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The Changing Role of The Enterprise Architect


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An exploration of new challenges faced by enterprise architects, including: promoting business alliance, innovation, and budgeting

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The Changing Role of The Enterprise Architect

  1. 1.© OutSystems – all rights reservedThe changing role of theEnterprise ArchitectNuno BaptistaExpert Services Managernuno.baptista@outsystems.com
  2. 2.© OutSystems – all rights reservedGet to know itEA translates business vision andstrategy into effective enterprise changeWikipedia sourceEnterprise Architect ?
  3. 3.© OutSystems – all rights reservedGet to know itWhat is changing?• Strategic thinker• Business Oriented• Innovation driverMike Walker - Microsoft
  4. 4.© OutSystems – all rights reservedNew challenges of EA rolePromote IT-Business alignment#1Accelerate innovation#2Maximize investment returns#3Reduce costs#4
  5. 5.© OutSystems – all rights reserved• Understand your business• Prioritize your application portfolio#1 Promote IT andBusiness AlignmentDon’t fight the evil business!
  6. 6.© OutSystems – all rights reservedSupport the enterprise strategyManage a prioritized application portfolioMaximize the business value of ITStrategy & BudgetCorporate /IT ManagementDeliver and maintainIT OperationMeasureexpectations andbenefitsBusiness Operation#1 – IT & Business alignment
  7. 7.© OutSystems – all rights reserved• Adopt Pace Layered model– Flexible governance models– Try and Fail fast on the right layer#2 AcceleratinginnovationHolograms will become reality and change your way of communicate.
  8. 8.© OutSystems – all rights reserved#2 – Adopt Pace Layered model
  9. 9.© OutSystems – all rights reserved#2 – Try and Fail fast
  10. 10.© OutSystems – all rights reserved#2 – Try and Fail fastBuilt a prototype• Innovative idea• Delivery Effort 15 days• 3 months of experimentalphase• No performance tune• Planned new featuresAirport ticket validate systemToday• 24/7 in 5 airports• Mission critical for operationsupport• ~20K hits per day• Billing system integration• Partners notifications
  11. 11.© OutSystems – all rights reserved#2 – Try and Fail fastChallengeWhat is your innovative idea thatwill change your business this year?Golden rules:• Start small• Involve your business• Be fast to change and to fix• Evaluate the benefit and user adoption
  12. 12.© OutSystems – all rights reserved• Avoid becoming legacy– Design for Change#3 Maximizeinvestment returnsLucas first Star Wars film grossed $1.17 billion
  13. 13.© OutSystems – all rights reserved• Measure cost of maintenance• Build vs buy approach• Build with a technology that allows you to change easilySTANDARDDIFFERENTIATINGINNOVATING#3 - Don’t create new legacy
  14. 14.© OutSystems – all rights reserved#3 - Design for Change
  15. 15.© OutSystems – all rights reserved• Built in Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs)• Deliver fast• Change faster#4 Reduce CostsUsing OutSystems Platform™How much would a Death Star really cost?
  16. 16.© OutSystems – all rights reserved• Migrate DBMS from SQLServer 2005 to Oracle 11g.• Migrate OutSystems Platform from 5.1 to 7.0• Migrate physical hardware from 32 to 64bits in VMs.• Migrate Operating System to Windows Server 2008• Minimum downtime possible#4 – Built in NFRsStandardize and Update OutSystemsinfrastructure to recent systems.
  17. 17.© OutSystems – all rights reservedPerformantScalableDocumented AuditableMaintainable#4 – Built in NFRsPortable
  18. 18.© OutSystems – all rights reserved#4 – Deliver fast, change fasterDevelopmentModel driven developmentreduces time to buildIntegrations are simplifiedMaintenanceBuilt in dependency analysisNFRs support regardless ofchangeOperationsDeployment process isautomatedPerformance Managementbuilt in all applications
  19. 19.© OutSystems – all rights reservedNew challenges of EA rolePromote IT-Business alignmentUnderstand your business, Prioritize your applicationportfolio#1Accelerate innovationAdopt Pace Layered model#2Maximize investment returnsAvoid becoming legacy#3Reduce costsOutSystems Platform™ features#4
  20. 20.© OutSystems – all rights reserved
  21. 21.© OutSystems – all rights reservedThank you!Nuno BaptistaExpert Services Managernuno.baptista@outsystems.com