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Open Data Maturity Model


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Open Data is just the first step. Real champions take it to the next level.

You not only need to Open up, you need to provide means to Visualize data and Build websolutions.

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Open Data Maturity Model

  1. 1. Open Data Maturity Model Open up – Visualize - Build
  2. 2. Open Data is a worldwide trending topic Open Data is just the first step Open Data does not equal information
  3. 3. Amateur Rookie Pro Champion Maturity Model
  4. 4. Use simple datadumps Dump in different formats, like .csv or .xls or .xml Publish data scattered on the web Open Data Amateurs
  5. 5. They are in the ballpark, playing! Personal iniative, not policy. Published data is not found. No live data, but copies. Data not machine reusable. No platform for mashing data. Not reusing built datamashups. Open Data Amateurs
  6. 6. Open Data Rookies Use livefeeds straight from source Publish feeds in a central catalogue Provide datamashuptools to end-users Collect & reuse datamashups built by users Offer machine reusable feeds Offer a platform where users can meet suppliers
  7. 7. Open Data is easily found and mashed. Live, machine reusable data. Policydriven, according to open standards. Created mashups are reusable. Marketplace for supply and demand Open Data. Open Data does not equal information for citizens. No visualization of data. Aimed at developers only. Built apps are stand-alone. Open Data Rookies
  8. 8. Open Data Professionals Provide users with widgets (apps) for visualizing Feeds & Mashups Provide developers with tools for developing widgets Set and enforce standards for developing reusable widgets Offer a marketplace for users and developers of widgets to meet
  9. 9. Users can select different widgets (apps) to visualize feeds & mashups. Citizens can reuse widgets within their own websites/apps. Marketplace for supply and demand of visualization. Data is transformed into information for the people, by the people. Applications built with supplied widgets are scattered accross the web. Citizens can not create personal websites, based on supplied visualizations. Open Data Professionals
  10. 10. Open Data Champions Provide end-users with a drag & drop platform to build personal websites with supplied widgets Endorse standards so widgets can interact with each other within a website Offer a marketplace for site- builders and end-users to meet.
  11. 11. Available visualizations are built into small, lightweight webapplications (websites). Webapplications can easily be created around small targetgroups or even individuals. Targetgroups can easily build websites for themselves. Built websites are reusable by other webbuilders. Builders can connect to problem owners through an available marketplace. Open Data Champions
  12. 12. Amateur Rookie Pro Champion Visualize Open up Build
  13. 13. What are you now? Amateur Rookie Professional Champion
  14. 14. What do you want to become? Amateur Rookie Professional Champion
  15. 15. Need a coach? Feel free to contact us: Martin Borman [email_address] Annemarie van Campen [email_address]