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Cw comp1302 204116_mo233_20130412_001443_1213


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project report for owen muzi, greenwich university
ourseworks website , project reports

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Cw comp1302 204116_mo233_20130412_001443_1213

  1. 1. COURSEWORK BY OWEN .M. MUZI ASSUMPTIONS (BUSINESS RULES)  The owner of Female Avatar becomes the owner of child avatar (Mega) after breeding  Players can sell or buy Avatars  Avatar name can be derived from Avatar number 
  2. 2. ENTITY RELATIONSHIP DIAGRAM (CHEN NOTATION) 1 N 1 N N 1 Player Owns Avatars Holds Weapons O Super Seller Buyer PlayerNo AvatarNo PlayerNo WeaponNo AvatarNo Belongs Species Breeds Mega Metamorphose Master AvatarNo AvatarNo AvatarNo SpeciesName PlayerNo
  4. 4. NORMALISATION CHECK “The Relational schema satisfies 3nf criteria”
  5. 5. SQL code A1. SELECT players.emailaddress, avatars.dateofbirth, mega.fatherno, mega.motherno, avatars.lname FROM (players inner join avatars on players.playerno = avatars.playerno) inner join mega on avatars.avatarno = mega.superno WHERE (((avatars.lname)=[ ])); A2. SELECT players.emailaddress, avatars.lname, avatars.speciesname, master.*, master.leadershipskill, super.wisdomlevel, avatars.dateofbirth FROM (super inner join (players inner join avatars on players.playerno = avatars.playerno) on super.avatarno = avatars.avatarno) inner join master on super.avatarno = master.masterno WHERE (((avatars.dateofbirth) between [ ] and [ ])); A3. SELECT avatars.lname, avatars.dateofbirth, avatars.strength,, avatars.hoard, super.wisdomlevel, seller.sellerno, seller.playerno, seller.datesold, super.numberoftimessold FROM (super inner join avatars on super.avatarno = avatars.avatarno) inner join seller on (avatars.avatarno = seller.avatarno) and (super.avatarno = seller.avatarno) WHERE (((super.numberoftimessold)>2)); A4. SELECT avatars.lname, weapons.lname, weapons.cost FROM avatars inner join weapons on avatars.avatarno = weapons.avatarno;