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project report for owen muzi, greenwich university
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Cw comp1648 230_mo233_20141110_190112_1415

  2. 2. 2 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Management summary After examining the processes at C.B.C , conclusion was made that the development of the information system was unsuccessful because end user needs were not being met .The problem domain were not understood before technical requirements were discussed. Due to the above issues I strongly recommend the use of agile methods, DSDM Atern in particular in the development the any system at C.B.C. The reason for choosing DSDM Atern is because DSDM Atern is the host framework to help us solve the issues being faced at C.B.C. DSDM (Dynamic system Development method) is an agile project delivery framework. DSDM provides discipline to the RAD (RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT) method. DSDM being an agile framework will mean when developing the projects at C.B.C all will be involved. End users and staff at C.B.C, programmers and stakeholders will give their expectation as the development of the project is going on. DSDM is an iterative and incremental approach to use agile development and continuous use involvement. DSDM Atern is a rebranded name for DSDM. The name Atern was a shortening for arcticic tern a collaborative bird. This method encourages a lot of collaborative, continues collaborative users, stakeholder, programmers e.t.c. DSDM Atern focuses on helping people to work effectively together to achieve the business goals. C.B.C has a people problem and more project fail because of the people problem. DSDM is independent of tools and techniques meaning that it can be used in any business. DSDM Atern is the best to use at C.B.C because it is an extension of rapid application development and it looks at information system projects with tight schedules and budgets. DSDM Atern addresses the most common failure of information system projects, including exceeding budgets, not reaching deadlines and lack of user take part and top leadership commitment. DSDM Atern would be an appropriate method to use within CBC as you have noted above (the mentioned complaints).To use DSDM Atern approach, the CBC team need to have certain mindset and attitude. DSDM has eight (8) principles that can help with the change of mindset and attitude. These are; 1. Focus on the business need: This principle focuses on issues like Clearly define the scope of the system. Understand the true priorities of the business. Establish a sound business case. Seek continuous business sponsorship and commitment. Guarantee the minimum usable subset of features. 2. Finish the project on time; The use of time box. Looks at the business priorities first.
  3. 3. 3 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) Meeting the deadlines no matter what. 3. Demonstrate control; Looks at issues to do with accountability. Use the correct level of formality for following and reporting. Make sure plans and progress are visible to all. Progress must be measured by looking at the products delivered. Be proactive and manageable. The project must be evaluated continuingly based on the business objectives and business priorities. 4. Communicate often and clearly; To be more effective and efficient, communication to all stakeholders is required. This can be achieved by; Running stand up session with the team daily. Using facilitated workshops. Documenting clearly and timely. Encouraging informal, face to face communication at all levels. 5. Develop iteratively; This principle works on assumption that it is always better to deliver something good enough earlier than to deliver everything perfectly in the end. Here we look at issues to do with: Make a good foundation by doing enough design up front. Iterative approach to be used in the building of all products. use customer feedback to build into iteration embrace changes Be creative and evolve. 6. Collaborate: User involvement is the main key in developing of a good project (business objective) engaging of right stakeholders at the right time continuously in the project Team members should be able to make decisions without fearing any one or anything. There should be one team language and culture. 7. Never compromise quality, has issues like: Set the level of quality at the every beginning of the project. Quality should be a variable at any point. Constant review helps in maintain quality. Test continuously and early.
  4. 4. 4 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) 8. Build the project incrementally from the strong foundation. Business benefits must be delivered as soon as possible. Continually ask for feedback to confirm that the correct solution is being built. With each increment re-assess formally the priorities and viability. Drawbacks that I perceive with C.B.C using the DSDM Atern method are: Atern philosophy must be accepted before starting to work. If not, this is a big risk for CBC. users are needed most of the time to give feedback so if user are not available for the feedback, the user involvement will miss due to the lack of involvement of the user this system will be at risk and the system may not meet the user needs. DSDM Atern has five stages of the project that CBC should be followed, namely; 1) The feasibility study 2) The business study 3) Functional model iteration 4) System design and build iteration 5) Implementation Conclusion My recommendation to the chief executive of CBC is the use of DSDM Atern because it empowers all the team members and brings motivation to members of staff; this is due to the involvement of users during development. High level requirements B1.1 Requirements are defined at two different levels from a business point of view. 1. Business requirements (high level requirements) 2. Functional requirements (detailed requirements). Business requirements are high level requirements that management follows: e.g 1. The need to establish an online shopping website for C.B.C. 2. The website should list the products that C.B.C deals in. Requirements which are not appropriate for high level requirements. Before I identify the requirements which are not appropriate high level requirements I need to give the definition of high level requirements.
  5. 5. 5 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) High level requirement are business requirement that shows management and a board of directors what is the scope, the schedule and the expected budget. The goals are at a high level they should not be detailed requirements. Below are the requirements that are not appropriate high level requirements: 1. Ensure that each sector can see only products related to their industry on the website. 2. Monitor customer orders for marketing purposes and statistical analyses 3. Customer should be able to set up automatic reordering (can we integrate with their own systems?) 4. Log telesales staff activity to ensure that they are effectively used. 5. Improve the quality of data used to analyse sales. 6. A facility to compare revenue generated by different sectors 7. Data integrity and security is paramount. 8. Be transparent about data collection related to sales and customers. 9. Telesales staff and web orders should both enter data into the same system 10.The system must be able to give me an over view of sale over different sectors 11.Produce detailed weekly, monthly and annual sales reports and the option telephone sales. 12.The system should allow for clients to rate and give feed back on products which will be displayed when a product is views 13.The website must have a search facility to find products 14.Could we also have a mobile app for ordering and tracking? 15.Can we send messages to customers informing them of order information such as shopping and delivery? Reasons for listing the requirement above as not being appropriate high level requirements. high level requirement are envisioning early requirement in the project to assist the team to come to a common understanding as to the scope of what the team is trying to accomplish in short these are business goal no need of a lot of details at this initial point .I have selected the above requirements as inappropriate set of high level requirement because most these just by definition they do not met been high level requirements. 1. Ensure that each sector can see only products related to their industry on the website. 2. Monitor customer orders for marketing purposes and statistical analyses 3. Customer should be able to set up automatic reordering (can we integrate with their own systems?) 12. The system should allow for clients to rate and give feedback on products which will be displayed when a product is views 13. The website must have a search facility to find products 14. Could we also have a mobile app for ordering and tracking?
  6. 6. 6 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) 12, 13 and 14 above are technical requirement for the developers these need technical knowledge to implement and understand. 4. Log telesales staff activity to ensure that they are effectively used. 7. Data integrity and security is paramount. 8. Be transparent about data collection related to sales and customers. (4) (8) (7) these are data requirement how the data will be collected used and kept. (14) (11) (10) (9) (5) these are detailed requirements these are detailed not initial envisioning 5. Improve the quality of data used to analyse sales. 9. Telesales staff and web orders should both enter data into the same system 10. The system must be able to give me an over view of sale over different sectors 11. Produce detailed weekly, monthly and annual sales reports and the option telephone sales. 14. Could we also have a mobile app for ordering and tracking? B1.2. The Appropriate High Level Requirements. 1. The system should be brand new and should not reflect the former systems of either C.B .C or S.A.L (website) 2. The system should do automatic marketing that aligns with a customer spending 3. Placing order should be hassle free with one-click ordering option 4. Telesales staff should see the exact same information as a person logging in to the website system 5. Make payment should be safe and secure 6. Improve the facility to track orders and shopping 7. Ordering and tracking should be quick and easy 8. Ordering and tracking order must be easy whether through the website or through the telesales 9. The integrated reorder lever should automatically trigger purchase order to chemical manufactures.
  7. 7. 7 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) 10. A catalogue detailing the cleaning products available is produced for each of the sectors. 11. Stock control system for restocking quickly cleaning products. JUSTIFICATION (1). A new system is needed, a system that customers and users will use easily. A system that will display products free with a click. (2). The system should be able to market to the right customers. The system will have an online shopping so customers should know the products. And products that they can manage to buy. (3) Customer should select products; the system calculates cost of all the products plus shipment. (4) Telesales customers should be served the same as customer using the website .They should select the product from catalogue and call telesales staffs who will calculate the cost log in to the system and get a customer ID number for tracking. (5) The customers should be able to make payments safely and secure without difficulties. The system should protect the money for the customer and for the company so that there is no lose. System developers (the team) should make sure that the system will secure the money for both customers and company. (6) After payment customer wants to track orders and shopping. How are the products moving, how far, how long will they reach? This is very important because the customer wants the products to reach the customer safely without issues and on time. The products of customer that uses telesales must be able to track easy too. (7) Stock control system should be integrated to assist with restocking reorder level should automatic restocking so that there is a smooth flow of business. Conclusion From the justifications above we can see that high level requirement clearly defines the business goals.
  8. 8. 8 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) B) Analysis of high level requirements and MoSCoW prioritisation. MoSCoW is a set of rules used in management, business analysis and software development to reach a common goal with stakeholders on nesecery requirements and the importance of delivering each requirement. MoSCoW categories are as follows; Must.........................Mo Should......................S Could........................Co Won’t........................W High level requirement help to answer fundamental business question to improve productivity and scaling agile development. An Atern project will always deliver a viable solution as long as MoSCoW rules are followed. Quality is fixed in an Atern project because acceptance criteria are agreed before development commences (high level requirements) and are arranged in order of priority following the Moscow rules. B 2.1. Below are requirements arranged in the order of priority and reason for the decision of prioritising the requirement like this unlike a traditional approach. Atern has fixes time, cost and quality at the early phases of a project using MoSCoW rules we start with requirement on top of list (high priority) and drop or defer lower priority features if necessary so that time, cost and quality are not compromised. (1) For me on the top list the system should be brand new the first requirement is to produce a new system that will integrate CBC and SAL. (2) The new system should be able to market the products to right customer looking at their spending. Marketing of products is very important feature that we need without compromising once the products are known to the public we are home and dry even if these other feature are there customer can come personally to the CBC shops and buy the products they need. (3) Producing a catalogue detailing the cleaning products available is very important as it is apart of marketing. A catalogue is need for those who use the telesales. (4) Placing orders should be hassle free with one-click ordering options. After knowing the products customers should select the products they need see the cost of all products selected if they can manage to pay for them this feature is important too. (5) Customers should be able to make payment in a safe and secure way. This feature complete the circle of transaction the payment for the products must be made other wise the system will not make sense in business circles. Using the MoSCoW rules the feature above are in the must have category. If the 5 feature are there the system can do a complete transaction without the other features.
  9. 9. 9 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) (6) Improve the facility to track orders and shopping. This is important to customer so that their hearts are at peace because they one tracking the orders at every moment. Tracking should be quick and easy for customers to use this feature. This feature is a should have going by MoSCoW rules. (7) Stock control feature is important to help in the smooth flow of business. (8) Could have a mobile app for ordering and tracking of orders. These features will help in the smooth flow of business from the customers and the company’s point of view. These are the could have features. These features are nice to have but if time, cost and quality cannot allow all they can be deferred. C) Legal, social, ethical and professional issues. The new system will be a web base just like many successful e-commerce sites. Customers need to sign up before they login. Details should be submitted by customer to the organisation. Customers give their detail knowing the organisation will use the detail correctly. It is because of the reason above that the organisation needs a data controller A data controller is a personnel or member of staff that looks at thing to do with control of data to prevent its loss, misuse or disclosure .The types of control of data: 1. confidentiality 2. integrity 3. availability Confidentiality is very important to CBC because (customer data subjects) will trust the organisation with their details N.R.C no., bank details, e.t.c. If confidentiality which is the assurance of data privacy is not there or if a data controller to take care of confidentiality is not there we are putting the customer at risk. Their data may be misused by third parts. Integrity is the assurance that data are accurate, not alteration should be done to the data it is very important to maintain the integrity of data for the e-commerce site to be a success. Today there has been a growth in computer crime. Hacking is gaining unauthorised access to computer systems with intent .The data controller will be there to protect the data for the data subjects. This means that stored data should not been modified without authorization, a message sent should be received without been altered. It is the responsibility of the data controller to detect and prevent the unauthorized creation, modification or deletion of data or massage. Availability is the assurance that access to data the website or e-commerce services is timely available, reliable and restricted to authorized users. Customer will be able to browse the online catalogue and select products/quantities. So then the online catalogue should be
  10. 10. 10 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) available, timely and reliable also. Once the product selection is complete the final cost of the order will be shown. It is important to restrict the selection and ordering to authorize users. Users should not have difficulty with logging in should be timely and reliable. A data controller will help C.B.C overcome some legal ethical and professional issues faced with by making sure that there is data security. To maintain data security the data controller should make sure data is obtained and processed fairly and lawfully. For example C.B.C should collect the data from customers without forcing them. After collecting data from customer it should be used for the purpose it was collected for and it should be protected from unauthorized individuals. an incident in which sensitive ,protected, or confidential data is copied transmitted, viewed, stolen or used by an unauthorized individual is called data breach (leak) and this can cost a lot of money for the company if sued. Data should also be held and processed only for specific lawful purposes. Meaning what C.B.C says to the customer the data is for the specific purpose should be upheld not any other. If employees used it other wise it is a criminal case. Adequate data is need for the purpose data has to be adequate for it to fulfil its specific purpose. Example is the data is not adequate the address is missing, how and where are the goods ordered going to go? It should be relevant not excessive for the purpose, excessive data is always a cost storage e.g. irrelevant data is a cost and should not be allowed. The data controller makes sure data is accurate and updated. For an online shopping website accurate and updated data is very much needed for example if C.B.C makes a mistake of using outdated data there will be a lot of transaction done improperly customer not receiving goods, C.B.C not receiving money, debiting and crediting of wrong people e.c.t. Data should have a Retention period; the data controller should keep the data not longer than necessary for stated purposes. Data should be processed with respect to the rights of the customer (data subjects) Data subject are protected by legal laws. These laws are categorized in to intellectual property rights, privacy, freedom of speech and consumer and were chat protection against fraud (HIMMA and tavani 2008) So as the employee of C.B.C authorized to use the data should use the data respecting the rights of the data subject. Breach of any right will result in the law suit. The data controllers should ensure data security to make sure there are no loss, damage, disclosure, and unlawful use of data. Technical and organisational measures must be put in place to make sure hackers should not have access to data collected through the C.B.C system. Transferring of data or goods should be done in a secure way data should not be Transferred to any company or individual unless adequate protective is guaranteed and
  11. 11. 11 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) encryption must be used. Transferring of good from C.B.C to customer or either way Parcel force or DHL should be used. C2. BCS code of conduct is the document that sets out the professional standards required by the British computer society BCS in short. BCS is a professional body responsible for setting rules and professional standards to direct the behaviour of its members in professional matters. Members of BCS should be aware of the BCS code of conduct. It governs the conduct of individual and applies to all members. There are four (4) BCS code of conduct section namely: 1. Public interest. 2. Professional competence and integrity 3. Duty to relevant authority. 4. Duty to the profession. Public interest System developer contacted to CBC shoud work at benefiting public interest. The contractor should have due regard for public heath privacy and wellbeing of others and the environment. Due regard for the legitimate rights of third parties and the contractor should conduct itself professionally without discrimination. For example the system developer contractor should not use racial statements on the online website all races should feel free to use the online website to buy. The contractor does not represent his/her her views. But all views should be in the intrest of the public. Professional competence and integrity this has to do with accepting work the person or company has competence. The company should not claim any level of competence that the company do not possess. A practical example the system developer contracted to C.B.C should know that it is a crime to claim that they can make a system for C.B.C from start to finish. if the company can not develop the system that can provide a quick service, customer should views goods order query e.t.c. If the company contracted develops a system that can do all these ensure also legislation is undestood and comply with all legislation that governs the operation of such business and development of such system. Duty to relevant authority the contracted company should carry out their work with professionarim and with due care and diligence in accordance with relevant authority for example where there is conflict between full and part committed. Compliance with the relevant authoritys instruction and the independent bodies should be considered. Exercise of
  12. 12. 12 | P a g e DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Owen M Muzi (000793120) profession judgment for the company should used. This will help see indicators of likely risks and consequence in this case the relevant authority is C.B.C or the client may face. Duty to the profession The contractor should not withhold information on the performance of product system or serves or take advantage of the lack of relevant knowledge or the contractor should help to uphold the reputation of the profession and not take any action which could put the profession into disrepute, encourage and support fellow members in their professional development. Share knowledge and understanding of I.T and support including of every sector of society. Make a system work LTD should do the best work and report to B.C.S if anything should be reported. References 1. BCS Building for your Future British Computer Society. 2010. 2. Clegg, Dai; Barker, Richard (2004-11-09). Case Method Fast-Track: A RAD Approach. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 978-0-201-62432-8. 3. Jump up Tierstein, L.M. (1997). "Managing a Designer/2000 Project" (PDF). New York Oracle User Group. Fall '97. Retrieved 2008-05-31 4. Richards, Keith. Agile project management: running PRINCE2 projects with DSDM Atern. The Stationery Office, 2007. 5. Jump up^ DSDM Consortium. "DSDM Atern: the Handbook." DSDM Consortium (2008). 6. Jump up^ The DSDM Agile Project Framework manual, 2014 pages 4, 16