Coffee group


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Coffee group

  1. 1. Coffee group
  2. 2. Capacity to be able....... • What are the needs for this to work – The CoP needs to reach beyond the country – Learn by annual meeting – Facilitated discussions on EJ subjects – Training at external certificate & team level – Shadow external missions
  3. 3. How to build capacity of group? • Bring the group together – Karl difficult to access, not ineractive – Skype talk – Expose ourselves to what others are doing – Do peer workshops, Jury’s and Donor feedback – Peer country level EJ reviews Who helps build the capacity of the CoP? Shekar Resource mapping / Gap assessment Coady multi stakeholder management Feedback on consultants used
  4. 4. Support Structure • Organisational Roles – Planning for regionwide events – Planning for in country process – Planning for capacity building – Updates of what is happening
  5. 5. Secondments • Can be confusing, doesn’t always work • Try bringing in external secondments • Job shadowing on secondments
  6. 6. What else.......