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How Change Happens - introduction


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Brandeis University Proseminar presentation by Oxfam's Duncan Green from March 2012. (1/6)

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How Change Happens - introduction

  1. 1. How Change Happens Duncan Green Brandeis Proseminar March 2012
  2. 2. What are we doing here? Working on your assignments as we go Co-creating a new module (and maybe more – book, website etc), so: Tell me what works/doesn’t Say what you want more/less of Shout if I talk too fast, or you can’t understand my accent or my jargon And there are no such things as stupid questions!
  3. 3. Assignment Change episode you are familiar with We will develop it over the course of the weekend You then write it up as your course assignment
  4. 4. Introductions Name, country What do you want to get out of this (i.e. Why are you giving up a lovely weekend to study how change happens?)
  5. 5. Session Plan: Friday Introductions and course outline Lecture: interdisciplinary perspectives on change Discussion: what disciplines we have in the room for this course and what we are missing?
  6. 6. Session Plan: Saturday Overnight thoughts and feedback Lecture 2: Active Citizens, Effective States and Change Groupwork: Analysing and improving your case studies Lecture 3: Understanding power and Change Groupwork: Analysing the Egyptian revolution Lecture 4: The role of Activism Groupwork: analysing South Africa’s Treatment Action Campaign
  7. 7. Session Plan: Sunday (provisional) Overnight thoughts and feedback Lecture 5: INGOs and Advocacy Groupwork: Design a pitch to the Gates Foundation for an anti-tobacco campaign Lecture 6: The Changing World and Foreign Aid Groupwork: improving the aid system Groupwork: Go back to your pre-course case study and decide what still needs to be done
  8. 8. If this happens, let me know.......
  9. 9. And the best assignments end up here