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Rock Bottom Golf Drives to the Top With OzLINK


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Published in: Technology
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Rock Bottom Golf Drives to the Top With OzLINK

  1. 1. OzLINK Customer Success Story Rock Bottom Golf Driving To The Top With OzLINKAt a Glance:Two Guys, a love for golf, and a barn, is how it got started. Rock Bottom Golf beganas a company called TGIB which stands for "Two Guys in a Barn". Their businesswas buying used and demo golf equipment along with the used golf balls fished out "When I need support forof the lake and re-selling that equipment on eBay. Ten years later the company is a OzLINK I have a direct line of40 million dollar business. Rock Bottom ships to over 1500 customers all over the communication whether it beworld daily. with sales or the guys that come up with the code. They are veryIndustry: Retail/Ecommerce quick to come up with a solutionOz Solutions: OzLINK Shipping, OzLINK Packing for any customization I mightApplications: NetSuite, FedEx Ship Manager, Channel Advisor need. If there is ever anyKey Oz Benefits: downtime with one phone call I  Quality Assurance (QA) accuracy increased to 99.9% am back up in running within 20-  Order fulfillment and shipping improved from 30 30 minutes. The Oz staff is very seconds to 10 seconds helpful."  Savings of $344K in fulfillment errors - Mark Becker , WarehouseThe Challenge: Manager, Rock Bottom GolfRunning an efficient high quality distribution operation was extremely important tothe growth of their business. At the time there were 100 orders being shipped daily.The QA was being done creatively. One employee was picking while another wasshipping the order. This meant only two sets of eyes were on the customer orderbefore being shipped. They also had created their own database and scanningsystem which allowed only one user at a time. Rock Bottom Golf realized theirorder accuracy was only at 97%. That was not a helpful situation to be in whentrying to expand the company.The Solution:The ability to integrate QA to the fulfillment process to increase productivity was thesolution Rock Bottom Golf needed. Implementing OzLINK Shipping gave them theability to scan, QA, and get their product out the door in a fraction of the time withhigher quality. What used to take at least 30 seconds per item now only takes 10seconds. Furthermore, with the hyper growth and new staff, warehouse personnelmust become productive from day one. "One of the great features of using OzLINK"Mark Becker, Warehouse Manager, explains "is the staff does not even need toknow how to use a computer. They can just use the scan gun and a label comesright out. We went from the worst way to do work to the best way to do work." As aresult Rock Bottom Golf QA accuracy has increased to 99.9%.As Rock Bottom Golf continues to grow and add updated processes they rely on OzDevelopment to be a partner in customizing and streamlining the tools they need tobe more productive. Charlie DeSio, the Director of Operations stated "OzDevelopment provides us with the three keys to running a successful distributionoperation: increased quality assurance, greater speed and efficiency in shippingorders, and tremendous follow up service". O Z D E VE L OP ME N T , I N C . Phone: 508-366-1969