Scores a Hole-in-One With OzLINK


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  1. 1. At a Glance: is a privately owned business that is committed to providing customers, and their families and friends with outstanding prices on some of the top brands in golf. Started in 2001 and born on the web, has grown spectacularly in the last 10 years, serving customers through multi-eCommerce channels including eBay, Amazon, and their own eCommerce site. As their volumes grew and their SKUs expanded, they realized they needed a better way to manage fulfillment. After trying another solution, they turned to OzLINK and are now positioned for their next growth surge. Industry: eCommerce, Apparel, Sporting Goods Oz Solutions: OzLINK Channel, OzLINK Shipping Applications: NetSuite, ChannelAdvisor Key Benefits:  Cut fulfillment errors, resulting in annual savings of $47,500  Automated website, wholesale, eBay, Amazon, and other marketplace orders through ChannelAdvisor, cutting order entry costs 85%  Streamlined fulfillment process increasing throughput 120% with the same warehouse staff The Challenge: With volumes growing, expanding sales channels, and increasing number of SKUs, the complexity in the warehouse and front office were pushing the team to its limits. Their systems were fragmented, creating more manual work and potential errors, with a risk to customer satisfaction. The issues they faced were:  As eCommerce order volume grew, more time was spent on clerical order entry, taking time away from customer service and sales  Ensuring items and inventory across eCommerce channels were synchronized between NetSuite and ChannelAdvisor was problematic.  With a broader SKU selection and many similar looking items, the pick/pack/ship process was prone to error The Solution: Selecting NetSuite and ChannelAdvisor, had the order management foundation they needed to support their growth. However, to fully integrate the solu- tions they turned to OzLINK. OzLINK pulls order from ChannelAdvisor and auto- matically creates sales order in NetSuite. Furthermore, the item master details and inventory in NetSuite are automatically synchronized with ChannelAdvisor. Finally, as items are fulfilled & shipped, OzLINK provides pack verification, increasing order accuracy. The results include:  The eCommerce channels are all synchronized with NetSuite inventory en- suring their listings reflect what they can fulfill.  The order accuracy has increased while supporting more orders and a wider variety of SKUs by automating the pack validation process.  The front office staff and warehouse team spend more time serving customers, dramatically reducing their clerical tasks Scores a Hole-in-One With OzLINK “Integrating ChannelAdvisor was critical to our growth and effectively serving our customers. Until OzLINK we had struggled to make it seamless.” -Marc Ducey, co-owner, OZ DEVELOPMENT, INC. Phone: 508-366-1969 OzLINK Customer Success Story