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SharePoint Metadata and Search Refiners SPSUTAH2013 Jan 2013


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SharePoint Metadata and Search Refiners SPSUTAH2013 Jan 2013

  1. 1. SharePoint Saturday Utah – 19 Jan 2013Owen AllenV.P. SolutionsPingar
  2. 2.  Painful Who has a beautiful (non-painful) metadata story to share? Document Library and List Columns Site Columns Content Types
  3. 3.  Term Store  Term Groups  Term Sets
  4. 4.  Sugar? Oil? When and where?
  5. 5.  Before a document column can be used in a search results page, a crawl is necessary. Crawled Properties Managed Properties
  6. 6.  Names make columns simpler to use. Sometimes, too simple can add difficulty. Spaces in Column Names  “ProductName” vs. “Product_Name” vs. “Product Name” Look for the property named: ows_{YourColumnName}({YourColumnType}) i.e. ows_CompanyRegion(Text) Or ows_Company_x0020_Region(Text)
  7. 7.  Difference between SearchCenter and SearchResults  Is Site included? Search Center site template Search Results in Team Site template
  8. 8.  Search Core Results web part  Edit the Fetched Properties property Search Refinement Panel web part  May need a text editor for this one!  This is a series of <Categories> in an XML file.  Order of Categories is determined by placement in this file.
  9. 9.  1. Define your Library Column  “Company Region” Choice: „Western Region‟, „NorthEast Region‟, SouthEast Region‟, etc. 2. Crawl 3. Create a new Managed property  Central Admin -> Application Management -> Manage Service Apps -> Server Service Application -> Metadata properties 4. Edit Search Results Page web parts  A. Core Search Results  B. Refinement Panel 5. Crawl
  10. 10. Blogs – Will Holland – Michal Pisarek
  11. 11. Owen AllenPingarEmail: Owen.Allen@Pingar.comTwitter: @owenallen