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6 Reasons to Read Over The Holiday Break


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While making sure to take a break over the holidays is important for students, Oxford Tutoring also recommends spending some of your break reading.

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6 Reasons to Read Over The Holiday Break

  1. 1. 6 ReasonstoReadOvertheHolidayBreak 1 KeepYourMindActive We are not saying don’t take time off - just keep learning by spending some time to read. 2 IncreaseVocabulary Vocabulary is one of the biggest challenges for reading compre- hension. Reading exposes you to bran new words and increases your vocabulary skills for essays and future reading. 3 ObtainAnalysisSkills The ability to analyze behind the words you read is a necessary skill for high school education and beyond. 4 ImproveYourWriting Writers need to read because that is how they learn to write. Reading excellent writing will most de initely improve yours. OxfordTutoring 5 ReadWhatYouWant Unlike during school, over break you are in control of what you get to read. Go ind your next favorite book! 6 Relax Although reading may seem like the opposite of relaxing, studies show that reading can educe stress signi icantly.