Streamline shipping to support sales growth


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Streamline shipping to support sales growth

  1. 1. Is Your Shipping OperationStreamlined to Support Your Sales Channels?Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  2. 2. Agenda• Introduction & Welcome• Oz Development Overview• Challenges Driving Shipping Complexity• Customer Examples• Leveraging “Advanced Shipping” for Growth• Wrap Up and Q & A Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  3. 3. Today’s Speakers Troy Graham Brian Hodgson Director of Bus Dev VP Sales/Marketing Oz Development Oz Development Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  4. 4. OzLINK Customer Success Over 10,000 customers use OzLINKFocused on manufacturing, distribution, eCommerce industries Small and medium size enterprises Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  5. 5. OzLINK Integrates and ExtendsOrder Management Applications Integrate & Extend eCommerce Warehouse Shipping ERP/Accounting Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  6. 6. Challenges Driving Shipping Complexity • Growth brands via eCommerce Internet/eCommerce Business • Omni channel (eBay, Amazon, multiple Opportunity brands) • Better visibilityDemands from • Documentation requirements Customers • Delivery date options • Rapid ROI • Minimal IT resourcesCloud Solution required in house Payback • Focus on business problem not IT Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  7. 7. Real Customers With Real ROI Shipping Fulfillment Products: Snack Foods Products: Machinery & tools Segment: Food processing Segment: Wholesale distribution Functional Area: Logistics Functional Area: FulfillmentChallenge: Challenge:• Up to 250 shipments per day • 200-300 shipments per month• Front office produced shipping documents • Domestic and international• No MAS 200 & WorldShip integration • Serialized equipment• Extra data entry, duplicate address books • 2-3 errors per month • $600-$1000 cost per errorSolution: Solution:• Bidirectional integration • Pack validation, with serial number• Eliminated 100% shipping data entry • Savings $24K per year• Improve customer service • Improved customer service Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  8. 8. Real Customers With Real ROI Shipping Returns Products: Gourmet Food Products: Home lighting Segment: eCommerce Segment: eCommerce Functional Area: Fulfillment Functional Area: Shipping/returnsChallenge: Challenge:• 200-300 shipments per day • 10-15 returns per day• Multiple documents for pick/pack/ship • 2 hours processing per day• Legacy system performance was slow • Complex charge-back rules• Costly pick/ship errors ($36 per error) • Too much clerical paperwork • Minimal time for customersSolution: Solution:• Integrated pack slip/UPS label • Integrate RMA & UPS• Increased fulfillment productivity by 50% • Savings $17.5K per year• Reduced shipping errors • Reduced clerical tasks 96% Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  9. 9. OzLINK Provides Advanced Shipping Automate Complex Leverage the Broadest Service All Business Rules Carrier Support Sales Channels• Auto select carrier and service • All carrier options • By sales channel • US and International • Branded pack slips • By order weight, value, etc. • Third party billing • ASN • By line of business • Scales and peripherals • Retail compliant labels• Automate returns • Combo pick ticket & ship label • Drop ship for your customers Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  10. 10. Connect eCommerce intoOrder Management Order Management eCommerce ERP Warehouse/Shipping • Synchronize orders, and inventory • Real time order status • Update pricing and item data Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  11. 11. Pre-Ship Address Validation Order Ready To ERP Entry Fulfill • Review pending orders • Approval • Fulfillment • Screens periodically & highlights ambiguousAddress correction fees orders Are $10 per error • Correct and update Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  12. 12. Automate Business Rules Shipment Origin/Dest Consignee Details Address • Weight, dims • Loyalty programs • Residential • Value • Drop ship • Urban area • Commodity • Preferred service • PO Box • Delivery date • International OzLINK Automate Business Rules Carrier & Service Shipping Options Package Options • Ground • Return Service • Delivery confirmation • Next Day Air • Saturday Delivery • Flexible parcel ins. • Mail Innovations • Int’l Commodity • Declared value • Freight • etc • etc. • etc Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  13. 13. Partner Fulfillment: Suppliers or Customers Customer Supplier Drop Ship Fulfillment Delivery Orders Orders Purchase Warehouse Sales Consumer Retailer Supplier Customers Purchase Delivery• Service you drop ship customers • Leverage suppliers for drop ship• Create retailer specific branded pack slips • Gain visibility to orders status• Leverage third party billing • Capture rates real time with shipment Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  14. 14. Create Branded Pack Slips and Branded e-mails Notifications Branded e-mails Branded packing slipsto improve customer service For drop ship customers and repeat business or different brands Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  15. 15. Alternate Pick & Pack Scenarios Batch Processing Master Picking Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  16. 16. Supported Application Integrations CRM/ ERP/ Accounting HomegrowneCommerce Web ODBC Services Batch Files XML Terminal Legacy Emulators Applications Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  17. 17. DemoOz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  18. 18. Advanced Shipping SummaryNeed Carrier Software Only OzLINKReal Time/bi-directional integrationBusiness rulesTnT based mode optimizationBranded e-mail notifications to customersAdv. Pack Verification, ASN, retail compliant labelsIntegration of eCommerce ApplicationsMultiple Pick OptionsDrop ship/supplier fulfillmentAutomating returns and labelsPre-Ship Batch Address Validation Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  19. 19. Can Advanced Shipping Help You?• Are expanding sales & channels creating more business rules?• Do growth channels such as Amazon & eBay to be better integrated into shipping?• Are there customer documentation requirements that could be automated?• Can you save freight spend through mode optimization? Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  20. 20. Q&AOz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969
  21. 21. Additional Information 508 366 1969Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969