Parallel Marketing Group Success Story


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Parallel Marketing Group Success Story

  1. 1. OzLINK Customer Success Story Parallel Marketing Group Parallel Marketing Improves Quote to Delivery Process with OzLINKAt a Glance:Parallel Marketing Group, of Walnut Creek, CA is passionate about helping theirclients bring their marketing campaigns to life by placing their projects in the bestproduction output environment, based on project requirements and each project’s “We tried other solutions butunique application(s). As an extension of their customers’ marketing teams, Parallel once we found OzLINK, it wasMarketing needs to effectively manage the logistics and production of their market- clear how much it would help ouring campaigns. Working with print and manufacturing suppliers, they are responsi- business,”ble for promising on-time deliveries within a quoted budget.Industry: Printing - Minh Reza, Parallel MarketingOz Solutions: OzLINK Plus for UPS GroupKey Benefits:  Improved freight quoting accuracy, cut shipping costs, both of which enhanced cost control  Met stringent delivery deadlines with short windows of receiving deadlines  Increased client satisfaction by providing a custom formatted Excel spreadsheet including all tracking informationThe Challenge:Bringing their customers’ marketing campaigns to fruition through the production ofprint collateral & POP/POS displays is at the heart of what Parallel Marketing Groupdoes. Alongside the need to meet stringent requirements, tight schedules, and ahigh standard of quality, was the challenge to manage the delivery of the finishedproject. Suppliers did not always ship using the most cost-effective solution or shipin a way that allowed Parallel Marketing to fulfill their clients’ shipping and trackingrequirements. Because of this, providing up-to-the minute shipping, tracking, andproof of delivery information to the customer while maintaining freight budgets be-came difficult. This resulted in the following issues:  Gaps in the planned costs and actual costs took away from the project’s profitability.  Poor visibility of tracking made it difficult to meet and manage customer expectations.  Matching carrier service options to delivery dates was a manual, tedious, and time-consuming process.The Solution:Parallel Marketing Group selected OzLINK Plus for UPS to streamline their freightquote to delivery process, dramatically simplifying the process while cutting downon clerical work and improving customer satisfaction. With OzLINK Plus for UPS,Parallel Marketing now has the ability to process bidding and tracking elements oftheir projects quickly and simply, working directly in Microsoft Excel.The results they achieved include:  Quick batch rates to more easily negotiate and win profitable projects  The ability to access tracking information for supplier shipments on the same day by loading the orders from Quantum View Manager into OzLINK Plus for UPS O Z D E VE L OP ME N T , I N C .  The capability to send customers up-to-date spreadsheets, showing the Phone: 508-366-1969 status of their job, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely payment