Edward Don Cleans up Invoicing Process with OzLINK


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Edward Don Cleans up Invoicing Process with OzLINK

  1. 1. OzLINK Customer Success Story Edward Don Edward Don Cleans Up Invoicing Process with OzLINK At a Glance: Edward Don & Company is the world's leading distributor of foodservice equipment and supplies. With products covering everything but the food, Edward Don provides unmatched product selection, nationwide distribution centers, and integration of new technology make them the chosen supplier to all types of foodservice businesses. With 30-40% or their orders drop shipped by suppliers, Don needed better visibility to shipping costs for these orders. Industry: Wholesale distribution Oz Solutions: OzLINK Plus for UPS Key Benefits:  Improved visibility to shipping costs for drop ship orders  Increase cash flow by reducing days to invoice from 7-10 days down to 2-3 days  Cut clerical efforts—freeing up two full time employees to focus on other tasks “OzLINK dramatically streamlined the invoicing for our drop-ship orders ” - Robert Norton Edward Don & Company The Challenge: Edward Don manages over 1000 orders a day from 6 warehouses across the country, including 30-40% of their orders being fulfilled by over 3000 suppliers. With continued business growth, expanding product lines, and growing suppliers, tracking costs for drop ship orders was becoming too time consuming. Specifically, they had the following issues:  Getting visibility to the shipping costs too manual  Updating and sending out customer invoices was taking 7-10 days  6-7 full time associates processing freight—taking 50 hours per day The Solution: Edward Don selected OzLINK Plus for UPS to streamline the invoicing process for their drop ship orders. With OzLINK Plus for UPS, Edward Don now has the ability to process bidding and tracking elements of their projects quickly and simply, working directly in Microsoft Excel. With OzLINK they access their drop ship orders via UPS QuantumView Management, and then OzLINK rates those shipments right in Excel. The shipments are then loaded into an access database, for upload into their SAP host. The results they achieved include:  Ability to invoice customers for drop shipments within 2-3 days of shipment  Re-assigned two employees to other tasks in freight department  The capability to send customers up-to-date spreadsheets, showing the status of their job, ensuring customer satisfaction and timely payment O Z D E VE L OP ME N T , I N C . Phone: 508-366-1969 sales@ozdevelopment.com www.ozdevelopment.com