How to deal with abdominal pains in young kids


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How to deal with abdominal pains in young kids

  1. 1. How to Deal with Abdominal Pains in Young Kids Learn about the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Stomach Pains in ChildrenCopyright
  2. 2. Abdominal Pains in ChildrenChallenges It is usually quite a challenge to deal with abdominal pains in kids as they express themselves neither clearly nor verbally. On the other hand some children cry over minor abdominal discomforts such as overeating. Other stomach pains could simply be a sign of dangerous illnesses lucking around therefore requiring both guardians & parents alike to take necessary precaution and know how to react to arising situations.Copyright
  3. 3. Abdominal Pains in Children Cont….. To be able to act wisely you need to understand the cause of the abdominal pains in kids, symptoms and modes of its treatment You need help to identify when to act with a sense of urgency or when to actually relax and let things sort themselves out.Copyright
  4. 4. Causes of Abdominal Pains inChildren Stomach Infections: There are different causes of stomach infections mostly resulting from either viral or bacterial factors. Most of the viral infections easily fade off without any intervention while most bacterial infection requires an antibacterial drug to stop. It is always advisable to see a medical practitioner and get help in identifying the cause of infection plus help your sick child.Copyright
  5. 5. Causes of Abdominal Pains inChildrenCont…. Poisoning: Kids are known to play with all sorts of things, sometimes these things end up in their mouth where they ought not to be, the result is poisoning of body cells where the object lands. The pain experienced here depends on what your child might have swallowed; in some cases it would require surgery to remove the ingested objects. It is very important to find out what they have ingested to be able to take action. Nevertheless, adults need to ensure that whatever their child uses as toys is both safe and clean altogether.Copyright
  6. 6. Causes of Abdominal Pains inChildrenCont…. Food Poisoning: This ranges from a simple stomach discomfort to a chronic or sharp stomach pain that is caused by swallowing food which is not properly cooked or has elements that the body is allergic to. Normally a simple discomfort fades away within 24 hours and requires no special treatment but one should seek medical attention for any pain going beyond 24hrs plus when the pain increases instead of decreasing with respect to time.Copyright
  7. 7. Causes of Abdominal Pains inChildrenCont…. Ingesting Drugs or Any other Harmful Chemicals: Drugs are one of the most harmful objects that your child can be exposed to. Adult drugs are usually of higher and stronger dosage than what a child’s body can support and it is very important that they not given to youngsters nor placed within their reach. In case your child happens to swallow improperly kept drugs/chemicals then you need to find out which drug s/he took and rush the child to hospital immediately. It is also important to disclose to the doctor the details of the exact drug that is involved. Parents and guardians need to take precaution enough by storing drugs safely away from children’s reach.Copyright
  8. 8. How to Deal with Abdominal Pains inChildren It is important that one understands the cause of the abdominal pain before you take any action to cure or treat it. In some cases you might be required to see a pediatrician while in other times the situation will ease on its own.Copyright
  9. 9. How to Deal with Abdominal Pains inChildren I agree with you that your child’s health is very dear to you and therefore advise you to embrace precautionary measures to be on the safest side rather than having to undergo surgery or other medical procedures to deal with the pain. You may also find more info on dealing with all forms of Body pains from especially the article on How to Deal with stomach pains.Copyright
  10. 10. Thank You for Your PreciousTimeHope you have learnt a thing or two that you can takehome.The EndCopyright