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ACT vs. SAT Math Sections


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Whether you are an interested parent or prospective student, there have been many changes to the SAT and ACT tests, so it can be difficult to keep track of it all. As the ACT and SAT Director for Oxford Tutoring, I want to break it down the differences between the ACT and SAT math sections to help you determine which test is right for you.

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ACT vs. SAT Math Sections

  1. 1. ACT vs. SAT MATH SECTIONS NUMBER OF QUESTIONS 60 58 MATH TOPICS COVERED Pre-Alg: 15-20% Alg. 1 : 20-25% Geometry: 20-25% Alg. 2: 20-25% Stats: 5-10% Trig: 5-10% Alg. 1: 33% Alg. 2: 26% Stats/Pre Alg: 31% Geometry & Complex: 10% TIMING 1 section - 60 minutes 2 sections - 1st: 20 questions in 20 minutes 2nd: 38 questions in 55 minutes CALCULATOR USAGE Allowed Allowed only for the 2nd section ANSWER OPTIONS 5 multiple choice 4 multiple choice or free response OXFORD TUTORING FORMULAS None provided A few provided GOOD FOR Those with a diverse math background. Strong analytical thinkers