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Big Ass Fans Streamlines Marketing Fulfillment with OzLINK


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Big Ass Fans Streamlines Marketing Fulfillment with OzLINK

  1. 1. OzLINK Customer Success Story Big Ass Fans Big Ass Fans Streamlines Marketing With OzLINK At a Glance: The aptly-named Big Ass Fan Company designs and manufactures the world’s best (and, of course, biggest) overhead fans. Big Ass Fans serve a multitude of customers including applications in industrial, government, commercial, and residential environments. In order to support their exceptional growth Big Ass Fans is constantly running marketing promotions featuring swag offers. The challenge was the fulfillment department got bogged down in clerical work. To eliminate these issues Big Ass Fans turned to OzLINK. Industry: Manufacturing Oz Solutions: OzLINK Shipping Applications: “OzLINK improved our fulfillment dramatically, it is one of the best time-saving solutions we have implemented“ -Diego Rich, Special Projects, Big Ass Fans Key Benefits:  Cut clerical work by 81%  Saved $10K annually in address correction fees  Increased throughput of fulfillment process by 28% The Challenge: Originally Big Ass Fans had a very manual process for their marketing fulfillment. They would run marketing campaigns offering various promotional giveaways and marketing collateral. The sales team would use to identify prospects and add them to a campaign. Big Ass Fans’ marketing automation solution, Pardot, integrates with, creating tasks for the fulfillment team to complete. However, this approach created a few issues for the fulfillment team, which sought to reduce the time it takes for a potential customer to receive their requested item. Each marketing campaign includes hundreds of fulfillment tasks, processed in   With over 100 daily shipments, processing them all in the same day was a tremendous challenge Manual updates to task resulted in too many repeat orders The Solution: Big Ass Fans first implemented OzLINK to streamline the smaller single shipment processes. Based on this initial success they then expanded the solution to handle the campaign shipments in a batch process. OzLINK streamlines this by batching all tasks that have the same promotional items, and automatically prints the labels. Furthermore, the tasks associated with the batch are automatically closed and updated with the customer tracking number. The results are:   Processing a campaign was cut from 2-3 hours down to 15 minutes Repeat orders were cut down significantly O Z D E VE L OP ME N T , I N C . Phone: 508-366-1969