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Redcat Racing Sets The Pace With OzLINK


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Redcat Racing Sets The Pace With OzLINK

  1. 1. Phone: 508-366-1969 CASE STUDY “We could not have handled the growth we had last year at peak without OzLINK." -Dan Sloan, Chief Operating Officer, Redcat Racing At a Glance: Redcat Racing the premier source for quality RC Gas Cars, RC Nitro Cars, and RC Electric cars. They offer over 40 different cars and models as well as a wide selection of parts, tools and accessories. Established in 2005, Redcat Racing’s distribution channels have expanded dramatically with their success. These include their NetSuite eCommerce site, and over 2000 dealers and hobby shops. With growing demand, Redcat Racing needed a better way to operate in their warehouse to sustain their customer satisfaction, growth, and profits. Key Benefits:  Increased order accuracy by over 80% saving $83,000 per year  Cut fulfillment on large dealer orders by over 60%  Gained visibility to warehouse staff utilization The Challenge: Redcat Racing handles 800-1000 orders per week, with the holiday season peaking at 1200 order per day. The mix and complexity of orders varies greatly with large dealer orders being 10-12 pages, versus single item consumer orders. Furthermore, in supporting their dealers, they also do a lot of drop shipments enabling their dealers to carry more models while getting fast customer deliveries, without having to carry the inventory. Their growth has been phenomenal, but also created the following issues:  With a growing product line, ensuring the right products were getting picked was becoming much harder.  The paper-based process to pick large orders required too much manual counting. Staff were constantly recounting and re- checking what was picked versus what was left.  The operations management team did not have any good way to track the productivity of the warehouse staff The Solution: Redcat was a longtime OzLINK Shipping customer and added OzLINK Mobile to address these challenges. With OzLINK Mobile Redcat Racing uses mobile bar code scanning to perform wireless picking and receiving, streamlining the process for their 5 pickers. During peak season Redcat Racing needs to add temporary staff. With OzLINK Mobile the time to get these new personnel productive is less than 30 minutes. The benefits achieved include:  Bar code scanning and guided walk paths increased order accuracy  Wireless picking for large orders eliminated any paper record keeping  NetSuite now captures the warehouse activities by user to improve resource planning Industry: eCommerce Wholesale Distribution Oz Solutions: OzLINK Mobile Applications: NetSuite Redcat Racing Sets The Pace with OzLINK