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At a Glance:
Toner Cable Equipment Inc. is one of the largest stocking distributors of Cable Tele-
vision Equipment for al...
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Toner Cable Wires Shipping into Fulfillment


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Toner Cable Wires Shipping into Fulfillment

  1. 1. At a Glance: Toner Cable Equipment Inc. is one of the largest stocking distributors of Cable Tele- vision Equipment for all types of television signal distribution systems. Being in busi- ness since 1971, Toner Cable has continued to adapt and grow with the expanding market supporting applications such as private cable systems, TV broadcast sta- tions, hotel television systems, and educational television systems. As their busi- ness grew they realized they needed to improve their shipping function to continue to maintain their customer service and control costs. Industry: Distribution, Communications Oz Solutions: OzLINK Shipping Applications: Epicor Prophet 21 Key Benefits:  Improved shipping productivity by 75%  Reduced costly fulfillment errors by 65% with improved accuracy  Dramatically cut the time to train new or temporary staff The Challenge: As a wholesale distributor carrying over 10,000 products and a growing order volume, Toner Cable found that their manual shipping process was not keeping up with their growth. With a mix of eCommerce orders, direct sales, drop ship orders, the complexity was creating a bottleneck in the shipping department. This resulted in:  Too much time to process orders, sometimes causing delays, or resulting in overtime.  Shipping errors increasing costs and impacting customer satisfaction  Long training time was impacting additional staff during peak periods and new hires The Solution: Toner Cable selected OzLINK to integrate the shipping software with Epicor. The manual process is now completely automated. The order is pulled real time from Epicor, processed in UPS WorldShip, with the shipping costs and the tracking infor- mation written back into Epicor. The benefits include:  Epicor shipping process is now streamlined, improving productivity by 75%  Shipping errors such as selecting the wrong service, and incorrect address information were reduced  Training new or temporary warehouse staff in shipping is significantly simpler Toner Cable Equipment Inc Toner Cable Wires Shipping Into Fulfillment with OzLINK “OzLINK provided rapid payback, supporting our growth and improving how we serve our customers” -Tony Scarcelli, VP Administration Toner Cable Equipment Inc OZ DEVELOPMENT, INC. Phone: 508-366-1969 OzLINK Customer Success Story