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OBS | Does the language of colour already exist


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Vojko Pogačar | Ali že obstaja jezik barv

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Published in: Education, Technology
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OBS | Does the language of colour already exist

  1. 1. Does the language of coloursg galready exist?Vojko PogaēarHistorical oveviewN j i ti i S iNerja cave paintings in Spain ,could be the oldest yetfound,dated between 43,500 and42,300 years old.2
  2. 2. Historical oveviewcave paintings in ChauvetͲPontͲdArc are datedaround 30.000 years old!***And they are already“undersigned”!3Historical oveviewPalm prints on the alls of Cha etPalm prints on the walls of ChauvetͲPontͲdArc looks similar to nowadaysfingerprints of illiterate people!?!4
  3. 3. Historical oveviewThe best known Paleolithiccave paintings from Lascauxwere dated between 15.500and 19.000 years old.In this cave can be seen allthe narrative richness ,expressed in drawings!A d h iAnd, at that time meansdrawing equal to writing!5Historical oveviewThe clay tablet fragments fromM t i R l Lib fMesopatamian Royal Library ofAshurbanipal, represents theprinciples of pictorial storyͲtelling.6
  4. 4. Historical oveviewAncient Egyptian Hieroglyphs represent theexample of pictorial transition to abstractsignssigns.7Historical oveviewevolution of pictorial writingresults in abstract signs!8
  5. 5. Historical oveviewLuckily, the Rosetta stone(196 BC) helped us in thereal breakthrough inreal breakthrough indecipherment.On the stone is presentedpa hieroglyphic and ademotic version of thesame text in parallel witha Greek translation.Napoleons troops find itin 1799, but the completedecipherment finallymade JeanͲFrançoisCh lli i hChampollion in the1820s.9Historical oveviewwriting principle in abstract signs are represented onwriting principle in abstract signs are represented onthe Flood Tablets: Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa, theGilgamesh Table Ͳ Royal Library of Ashurbanipal.10
  6. 6. Historical oveview11Such screw presses were applied in Europe to a widerange of uses, but mostly for winemakers!Historical oveview12This woodcut from 1568 shows a Printing press asit was probably Gutenbergs press.For Gutenberg was such model obviously properinspiration for his printing press.
  7. 7. Historical oveviewSimilar printing presses like Gutenbergs press fromp g p g papproximately 143613Historical oveviewTherefore, the reproduction is crucialfor any kind of development!y p…for plants, animals, humans, busines, whatever…14
  8. 8. Historical oveviewThe linguistic and grammar development was enabledby Gutenberg’s invention to its perfection!y g pIt was important for spreading books and all kinds ofknowledges in wider range.But for linguistics and writing is one dimensional levelBut for linguistics and writing is one dimensional levelsufficient.15Historical oveviewNowadays, we have computers with monitors which representthis necessary tool (like printing press) for two dimensionaly ( p g p )pictorial reproduction!16
  9. 9. Historical oveviewAnd the colours representthe skin of all visual world!17Historical oveviewBut the colours does not exist at all!!!!And, this we know already from Newton., y18
  10. 10. Historical oveviewThe colours are only interpretation of light energy in our cortex(and, also on our monitors)!( , )Therefore, for any kind of managing with colours is necessaryto initiate the grammar!It means conditional necessity to introduce the rules which weIt means conditional necessity to introduce the rules, which wemust learn!19BackgroundAnd, in this sense will be representedAnd, in this sense will be representedbackground of natural cycles inrelationship with colours.20
  11. 11. BackgroundDaily cycleDailyͲcycleencompasses24ͲhourͲtime,,when the Earthrotates 360q alongits axisits axis.The brightest andlightest point islightest point isaround noon andthe darkest aroundid i hmidnight.21BackgroundDailyͲcycleThe simplest division results in two extremespBlack&White22
  12. 12. BackgroundDailyͲcycleThe simplest division results in two extremesBlack&White,but in more sophisticated division on12 levels grey scale.23BackgroundAnnuallyͲcycleThe Earth revolves around the Sun within aThe Earth revolves around the Sun within ayear and, it creates on ecliptic rail:Ͳ five symmetrically equal horizontal levelsfive symmetrically equal horizontal levels24
  13. 13. BackgroundAnnuallyͲcycleThe Earth revolves around the Sun within aThe Earth revolves around the Sun within ayear and, it creates on ecliptic rail:Ͳ five symmetrically equal horizontal levelsy y qͲ and one opposed extreme.25BackgroundAnnuallyͲcyclethe distributed light power symbolically correlates with the relative values ofthe distributed lightͲpower symbolically correlates with the relative values of7Ͳsteps achromatic scale,what is typical for each halfͲyear period from one observing point of theyp y p g pglobe and, at the same time, it is just the opposite on the other side!12334562667
  14. 14. BackgroundAnnuallyͲcycleThe simplified division results in minimum two oppositionsThe simplified division results in minimum two oppositions,what is the basis for:Ͳ Four Seasonal Model27BackgroundSuch principles of areal colour modulation werel d d l d i di l fi i ialready developed in medieval fine art paintings,illuminations and in Heraldry, known as localcolouring principle.28
  15. 15. BackgroundHeraldic colour systemIn principle, it is already ancientHeraldic system based on threeHeraldic system based on threepairs, six opposing colors thatare visually different, except thatth l b li d iththe color symbolized withmaterials from nature, such as:Silver for WhiteSilver for White,Gold for Yellow,Blood for RedBlood for Red,Night for Black,Sk f Bl29Sky for Blue, ...DescriptionCertain level of achromatic scale corresponds with certain lightnessͲlevel of thechromatic scale, allowing the colours to appear in a two different unique featureg pp qqualities: warm and cold.In a symbolic sense it presents also the basis forColour Circles.Beside mentioned symbolic and conceptual explanation it is physically defined as awavelength of light energy!30
  16. 16. DescriptionThe simplified version has been divided in a horizontal level to a basicYellowͲBlue and RedͲGreen relationship (xͲ, yͲaxis) andin a vertical to BlackͲWhite relationship (zͲaxis).31DescriptionMore sophisticated model of integrated AnnuallyͲand DailyͲcycle has beendevided through transition from horizontallydevided through transition from horizontally7Ͳlevel symmetricͲachromaticͲscaletoto12Ͳpart chromaticͲcolorͲcircle!32
  17. 17. DescriptionThis two different geometry kind of twoͲ and threeͲbasicͲpairs ofopposed colours are the background for two different type ofpp g ypcolourͲcircles…63 91233Description… defined by the angle among the colours4 Colours Circle = 90o6 Colours Circle 60oD D4 Colours Circle = 90o6 Colours Circle = 60oD D360o270o 270o34
  18. 18. two main geometrical series of Major and Minor angle lines result with different colouropponents and out of it with different results in harmonious combinations!RRAnglesAnglesMAJORMAJORRRAnglesAnglesMINORMINOR35SynthesisAn example ofPeriodic colour modelPeriodic colour modelPCMcomposed of mini Mayor palette andcomposed of miniͲ Mayor palette andpresented with dominant crossͲsections36
  19. 19. SynthesisPeriodic Colour Model – PCMS t f d i tSystem of dominantsby the colour paletteswith different numbers of colours:with different numbers of colours:4 6 8 12 1637SynthesisPeriodic Colour Model – PCMPCM base on 4 Colours palette38
  20. 20. SynthesisPeriodic Colour Model – PCMPCM base on 6 Colours palette39SynthesisPeriodic Colour Model – PCMPCM base on 8 Colours palette40
  21. 21. SynthesisPeriodic Colour Model – PCMPCM base on 12 Colours palette41SynthesisPeriodic Colour Model – PCMPCM base on 16 Colours palette42
  22. 22. SynthesisPCM – model would be more adequately interpreted in a Torus like geometric body, butbecause of increased complexity it would be also harder to use it in explanation!28.3.2013 43ConclusionsSineidic scheme emphasizes the dynamic aspect of annualͲ and dailyͲcycle and, enablesPeriodic Colour Model (PCM) to become a tool for natural differentiation amongdominant colours in certain cross section!dominant colours in certain crossͲsection!44
  23. 23. ConclusionsIt is almost impossible to confuse or barter two opposite dominant colourcrossͲsections of the dailyͲ or annualͲcycle!45ConclusionsAll this systematic is summarized in the scheme ofFourͲSeasonalͲColourͲModel (4SͲCM)(based on MayorͲangled palette)(based on Mayor angled palette)47
  24. 24. ConclusionsA scheme ofTwelveͲPeriodͲColourͲModel (12PͲCM)(based on MinorͲangled palette).(based on Minor angled palette).48A drawings Vitruvian man is one of the most famous drawings. With it have Leonardoda Vinci defined the most meaningful canon of the Renaissance:da Vinci defined the most meaningful canon of the Renaissance:the Man was placed in the centre of the World!49
  25. 25. Old astrological charts told us that the ancient inhabitants have had great interest as closelyas possible to arrange their calendars to help them survive With astrological chart theyas possible to arrange their calendars to help them survive. With astrological chart theywanted to summarize the observation of celestial bodies.50Understanding the movement of the sun, moon and stars are downloaded in figureszodiacal signs. These are groups of stars which are observed by cyclic. And maybe in thef ill i h diff i i d d di fnear future we will come up with different interpretations and understanding of cavedrawings.51
  26. 26. ConclusionsTwelveͲPeriodͲColourͲModel represent the canon in relationship amongnatural cycles features and colours, included in grammatical structure withmeaningful background!meaningful background!52Phenomenological view over light and colour53
  27. 27. ThanksThanks forfor youryourtt titt ti !!attentionattention!!