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NSBC Point of Sale and Campaign Update: 2012 PFDMA Conference


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The National Safe Boating Council presented at the 2012 PFDMA Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 on its 2013 Point of Sale Grant and its "Wear It!" campaign.

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NSBC Point of Sale and Campaign Update: 2012 PFDMA Conference

  1. 1. Fred Messmann, Deputy DirectorRachel Johnson, Communications DirectorNational Safe Boating CouncilJune 12, 2012
  2. 2.  National 501(c)3 non-profit organization Dedicated to promoting a safer recreational boating experience  Outreach  Education  Training
  3. 3. Strategic Plan of the National Recreational Boating Safety Program (2012-2016) Objective 2 Boating Safety Outreach, Primarily Strategy 2.8, Deliver Messages Via Marine Dealer Network Objective 8 Operator Compliance-USCG Required Safety Equipment, primarily Strategy 8.2, Analyze Required and Recommended Equipment
  4. 4.  USCG published Area of Interest for non-profit grants, Produce, and Distribute “Vessel Point of Sale” Training Program Designed for Employees of Marine Distributors, Marinas, and Marina Stores Partnered with Personal Floatation Device Manufacturers Association (PFDMA), and Association of Marina Industries (AMI) Interest to include Marine Retailers Association of America (MRAA) and others
  5. 5.  Four Components in the Grant 1. Training for marine industry personnel, video production to include testing and certification 2. Development and distribution partnering with AMI 3. Life Jacket partnering with PFDMA 4. Life Jacket targeting getting children into properly fitted life jackets (Fifth component, print material, not funded)
  6. 6. • Key: Boating Safety Advocates and Industry Working Together• Boating Safety Advocates and Retail have the same Customer • Different Motives – Sales for Safety and Wear vs. Sale for Profit• Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) – suggestion at last year’s conference is true • “Point of Safe” / “Point of Sale” – Interchangeable
  7. 7.  USCG Requested Development to Include:  Federal Carriage Requirements  Content of USCG “Safety Package” often included in boat sales by marine industry  Importance of life jacket wear  Availability of RBS safety courses  Vessel safety checks  Proper register DSC, VHF-FM radios  Info on approved alternatives to required equipment, life jackets and VDS
  8. 8.  Development Will Consider:  FAQ included in grant application based on three years experience  Lessons Learned from previous fast track grant on Point of Sale that developed the pull up banner  Input from manufacturers, retail and marine industry  USCG approval, accuracy and grant goals being met, Joe Carro, USCG HQ, grant technical manager
  9. 9.  Strategy 8.2 to Evaluate:  Re-boarding ladders  Anchor and ground tackle  VHF radio  PLB and EPIRB  Personal lights  Automatic fire extinguishers  Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
  10. 10.  Strategy 8.2 continued  Different specification Personal Flotation Device  Life Raft Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus (IBA)  Helmets PWC’s  Redesigned electronic charting man overboard function  Include accepted recommendations in the video training component
  11. 11.  The “Team” is under development with the PFDMA conference acting as kick off for scoping and topic subject matter experts  Fred Messmann, chair  Virgil Chambers, NSBC  Pam Dillon, NASBLA  Rachel Johnson, NSBC outreach Objective 2  PFDMA, all life jacket components, Objective 4  AMI, all distribution components, strategy 2.8  USCGAUX, Strategy 2.8 - Marine Dealer Visitation  Bob Sweet, USPS  PPG, Jim Parraco and Jason Bedogne, video and testing
  12. 12. Strategic Plan of the National RecreationalBoating Safety Program (2012-2016): • Objective 2: Boating Safety Outreach • Objective 4: Life Jacket Wear • Strategy 11.2: Provide Public Access to Effective Grant Products
  13. 13. • 2012 Press Kit April – May 2012• Magnetic • 1,130 Postcard placements • Ad equivalency• Mailer of more than $1 million• Lenticular Postcard • Over 380 million• Press Releases impressions
  14. 14.  Saved by the Jacket Stories
  15. 15. • May 19, 2012• Goal: To promotethe importance oflife jacket wear andboating safety• Industry Partners: • iSi Components • Leland, Ltd. • Halkey-Roberts• Retail Partners: • West Marine • Cabela’s
  16. 16.  33 Applications Received – 12 Selected $24,000 in resources/ funding
  17. 17.  Coordinated effort with NASBLA Prepare instructor candidates to teach effective NASBLA-approved basic boating safety courses to recreational boaters Boating Practices/ Standards Teaching Techniques/ Interactive Methods
  18. 18.  Defensive boat handling instructor course focusing on maneuvers and techniques Five courses offered from April – August 2012
  19. 19. Fred Messmann - deputy@safeboatingcouncil.orgRachel Johnson - National Safe Boating Council (703) 361-4294