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Android Tablet Basics - How To Guide-1 WiFi


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Android Tablet Basics - How To Guide-1 WiFi

  1. 1. ANDROID TABLET BASICS 2014 Page 3 Information for guidance only © Owen Davies 2014 HHooww TToo CCoonnnneecctt ttoo WWii--FFii AApppp’’ss UUsseedd:: SSeettttiinnggss or Intro Connection to a nearby Wi-Fi modem/router is done via the Settings App. Connecting to Wi-Fi gives you access to the Internet, eMail etc. Note: Once you have connected to a Wi-Fi source, your Tablet will remember the connection for future use (including any password). As a result, the Tablet will connect automatically to a previously used Wi-Fi source when it comes within range of this source, at a later date. So you should find that whenever you turn your Tablet on at home, it will connect to your home Wi-Fi without asking. [You can also set the Tablet to advise you when an “open” Wi-Fi source is available – this being a source with no password requirements, such as some free, public Wi-Fi services.] Steps 1 Start (run) the Settings App by tapping it (once). or 2 The Settings menu will open (see right), next touch (tap) Wi-Fi (settings). In the right hand panel you will see a list of Wi-Fi sources: a) currently available; and b) previously used 3 In the right hand panel, touch the Wi-Fi service you are wanting to connect to. 4 Another text entry box will open – for a secured network, you will be asked to enter the password. Touch “Show Password” - so you can see what you are doing! The cursor should be flashing in the password entry line, so use your keyboard to type in the password, then touch “Connect”.
  2. 2. ANDROID TABLET BASICS 2014 Page 4 Information for guidance only © Owen Davies 2014 More Information Your Tablet will have a collection of “Status Icons” that show the current Time, Wi-Fi connection status, Battery level and so on. Depending on your model, these icons may be at the top or bottom right of the screen: If the Wi-Fi status icon appears greyed out: this probably means you are connected to a Wi-Fi source, but not through to the Internet. Possibly the Wi-Fi modem/router may have lost its Internet connection, or if you are using a public router - say at the Library or McDonalds - you may need to accept their Terms and Conditions before they let you through to a live Internet connection. To do this, open your Web Browser and their web page should open asking you to accept (or tick a box to accept) their terms. The press “Connect” or “Proceed” or whatever, and then you should get a live connection and the Wi-Fi status icon will turn Blue. Note: At any time you are connected to Wi-Fi, you can check how good your connection is by repeating Steps 1 – 3 previously, only this time touch the service you are already connected to - a box will open showing the quality and speed of your connection: Further, more detailed information is available in Chapter 11.