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What to Do 24 Hours Before the SAT Test


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The last 24 hours count just as much as the any of the other hours you’ve spent studying for one of the hardest tests you’ll face in high school. So it is important to take advantage of this last bit of time to come to the test fully rested, prepared and confident that you have done all you can to conquer the demanding SAT test.

The following checklist will help you utilize the last 24 hours efficiently and effectively.

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What to Do 24 Hours Before the SAT Test

  1. 1. WHAT T O DO SLEEP WELL SAT PREP 24 Hours Before the SAT Test Try sleeping techniques of counting backwards from 100 by 7's if your nerves are keeping you awake. TAKE A STUDY BREAK Trying to cram in more information the night before the test will cause anxiety. WHAT TO BRING Bring a calculator, two #2 pencils, a healthy snack, a light sweater, your ID, admission ticket, a wristwatch, and a water bottle. EAT BREAKFAST Make sure it is a healthy breakfast, ideally with protein so you have the energy to take the test. TAKE THE TEST WITH CONFIDENCE You've studied, worked hard and know the material. You are ready to conquer this test! GET THERE EARLY Arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can check in, find the testing area, and focus on your test.