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2016 Holiday Outside-Infographic


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Enjoy our 5th Annual Holiday Outside-Infographic!

As the end of each year comes to a close, many take the opportunity to reflect back on the year. We do just that and our Outside-In® family of companies would like to share a visual of our year in numbers with this 5th Annual Holiday Infographic.

Recruitment, Staffing, and Outplacement solution providers CBI Group, Placers, and Barton Career Advisors wish you a Happy Holidays! #OutsideIn

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2016 Holiday Outside-Infographic

  1. 1. Each day on our morning huddle, we recognize our teammates for values based moments. Go team! Yeah, we can’t believe it either! 3.5 NEW CUSTOMERS PER WEEK contacts with candidates 100,000+ # Countless. professional networking connections 10,000+ employees placed of lives impacted? 5,000+ Hiring Managers with peaceful minds 1,000+ HAPPY HOLIDAYS - Outside-In® Team FAMILY PARTY Spirit SNOW Jolly 15 Years in Business We fill our mugs with Hot Cocoa Mulled Cider 43% 29% 14% Hot tea Baileys Spiced Wine Christmas Trees We welcomed ~ 3.5 new customers/week in 2016. We support local charities by giving our time or by donating supplies or money. This year we paid it forward to 4 charities, 1 each quarter. We supported the Men's Warehouse Suit Drive for the first time this year and collected gently used professional clothing and passed on the #suitkarma! home base! | 877-746-8450 We Can Help You. Infographic put together by the Outside-In® Companies. We build talent solutions for companies across North America in recruitment, staffing, and outplacement. 7% 672 Acknowledgements 5th ANNUAL Net Promoter Score = 624,000+ Resumes Reviewed CV 73 White lights? Color? | We’re split 50/50 on our light preference. Each morning at 8:45, the entire company gathers for a quick 15 minute huddle. We share our daily priorities for the day, discuss any‘stucks’we may have, and acknowledge team members. 240 Huddles Placers earned a spot (#758) on the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies. This is the 6th time an Outside-In® Company has won an INC 5000 award! INC 5000 Award! We received 19 nominations this year for our Outside-In® Culture Award. 8 Team Members received an award for providing Nth Degree Service! 8 Outside-In All Stars FLAT NO SILOS OPEN BOOK RESPONSIVE TEAM BASED RISKTAKERS NO EXCUSES FRONT DOOR RESULTS DRIVEN EARNTHE RIGHT CHANGE MAKERS INTRAPRENEURIAL KNOWLEDGE-BASED CUSTOMER CENTRIC RIGHTTHINGS RIGHT EVERYONE IS A LEADER BLANK SHEET OF PAPER DEFINED BY 3 CUSTOMERS SERVICETOTHE NTH DEGREE HONEST, HUMBLE &TRUSTWORTHY DAYS LIVING OF VALUES OUR 365 156 Customer Stories Shared This Year Each Wednesday during our morning huddle, our employees share stories of engagement with our clients, partners and employees. 11 Applicant and Customer Visits a Day 600 Calls a Day 7% 112 Rubber Chicken Dinners (Networking Events) Attended Paying it Forward Men’s Warehouse #SuitKarma 12 pairs of men's slacks 5 pairs of women's dress pants 4 skirts 9 men's dress shirts 4 women's blouses 25 ties 7 women's suits and dresses 4 men's suits OUTSIDE-INFOGRAPHIC HOLIDAY