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Oxyzen birla booklet

  1. 1. Statotory Details : Constitution : Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (BSLMF) hass been set up as a Trust under theIndian Trust Act, 1882. Sponsors : Aditya Birla Nuvo Limite and Sun Life (India) AMC Investments Inc. (liabilityrestricted to seed corpus of Rs. 1 Lac). Trustee : Birla Sun Life Trustee Company Pvt. Ltd. Investment Manager :Birla Sun LifeAsset Management Company Ltd.Risk Factors : Mutual Funds & securities investments are subject to market risks & there can be noassurance or guarantee that the objective of the Schemes will be achieved. As with any investment insecurities, the NAV of Units issued under the Schemes may go up or down depending on the variousfactors & forces affecting capital markets & money markets. Past performance of the Sponsor / InvestmentManager / Mutual Fund does not indicate the future performance of the Schemes & may not necessarily provide abasis of comparison with other investments. The name of the Schemes do not, in any manner, indicate eitherthe quality of the Schemes or their future prospects or returns. Unitholders in the Schemes are not beingoffered any guaranteed/assured returns. Investors should read the Scheme InformationDocument/Statement of Additional Information/Key Information Memorandum available at investorService Centres and with Distributors carefully before investing.Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSMT/36, Shantinagar Soc, Nr. Aroma School,B/h. Fortune Landmark, Ashram Road, Usmanpura,Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – 380013.Ph. : + 91 (79) 27553074- 75E-mail oxy@oxyzen.co.in | www.oxyzen.co.in
  2. 2. assistance,round the clock.WebsiteVisit www.birlasunlife.comView product detailsGet Online Protfolio AccessView protfolioPurchaseRedeemYou can also drop a mail at connect@birlasunlife.com. Our client relationsrepresentatives will get in touch with you at the earliest.Oxyzen FinancialSM
  3. 3. Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSMDisclaimer :Any information/views contained in this booklet does not constitute and shall be deemed not toconstitute an advice, an offer to sell/purchase or as an invitation or solicitation to do so for anysecurities of any entity, and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of Birla Sun LifeAsset Management Company Ltd. (BSLAMC) or any of their officers, employees, personnel,directors and further, BSLAMC / its subsidiaries / affiliates / sponsors / trustee or their officers,employees, personnel, directors shall not be liable for any loss, damage, liability whatsoeverfor any direct or indirect loss arising from the use or access of nay information that may bedisplayed in this booklet form time to time. Wherever possible, all the figures and data givenare dated, and the same may or may not be relevant at a future date. In the preparation of thematerial contained, BSLAMC has used information that is publicly available, includinginformation developed in-house. While utmost care has been exerciese, BSLAMC or any of itsofficers, employees, personnel, directors make no representation or disclaim any liability withregard to the same. Forward looking statements, if any, contained herein are based on internalviews and assumptions and subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties whichcould materially impact or differ the actual results or performance from those expressed orimplied under those statements. Further the opinions expressed and facts referred to aresubject to change without notice and BSLAMC is under no obligation to update the same.Further, the information on tax implications stated in this booklet are based on the MutualFund’s understanding of such tax laws in force and ins provided for general informationpurpose only. In view of the individual nature of tax benefits, each investor is advised to consultwith his or her own tax consultant with respect to the specific tax and other implications arisingout of their participation in any Mutual Fund scheme. Recipients of this booklet shouldexercise due care and read all scheme related documents (including if necessary, obtainingthe advice of tax/legal/accounting/financial/other professional (s) prior to taking of anydecision, acting or omitting to act. The recipient alone shall be fully responsible/liable for anydecision taken on this booklet.The Material provided in the booklet cannot be reproduced or quoted anywhere, in part or inwhole, or in any other manner whatsoever without express permission from Birla Sun LifeAsset Management Company Ltd.
  4. 4. 03 12Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSM
  5. 5. 0428.325%11 Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSM
  6. 6. 05Your income may be taxed.Your income may be taxed.28.325%10Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSM
  7. 7. 068.40% p.a.8.75% p.a.Data Source : For FD, 8.75% p.a. for 1 yr to less than 2 yrs from State bank of India effective from1/4/13, www.sbi.co.inFor PO MIS, 8.4 p.a., www.indiapost.gov.in For Regular Income solutions, MFI Explorer data ason 1/4/13; Loads are subject to change as per the decision of individual fund house.091% more every year =1% more every year =Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSM
  8. 8. 07 08Attractive returns.Low lock-oin period.Tax-free dividends.Attractive returns.Low lock-oin period.Tax-free dividends.8.75% 1-4-13,Oxyzen FinancialSMOxyzen FinancialSM