Sustainability in Paint Products


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Sustainability in Paint Products

  1. 1. ICI Paints & OverburyInnovation and Sustainability CPD• Introduction to ICI & Akzo Nobel•Sustainability in Decorating. How can decorators help their clients hitsustainability targets through product and service choices?•Products:• Dulux Trade Ecosure Market leading innovation in sustainability &embodied carbon reduction•Dulux Trade Diamond Matt Extend the re-decoration lifecycle, savinglong term cost and carbon consumption•Dulux Trade Light & Space Reduce energy costs by up to 22%• Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt White Award winning embodied carbonreduction•Services:•Can Recycling Reduce site waste•Dulux Trade Clear Wash Eliminate Waste water•ICI Technical advisors Tight technical specification support for all sites.
  2. 2. Corporate Introduction to AkzoNobelWho are AkzoNobel?• AkzoNobel is one of the world’s leading industrial companies• ICI plc purchased by AkzoNobel in 2008• World’s largest decorative paints company & undisputed leaderin performance coatings• Employ around 60,000 people in more than 80 countries• Committed to ‘Delivering Tomorrow’s Answers Today’™.• Global Fortune 500 company• Listed on Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange• Revenue for 2011 totaled € 15.7 billionWorld’s largest decorative paints company• No.1 for Sustainability globally within ChemicalSector on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  3. 3. 3AkzoNobel global brands
  4. 4. 4The Environmental Impact analyserReducing embodied carbon through effective supply chain managementForum for the Future and AkzoNobel have developed the Environmental ImpactAnalyser (EIA) as a tool to help businesses develop more sustainable products, and it hasalready been used to help AkzoNobel launch the Dulux Trade Ecosure Range. We havenow also used the EIA to reduce the impact of our Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt White.The EIA assesses each stage in the life cycle of a product, from the extraction of its rawmaterials through manufacture right up to the point where it leaves the factory. It allowsbusinesses to compare an existing product against a proposed new one and quantify thechange in carbon, water and waste.A key to the success of the EIA is that its method is rigorous enough to be reliable butstreamlined enough to be useable. It gives percentage savings compared to a specificbaseline, not an absolute figure. A detailed life cycle analysis or carbon footprint wouldrequire a much larger investment of time and money than is often feasible, and the resultwould still be dependent on assumptions and conditions.
  5. 5. EcosureDelivering a step change in sustainable paint without sacrificing quality5As demand grows for decorative finishes which have a lower impact on the environmentwithout compromising on quality or standards, Ecosure from Dulux Trade offers theperfect balance of both proven sustainability and market-leading performance.Key Benefits•Up to 30% reduction in Carbonfootprint.•Up to 84% reduction in VOC•25% recycled material used inpackaging.•Delivering comparable durabilityto standard Dulux range.
  6. 6. New reduced carbon footprint Vinyl MattMaking sustainability not a niche trade up, but a market standard6Key Benefits•15% reduction in Carbon footprint.•20% reduction in water•25% recycled material used in packaging.•No effect on performance or durability.It is important that sustainability is moved away from a nicheoption and to being an industry standard. Technologies developedby AkzoNobel to produce products with a reduced carbon footprinthave been passed into Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt.Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt reformulation won theBusiness Commitment to the Environment(BCE) Sir Peter Parker Award for OutstandingLeadership
  7. 7. Diamond MattReducing lifecycle costs by focusing on durability7Product RecommendedRefurbishmentInitial Cost Cost after 30yearsDiamond Matt 5 years £44,740 £268,440Vinyl Matt 2 Years £31,180 £467,700Key performance indicators•10x more durable than standard emulsion•10x more stain resistant than standardemulsion•Extended refurbishment cycle from 2(recommended on standard emulsion)to 5 years.•Reduced Lifecycle costs.
  8. 8. Dulux Trade Light & Space TechnologySave up to 22% on light energy costs8Natural Light•By using Light & Space paint instead of a standardpaint with a similar hue and chroma, it’s possible tohave up to 20% smaller windows, yet still achieve thesame levels of light within the room.•This also helps you meet Building Regulations Part Las less energy is lost through the fixtures.Room painted in Light and Space20 % Smaller windowArtificial Light• By distributing light more efficiently, Light & Spacepaint also saves energy by reducing artificial lighting.• Achieve the same average level of illumination whilstusing up to 22% less lighting energy.50W40W• Lumitec is groundbreaking paint technology is more reflectiveand less absorbent of natural or artificial light.• The resulting finish maximises the impression of space – givingthe room an improved ambience and appearance, whilsthelping to reduce light energy.• In tests conducted by the BRE, Light & Space paint absorbed10% of the visable light compared to a conventional emulsionwhich absorbed 20%
  9. 9. West Mercia Housing Group 9Waste ManagementWe are committed to helping our customers hit their targets in partnership with our ownresponsibilities. Within the construction industry Waste management is essential and itis important that the supply chain is able to support in the industries they specialize in.As a result Dulux Trade and the Dulux Decorator Centres have developed a number ofWaste management services to assist Zero to Landfill targets and an elimination ofwaste water.
  10. 10. 10Can RecyclingAchieving zero to landfill targets and recycling all waste material The Landfill Directive is helping to bring about a change in the way we dispose of waste in this country.It aims to reduce the pollution potential from land filled waste that can impact on surface water, groundwater, soil, air, and also contribute to climate change. In England and Wales the directive is applied under the Landfill (England and Wales) Regulations 2002 and must be fully implemented by July 2009. The directive sets demanding targets to reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal land filled waste.Dulux Decorator Centre Guarantee is: Nothing will go to landfill All parts of the container and any surplus paint will be recycled* DDC and it’s Recycling Partner conform to all Environment Agency Regulations and have all necessary licences and permits We are the only company that supplies Multiple Service notes to customers. (If a merchant picks up cans from a customer and does not supply thisnote then the merchant AND the customer are liable for a £1,000 fine – every time the merchant picks up cans) Our process is fully auditable and all necessary paperwork will be provided for you to retain or pass on as required The only wet paint can recycling service in the UK which gives you the piece of mind that both the paint and the container are being recycled Procedures conform to ISO standards and our Recycling Partner is accredited to BS EN ISO 900, BS EN and ISO 14001
  11. 11. 11Environmental Wash SystemReducing Waste water on site 60 Litre water capacity Smart practical design made with powder coated steel and plastic sink area with stainlesssteel wash area and drainer Does not require continual connection to water mains Requires filling with water prior to operation Water can be re-circulated up to 6 times before replacing Auto cut off when water capacity reached Fully portable Integral high impact wheels Designed to fit through doorways and into lifts Forklift points provided for transportationover rough terrain
  12. 12. 12How does the Environmental Wash System Work?
  13. 13. 13Contract Partners3rd party assessed accreditation scheme, helping to drive best practise inthe market.Dulux Trade Contract Partnership is an exclusive membership scheme ofindependently assessed, quality assured painting contractors.We worked with Forum for the Future to develop an industry leading sustainabilityprogramme, which will help reduce the impact of commercial decorating.By joining the scheme, contractors are demonstrating their commitment toproviding an outstanding professional service to their clients.A benchmark of qualityDulux Trade Contract Partnership was the first, and is the only, scheme in theindustry to assess and approve painting contractors for commercial projects.Ten years on, the assessment at the heart of Dulux Trade ContractPartnership has now been made even more stringent, ensuring that all DuluxTrade Contract Partners are working to the high standards clients have cometo expect.Maintaining professional standardsDulux Trade Contract Partners undergo regular site visits by independentscheme assessors to monitor on-going quality of workmanship, and to identifyopportunities for improvement.All Dulux Trade Contract Partners have demonstrated quality managementprocesses and procedures through an independent business assessment. Youcan feel confident that your project will be managed efficiently andprofessionally by a Dulux Trade Contract Partner.
  14. 14. Step Towards GreenerIndustry leading sustainability programme• Introduced an industry leadingsustainability programme• Helps Contract Partners lead thesustainability of the painting contractingsector• Minimum standards setFour Step Process – 1. What does a sustainable painting contractor look like 2. How toproduce a Sustainability policy 3. Tell your staff 4. Tell your customers
  15. 15. 15Support & ServiceManaging project supply chain from start to finishDistributionDulux trade is available in over 2,500 outlets across the UK, givingunrivalled distributionDulux Decorator Centres have 191 stores across the UKService & SupportAkzoNobel have unparalleled technical support for our clients, with 44technical advisers in the UK. We provide support for sub-contractorswith 35 Business Development Managers in the UK.In addition Morgan Sindall have a dedicated National AccountManager & Sales support manager ensuring that support is readilyavailable and utilized by the Morgan Sindall group.