Project Management Software Exposed


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Project Management Software Exposed

  1. 1. Imagine a world where project management software does not exist. What would it look like?In one word “chaos”. Outsourcing, planning, estimation, scheduling,budget management all rely heavily on using project management software to get the job done,on time and on budget.Without it everything would quite literally collapse under the stress and strain of trying tomanage, track, schedule and delegate so many moving parts across. It would be a catastrophe.For example: buildings would not get built, cars would not get made, bridges would collapse,aeroplanes would not fly and the world wide web would screetch to a grinding halt!Of course that’s taking it to the extreme, but I really want to emphasise the importance ofsomething that makes our working lives so much easier and enjoyable. And also keeps theworld turning.Above all project management software gives us more time and more freedom because we canjust hand over all the details to the software that can automatically plot and calculate when andhow things need to get done.What are the project management software alternatives?Without project management software there are alternatives you could use like email or evenspreadsheets. But they’ll soon collapse under the pressure and strain of trying to keep yourfinger on the pulse of your projects. 1/8
  2. 2. Imagine a 1,000 sheet Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file each with 1,000 rows and columns andyou’re getting close to seeing what you’d have to work with even on the simplest of projects.So as you can see we simply must have project management software to track progress,collaborate, control, track milestones, implement systems and procedures, we’d all be lostwithout it.Amazingly there are companies and small business owners out there who aren’t using projectmanagement software to become more productive and efficient. It’s hard to imagine I know,especially after the picture I’ve just painted for you.But it’s a stone cold fact that project management software is just not being used for planning,collaboration, implentation, outsourcing, controlling and managing.The death of the entrepreneurThose entrepreneurs who are still trying to get by without using the right software are puttingtheir businesses at serious risk of failing.Here’s why…The devil is in the detailWhen a project needs planning you need to break everything up into the smallest number ofdetails. Then re-organise those details into systems and procudures for implementation by theright people at the right time and in the right place. Every detail has to include instructions andgive clear paths of action and implementation.If you fall back on spreadsheets or email to help you do any one one of these things it quicklybecomes an unmanageble mess. A mess that’s going to take time to fix, and time is by nomeans a commodity any business can willingly throw away.Plan to win or you’ll plan to loseProject management software helps you plan ahead, it helps you to head off problems thathaven’t even happened yet. You can see every detail of a project from the smallest full stop tothe sweaping plays made by teams working as a whole.Failure to effectively plan, manage, collaborate, track time, cost and control is a surefire path toseeing projects implode or collapse in a spectacular fashion. And using email or spreadsheetsleads to just the same result, there are no alternatives to using the right project managementsoftware.What options are there?At my last count there are 146 project management software applications available. Some are 2/8
  3. 3. desktop applications like Microsoft Project Professional 2013 or OmniPlan. Other softwaresolutions are web based like ZoHo, Smartsheet, Basecamp or Wrike, where you use thesoftware hosted on the developers server. A few you install on your own website like OutVeo.Here are three simple questions that guide you to making the best project managementsoftware choice for your business1. How big is your organisation?Most project management software applications are designed for big businesses with largeteams of employees. So if you employ over 50 full-time people you really are spoilt for choice.If you’re a small company with just a few employees or you’re a solo entrepreneur then yourchoice is considerably less. I don’t recommend using the same software that the largercompanies or corprations use.For bigger companies with large in-house teams I recommend looking at Basecamp or Wrike asgood project managenent solutions. As an entrepreneur you’ll find them expensive,complicated and full of features you’re never likely to use.Here are the stone cold facts about project management softwareThere’s more choice in project management software for larger companies and corporationssimply because they’re prepared to pay a lot more. Because of their size they require featuresnot needed by smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.Here’s an example of what I mean…Let’s take a solo entrepreneur for example, they work by themselves and for themselves, theirbudget is limited so they have to make what they do go much further than any big companyemployee. The solution for them is to outsource all those tasksthey don’t enjoy doing. Anything that takes them away from focusing in on the money makingactivities of their business is usually outsourced. 3/8
  4. 4. Often times they don’t need Gantt charts or workflow systems to help them instruct theiroutsource worker in what they need to get done. They have a completely different set of needsbased on getting the work done quickly, on-time and on-budget with the least amount of fuss.But then they’re stuck with paying for project management software designed for bigcompanies packed with features they’ll never use or take forever to learn how to deploy.This is recipe for disaster!An entrepreneur has got to move fast, they need to plan and execute their projects with theleast amount of resistance.When they’re forced to use these big company project management solutions here’s whathappens…Bottlenecks appear as their outsourced staff is stuck figuring out how to use their projectmanagement software resource supply chain (or some other feature useless to entrepreneurs).Bottlenecks cost time and time is moneyThe features of project management software design for big companies and corporations get inthe way and slow everything down. This is a recipe for disaster!The reality is there are no project management software solutions designed for entrepreneurswho outsource (until now, but I’ll get to that later on).All the project management software developers are focusing in on the needs of biggerbusinesses simply because there’s more money and credibility in it for them.Let’s move onto the next question…2. What kind of projects do you need to manage?When you’re evaluating the different project management application options it’s a good ideato list out all those things you’ll need to use the software for.Here are a few ideas:people, staffing and managementproducts and servicesmaterials, manufacturing and productionIT and communicationsplant, vehicles, equipmentstorage, distribution, logisticsbuildings and premisesfinance, administration, acquisition and divestmentpurchasing 4/8
  5. 5. sales, selling, marketinghuman resources development and trainingcustomer service and relationsquality, health and safety,legal and professionaltechnical, scientific, research and developmentnew business developmentand anything else which needs planning and managing within organisations.managing outsourcingEverything I’ve listed above requires a different set of features so it’s important to also list outall those featres you’ll need so you can achieve the end result and complete each project.Here’s an example of the project management process that can usually be applied to everysingle kind of project:1. Agree precise specification for the project2. Plan the project3. Agree and delegate project actions4. Manage and motivate5. Check, measure, monitor, review project progress6. Complete project7. Project follow-upWhatever project management solution you decide to use it must at the very least accomplishthe 7 points above.Many of you may already be ‘accidental project managers’ who carry out many of the activitiesoutlined here but view it as simply ‘getting things done’ whilst recognising that you also relyheavily on luck, perseverance and strength of will. What we are offering is a structuredapproach and a set of tools that help you to ‘get things done betterMullaly, M.E. ‘The Accidental Project Manager: Coming In From The Cold’, 2003There is no magic formula for ensuring that a project is successful, but there are proven projectmanagement software applications to help plan and manage projects (especially if you’re a bigbusiness).3. Do you employ outsourced workers or staff? 5/8
  6. 6. This is the final (and probably the most impotant) question of all.Here’s why…When you’re managing outsourced projects the project management software tools you needare different from those you use when you’re managing an in-house team.The main reason for this is because you’re not in the same location, if you’re an entrepreneuryou’re going to be looking for the highest quality labour at the lowest cost. And this meansyou’re most likely going to be looking abroad to places like the Philippines for your outsourcedteam of workers. This invariably means that communication is going tobe critical between you and your workers. And the most important peice of that communicationis going to be explaining what you need to get done.Both you and your outsourced staff need to know what’s going on at all stages of a project soany problems or issues can quickly be dealt with as and when they arrise.Your short list of communication tools neededEmails that lets the outsource worker know:When a new assignment is ready for them to get started onWhen a new note or file has been added to an assignmentWhen a project has been approved and payment is on it’s wayEmails that let the project manager know:When an assignment is ready for approvalWhen a new note or file has been added to an assignmentWhen an assignment has been completedThen there are assignment notes and the ability to upload and download files that are alsoimportant and must be included.You’ll need these specialist features: 6/8
  7. 7. Attach a cost figure to every assignment and projectThe ability to easily add text and video instructionsStep by step checklists that record progress and track the time takenThe ability to use PayPal to pay your outsourced workersAvailability notifications letting you know when your outsourced workers are available for morework or are taking a well earned breakA quality scoring system so you know at a glance who your best workers are and who to kick tothe curb.Real-time progress reportsYou’ll be surprised just how many of these things are missing from most other projectmanagement software applications.Those are the best (and simplest) three questions to ask before deciding which projectmanagement software to use.Entrepreneurs are the key to economic growth We all think that the large corporations are the kind oforganisations that will lead us to economic recovery. They’ll create new brands and employ1,000’s of new people.The sad fact is they won’t.But the entrepreneurs will.Without the entrepreneurs of the world there would be far fewer jobs and local communitieswould collapse.This is why entrepreneurs need better project management toolsAs I mentioned earlier most project management software is designed for big businsesses andcorporations with big teams of in-house workers.They have different needs that those of an entrepreneur who doesn’t have the money or time tobuy features they’ll never need and take forever to learn. 7/8
  8. 8. They need easy to use project management tools that help them with communication, estimation and planning, scheduling, budget management and real-time tracking What’s the best solution? Just four short years ago I was in the position I described above. I’m an entrepreneur who outsources so I needed easy to use project management tools that got the job done in the quickest time possible for the least cost. No solution existed so I went ahead and created my own. Introducing OutVeo, the first and only project management software application designed specifically for entrepreneurs who outsource. It’s a web-based software application you install on your own website so you’re in full cotrol of all your data and not at the mercy of another company (or big corporation). It includes all the features you need including fully integrated email communication, assignment and project tracking, time tracking, full assignment briefing tools and step-by-step checklists as well as one page dashboards, giving you quick and easy access to the most important data. Because it’s easy to work with and has only the features needed to manage outsourced projects it’s become a must have solution for over 1,300 happy users. For a limited time we’re offering a free 30 day trial so you can really put our web-based project management software through it’s paces and decide if it’s a good fit for you. All you need to do next is click here for the OutVeo project management software solution and get started right away. Check Out The Full Indepth Details Here: Project Management Software Exposed 8/8Powered by TCPDF (