North American Safe Boating Campaign - "Wear It!"


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This presentation is an overview of the North American Safe Boating Campaign. It illustrates the "who, what, where, when, and why" of the campaign.

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  • North American Safe Boating Campaign - "Wear It!"

    1. 2. The campaign encourages, reminds, and highlights the importance of life jacket wear and provides resources for educators.
    2. 3. The campaign’s PURPOSE: To educate boaters about safe and responsible boating, particularly to wear a life jacket at all time while on the water.
    3. 4. The campaign’s MESSAGE: Encourages all boaters to “Wear It!” Your life jacket could save your life.
    4. 5. The campaign: Reminds everyone why it’s not enough to simply carry life jackets; you have to wear one. Accidents on the water happen too fast to reach stowed life jackets.
    5. 6. The campaign: Highlights that today’s modern life jackets are more comfortable, less restrictive, and come in a variety of customized styles and colors. There’s a life jacket for everyone!
    6. 7. The campaign: Provides boating safety educators with resources that educate boaters.
    7. 8. National Safe Boating Week takes place each year during the first full week before the Memorial Day Weekend. This year it’s May 17 through 23.
    8. 9. National Safe Boating Week serves as the kick off for the campaign and the traditional boating season. It serves to remind boaters that even the most experienced boaters can fall victim to boating accidents.
    9. 10. The GOAL of National Safe Boating Week is to heighten awareness among recreational boaters of the importance of ALWAYS wearing a life jacket.
    10. 11. To ALWAYS wear his or her life jacket. Accidents on the water happen too fast to reach stowed life jackets. The #1 thing any boater can do:
    11. 12. Drowning remains the number one cause of death in recreational boating accidents.
    12. 13. 474 lives: 90% of those who drowned in 2006 were not wearing a life jacket. It has been estimated that approximately 474 lives could have been saved in 2006 if boaters had worn their life jackets.
    13. 14. There are many options including new inflatable versions and jackets customized for all types of recreation. NO EXCUSES comfort and safety
    14. 15. Proper fit It’s important to choose a properly fitted life jacket. Check the manufacturer’s ratings for size and weight and make sure it’s USCG-approved.
    15. 16. The Law and You Each state has different laws that apply to kids and certain water activities. A Federal law is also in place that requires kids under 13 to wear a life jacket.
    16. 17. The Law and You While there are very few laws that require adults to wear life jackets, life jacket wear is a matter of survival. It’s also sets a good example for kids to always wear their life jackets.
    17. 18. Next generation of boaters: When these kids grow up they provide an example to the next generation of boaters. It serves as a constant reminder that everyone must always wear a life jacket.
    18. 19. Life jackets for kids: Life jackets meant for adults do not work for children. Proper fit of a life jacket means it fits snugly, it’s buckled, or zipped up, and is appropriate for the person’s weight.
    19. 20. Kid’s campaign resources: The Boating Safety “Sidekicks” provide activities geared toward boating safety with an emphasis on life jacket wear. These online activities are a great way to get kids involved in boating safety.
    20. 21. What you can do: Use the resources available from the campaign to educate, encourage, remind, and highlight the importance of life jacket wear.
    21. 22. Wear It! Posters, logos, presentations, and best practices provide a consistent brand that brings a greater profile to local efforts. “Wear It!” is a message with international coverage and immediate recognition.