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Report Format


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This contains report format.

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Report Format

  1. 1. Presented by: Name Month Date, Year
  2. 2. Arial Times New Roman Arial, Arial…. If you want your content to be dominant, Place it to the right.
  3. 3. The agenda of this presentation aims to discuss the following: • Outline of topics in bullet list; • Second to the last and; • Last.
  4. 4. A. Creating Presentation • Select important contents. Do not put the entire narrative in the presentation. Maximum of 20 slides. • Present video related to the topic. • Be conscious about Typography and Color Harmony. • For technical diagrams, use Iconography. • Avoid over decorated slides. • Save as PDF then upload to Linkedin Slideshare. B. Delivering the Presentation to Audience. • Speak slowly and lowly. • Do not read your cheat sheet. • Distribute attention to audience. • For feedback, listen and say we may consider your suggestion. • Once you started to work or get into master study, provide snacks. • Have FUN!