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AS Media Evaluation Question - 'What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why?'

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AS Media Evaluation Question - 'What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why?'

  1. 1. ‘What Kind Of Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?’ Evaluation Question - Owen Todd-Harding
  2. 2. Hollywood Or Independent? • When deciding what institution would be most likely to distribute my media product the first question that must be answered is whether the film would be more successful being distributed by a Hollywood or independent film institution and what institution would be most successful in grabbing the attention of the target audience. • An independent film institution works on a much smaller budget in comparison to a Hollywood studio, as a result marketing for independent films can only reach a national level, which as a result means loosing the potential international audience for my media product. The marketing campaign would rely deeply on social networking sites such as ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ to promote the film and very few, if any, movie posters would be printed, however ‘YouTube’ and other video sites would enable a trailer to be released for the film, however marketing would be heavily internet dependant.
  3. 3. Hollywood Or Independent? (Continued) • Further one from this, an Independent film company would be more suited for producing ‘indie’ ‘offbeat’ movies, such as ‘Juno’, distributing movies with a unconventional narrative and mostly unknown or national level actors, another element vital to consider when deciding what institution may chose to distribute my media product. • Hollywood institutions on the other hand have a huge scale budget for marketing campaigns, the ability to involve audiences with a text, vital should an institution wish to engage the modern audience into a text and are often associated with conventional narratives and representations of social, age and ability groups. As well as this Hollywood institutions involve internationally successful celebrities and actors into the media product and have the ability to reach the international audience.
  4. 4. The Decision & It’s Justification I believe, if a media institution would ever distribute my media product the best institution for my product would be a Hollywood institution, more specifically ‘Metro Goldwyn Mayer’. I made this decision based on - Production – This particular media institution would have the capability of travelling across the globe into locations such as Dubai and London as the movie is set in and have the ability to afford constant travel expenses and access to areas within Dubai and London for the filming of this media text. The film would be highly in use of explosives and ‘big set pieces’ such as when the baron oil field in Dubai would explode and the ability to film large scale fights including the use of guns. The budget for special effects and editing would also be more fitted for ‘Sins Of The Father’ ‘s content and would aid in supporting the grand scale of destruction, fighting and of course cover the cost for portraying the wealth which is at the heart of this particular media text (such a private jets, mansions and sports cars) Marketing – As I feel my media product has the ability to reach an international level, a Hollywood institution would be more beneficial as it can provide for such. Not only would the institution be able to produced the ‘old school’ method of trailers, movie posters and billboards which would reach a …
  5. 5. Justification (Continued) Marketing (Continued) – international audience, more engaging ways of marketing a film would be capable within a Hollywood institutions marketing campaign for my film. For example a video game could may well be released for the films promotion, further on from this an android/iso app available for download could be created, this would be extremely beneficial as it would reach one of my specified target audiences (Young Male Adults) who commonly download gaming apps and purchase video games. As well as this ‘Metro Goldwyn Mayer’ would be able to develop more creative forms of advertisement, such as working alongside another company in a mutually beneficial deal, otherwise known as synergy. For example the institution could make a deal with food companies such as ‘Subway’ to create a lunch time sandwich in honour of the film, this would promote the film as well as attract those interested in the film about to be released into ‘Subway’. The internet would be used much more effectively, social networking sites could be analysed to see if my media product is reaching the desired target audience Suitability Of The Text For The Institution – ‘Sins Of The Father’ includes conventional narratives such as the involvement of expectant representations of particular social groups and the storylines involving murder and kidnapping, this is a thriller genre film and ‘Metro Goldwyn Mayer’ have distributed internationally successful thriller movies such as the James Bond films. I also feel this institution would have the ability to use thriller type cast intentionally successful actors, such as Matt Damon or Daniel Craig, both would be extremely appropriate for a leading role in the film and this institution would be able to provide this.
  6. 6. Case Study Since 1981 ‘Metro Goldwyn Mayer’ have distributed the James Bond/007 movies, these are hybrid genre films which include the thriller genre. My film is similar to ‘Skyfall’ the most recent in the James Bond movies, as it presents the lavish lifestyles of the wealthy, along with the corruption that can be found within the rich and wealthy. As well as this the text presents city’s known to accommodate the rich such as London and Shanghai, my media text would present London and Dubai. Therefore I have decided to chose the same distributor used by the James Bond movies. This distributor has sister companies and a huge marketing department and would therefore be able to provide synergy within the marketing process, making full use of creative marketing strategy’s and would therefore be able to reach an international audience. When this film was released the marketing department made full use of all of its marketing power, us- ing basic advertisement methods (Tr- ailers, movie boards and posters), ma- de use of the internet and synergy. As a result ‘Skyfall’ grossed in at $304,360,277 (8th March 2013) I wou- ld be execting similar results for my film