Improving Fulfillment in the Cloud


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Improving Fulfillment in the Cloud

  1. 1. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Improving Fulfillment in the Cloud
  2. 2. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Agenda• Introduction and Welcome• Trends in Cloud Computing• Advantages of end-to-end visibility with NetSuite• Connecting your warehouse to the cloud• Customer examples• Mobile bar code scanning• Q&A
  3. 3. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Inaugural NetSuite Technology Partner - 2005Partner of the year in 2007Over 500 joint NetSuite customersOzLINK Success With NetSuite
  4. 4. ERP Guru – Fact Sheet•Exclusive to NetSuite and NetSuite Add-on’s•NetSuite Certified & Authorizedo NetSuite CRM, Accounting/ERP, eCommerce, Web Siteo NetSuite Manufacturing Suiteo NetSuite OneWorldo SuiteCloud Solution Developer•The ERP Guru Teamo60 employees•Serving over 500 NetSuite Customers since 2005•Offices in: Montreal, New Hampshire, Pittsburg, Chicagoand St-Louis
  5. 5. NetSuite: Quick Take
  6. 6. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Top Customer Focused InitiativesSource: 2013 Annual Order Management Survey
  7. 7. Limited Flexibility & Higher CostsMRPSalesOrder ManagementAccountingWarehousingTraditional IT
  8. 8. Integrate End-to-End Order ManagementMRPSalesOrder ManagementAccountingWarehousingTraditional ITCloud ERP
  9. 9. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969OzLINK Mobile Extends NetSuite to WarehouseWirelessPickingWork OrdersInventoryCycle CountPO Receiving& Put AwayGain Real Time Visibility and Control ofYour Warehouse Operation
  10. 10. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Guided Walking Cuts Pick TimeBin A10 Bin A20 Bin A30 Bin A40 Bin A100Bin B10 Bin B20 Bin B30 Bin B40 Bin B100Bin C10 Bin C20 Bin C30 Bin C40 Bin C100Bin J10 Bin A20 Bin A30 Bin A40 Bin A90Primary LocationsSecondary LocationsPick#1Pick#2Pick#1aPick based onwarehouse layout• High volume• Heavy/large items• Value/secure area• Refrigerated
  11. 11. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Speed Picking & Increase AccuracyScanBinScanItemScanSerial #or lot #ConfirmQuantityAccuracy & Speed• Confirm items and quantities• Leverage bar code scanning• Handle partial fulfillment• Pick items from all availablelocations
  12. 12. Profile• Retail storeproviding beautyproduct since 2000.• Sales• Process 1000sorders / monthEcommerce ExamplesKey Benefits• Ordering processstreamlined.• Real time inventorylevel visibility.
  13. 13. Ecommerce ExamplesProfile• Manufacturer anddistributer of securityproducts.• Real estates & otherproperties.Key Benefits• Online orderingexperience is simplifiedwith the EZ order form.• Manage multiplewebsites fromNetSuite.
  14. 14. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Ibex Win with OzLINK MobileJoint NetSuite & OzLINK win• eCommerce through warehouse• OzLINK mobile and shipping• Replaced legacy MAS 90/200Key Benefits• End-to-end visibility• Support rapid growth whilekeeping costs down• Reduced picking errors by 98%Profile• Provider of natural outdoor apparel• Rapid growth• Support both B2B and B2C channels
  15. 15. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Sailrite Work Orders with OzLINK MobileJoint NetSuite & OzLINK win• eCommerce through warehouse• OzLINK mobile and shipping• Paperless order picking• Work orders processingKey Benefits• Productivity improvement• Better inventory control• End-to-end visibilityProfile• Sail making supplies and expertise• Expanding products• Supporting amateur sail makers &professional sail shops
  16. 16. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Which process could best leverage mobiletechnology?0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%Sales Orders Sales order picking Work orders andassembliesInventory counts Purchase orderreceivingSeries1Source: 2013 Annual Order Management Survey
  17. 17. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969OzLINK Mobile Demo
  18. 18. Next Steps Discussion
  19. 19. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Q & A
  20. 20. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Keep up to date with both industry andOzLINK product newsSee What NetSuite CustomersAre sayingVisit the OzLINK for Helpful ToolsReceivingInventoryShippingPicking Advanced Ship NoticeMobile WarehouseShippingUPS Pro
  21. 21. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Follow us on the social mediaSee What NetSuite CustomersAre sayingVisit the ERP Guru for NetSuitewebsiteERP Guru: Helpful ToolsResource SchedulerRevenue RecognitionNetSuite Add-Ons••••
  22. 22. Oz Development, Inc. 508.366.1969Thank You