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Pyrotecnico Success Story


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Published in: Technology
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Pyrotecnico Success Story

  1. 1. OzLINK Customer Success Story Pyrotecnico Lighting Up the Sky With OzLINKAt a Glance:Pyrotecnico is a family owned company who have been creating dynamicfirework displays for various venues throughout North America for over 120years. Whether it is for large sporting events, like Philadelphia Philliesbaseball, or community shows around the Fourth of July, Pyrotecnico isrenowned for delivering vibrant nighttime displays.Industry: Pyrotechnics, Special effectsOz Solutions: OzLINK MobileApplications: NetSuite® "The team at OzLINK is extremely knowledgeable andKey Benefits: very responsive”  Increase of productivity while keeping labor costs proportionate - Rick Hoppe, CFO  Decrease in picking errors Pyrotecnico  Superb customer service and communicationThe Challenge:Pyrotecnico has recently expanded outside of their traditional home marketand is now serving customers throughout the United States and Canada.Their ever-growing business has seen expansion due to internet sales anda recent acquisition. Their growth in business made Pyrotecnio realize theyneeded a better way to optimize customer order fulfillment. This included:  Managing peak volumes leading up to the Fourth of July without adding proportional labor costs  Ensuring customer projects are assembled and shipped with the right shells  Supporting expanding locations to service their growing customer baseThe Solution:With a nationwide network of design offices, distributions centers, andshipping locations, Pyrotecnico decided to implement NetSuite as theirERP. They also selected OzLINK Mobile to manage the integrationbetween warehouse and fulfillment process, and to optimize the fulfillmentof their assemblies. The results from integrating OzLINK Mobile include:  Elimination of paper based picking, allowing Pyrotecnico to easily fulfill their over 1200 assemblies leading up to the Fourth of July  100% accuracy of picking assemblies  An opportunity to add new locations rapidly, which helps to quickly serve new customersPyrotecnico relies on OzLINK to keep their operation running efficiently. O Z D E VE L OP ME N T , I N C .Rick Hoppe, CFO of Pyrotecnico said, “OzLINK is critical to ensuring we Phone: 508-366-1969deliver to and delight our customers.”