Air Hydro Powers Shipping with OzLINK


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Air Hydro Powers Shipping with OzLINK

  1. 1. At a Glance: Air Hydro Power Inc. is an industrial distributor of hydraulics, pneumatics, hose and fittings, and electrical automation including emerging technologies such as electrical motion control, safety, bar coding and vision inspection systems. Serving custom- ers in Kentucky, Southern Indiana, West Virginia and Alabama, their success and order volumes drove them to upgrade their logistics IT. With Epicor Prophet 21 and OzLINK, Air Hydro Power was able to achieve a more streamlined shipping process, with lower costs, handling higher business volumes. Industry: Distribution, Industrial Oz Solutions: OzLINK Shipping Applications: Epicor Prophet 21 Key Benefits:  Cut shipping processing time by over 60%  Streamlined their invoicing process  Supported sales order volume growth of 15-20%, requiring no additional shipping staff The Challenge: With expanding markets and a growing product line, Air Hydro Power was experi- encing solid order volume growth. However, when they implemented Epicor their shipping process was integrated to which created some issues in their warehouse processes. These included:  1 to 2 minutes per shipment for processing. With over 100 orders per day it was taking over 3 hours to process shipments  All international orders needed to be handled manually  Capturing the costs back in Epicor was not working correctly. This had a major impact on invoicing, resulting in lost costs and customer satisfaction issues The Solution: Air Hydro Power selected OzLINK to integrate their UPS WorldShip software with Epicor. The real time integration dramatically streamlined the shipping process. The order is pulled real time from Epicor, processed in UPS WorldShip, with the ship- ping costs and the tracking information written back into Epicor. The solution also included a branded e-mail notification, sent automatically at ship time, confirming the order details, and including the tracking information. The benefits include:  Shipping processing was reduced by over 60% and also incorporated international orders  Improved customer service, and reduction in inbound calls, based on pro- active e-mail notification  Costs and invoices are accurately captured in Epicor saving over $13,000 a year  The elegance of the solution cut down on errors, and allowed temporary and new staff to be productive virtually immediately Air Hydro Power Inc Air Hydro Powers Shipping with OzLINK “We streamlined shipping dramatically with OzLINK. In fact we are so pleased, we regularly recommend OzLINK to other Epicor customers ” -Todd Kesler, Director of Operations Air Hydro Power OZ DEVELOPMENT, INC. Phone: 508-366-1969 OzLINK Customer Success Story