exceptionally responsive as we have expanded capabilities. We got our ROI in weeks with OzLINK” .” Greg Primm, VP of Finance Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  10. 10. OzLINK Success With NetSuite Inaugural NetSuite Technology Partner - 2005 Partner of the year in 2007 Over 500 joint NetSuite customers Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  11. 11. Q&AOz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969
  12. 12. OzLINK: Helpful ToolsMobile Warehouse Shipping Receiving Shipping Keep up to date with both industry and OzLINK product news Picking Advanced Ship Notice Inventory UPS Pro See What NetSuite Customers Visit the OzLINK for NetSuite Are saying micro-site Oz Development, Inc. www.ozdevelopment.com 508.366.1969