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  1. 1. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.1218/09/12Richard McGrath proves himself worthy of Ironman status for charity ScopeWith his motivational “mind over matter” motto to spur him on, Adecco Group’s Richard McGrathrecently took part in Bolton’s 2012 UK Ironman Triathlon.Modis talks IT trends with Computer WeeklyMD Sid Barnes talks to Computer Weekly about the state of the IT market.Long servers lunch: celebrating ten years+ serviceInvites are now winging their way to Adecco Group’s most longstanding colleagues.Hyphen raises money and miles in ‘Focus on CSR’ dayIn the first of their brand-wide CSR days, hyphen has clocked up the miles for Win4Youth, raisedvital funds for local charities, and increased their profile nationwide.Feedback or questions? Get in touch on 1
  2. 2. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12RegularsPayroll informationPayday and deadlines for new starter paperworkComing soonDates for your diaryLong service listColleagues celebrating a 5, 10, 15 or 20+ year milestoneFeedback or questions? Get in touch on 2
  3. 3. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Richard McGrath proves himself worthy of Ironman status forcharity ScopeWith his motivational “mind over matter” motto to spur him on, Adecco Group’s Richard McGrathrecently took part in Bolton’s 2012 UK Ironman Triathlon. Not only was it his first Ironman, it was his firstever triathlon.Described as “always looking for his next challenge”, Richard didn’t sign up for the mammoth challengefor his own reasons alone; he was also keen to raise vital funds for Scope — a charity that works withdisabled people and their families, to offer the everyday support that can dramatically change lives.The Triathlon itself consisted of a 2.4 mile open water swim, followed by a 113 mile bike ride, andconcluded in a marathon 26.2 mile run — raced in that order, and without a break. The challenge wasdaunting to the extreme, but Richard was motivated in knowing what a difference his fundraising couldmake to those affected by disabilities across England and Wales, and managed to complete the coursein an impressive 14 hours, 14 minutes — showing that anything is possible.Richard’s Just Giving page is still open for donations, and any additional contributions to thisworthwhile cause would be greatly appreciated. or questions? Get in touch on 3
  4. 4. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Modis talks IT trends with with Computer Weekly Modis recently gained some excellent coverage in leading IT industry publication Computer Weekly, which features Managing Director Sid Barnes talking about the state of the IT market, current IT trends, and vacancy and salary data. You can watch the video here: of-play-in-the-IT-market-IT-education With a 40 year heritage and a print readership of over 130,000, the coverage in Computer Weekly will significantly raise the profile of the brand within the IT industry. Going forward, Modis will be producing IT focused content on a monthly basis for Computer Weekly to review. This is a great win for Modis.Feedback or questions? Get in touch on 4
  5. 5. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Long servers lunch: celebrating ten years+ serviceEvery year, Adecco Group recognizes loyal colleagues who have committed ten or moreyears of their careers to the Group, and rewards them with an all-expenses-paid, slap uplunch to celebrate the milestone.Invites have now been sent out to everyone who has worked at Adecco Group for ten years ormore, and we’ll be bringing you a full write up of the event after your long serving colleagues haveenjoyed the spoils of their service.Feedback or questions? Get in touch on 5
  6. 6. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Hyphen raises money and miles in Focus on CSR dayBBP triumphs in hyphen’s ‘Focus on CSR’ dayAs the first in a series of ‘focus days’, in which hyphen will be implementing a range of initiatives aspart of their Great Place to Work EAG programme, hyphen recently staged a ‘Focus on CSR’ day.The day involved over 200 clients, colleagues, contractors and Employed Consultants, and raisedover £1,500 for selected charities, including Paralympics GB, as well as contributing significantWin4Youth miles.In hyphen’s main offices and across a number of key customer onsite locations, the teams werechallenged to come up with a ‘triathlon’ of events to raise money for a number of good causes, inkeeping with the Olympic and Paralympic spirit.A real team effortBirmingham Business Park soaked up the action by conducting their own triathlon, which includedstatic bike riding, space hopper relay, and hoopla. They even persuaded many Adecco colleaguesfrom the first floor to join in with their efforts.As reported in last week’s Wire, Keele’s National Recruitment Centre staged a sports day(complete with fancy dress), and further south at Legal and General in Kingswood the team kickedoff the day with a game of office chair rugby — but soon moved on to a relay marathon and pingpong championship once they realised that office chairs were not built to withstand a batteringfrom opposition players!Meanwhile at Aviva London, the team got off to an early start with a 100km cycle ride, while theAviva York team took part in a triathlon covering 100km with 15 clients, which included a walkalong the York Walls, a Wii Hula Hoop Challenge, and a Paralympic Games Quiz.At Everything Everywhere, activities were held at their three largest sites — including a 10k runaround the Hatfield site, a spin cycle class for 23 people in Bristol, and swimming events inNewcastle; and at National Grid in Warwick, Jessica Bailey brought in her Paralympics torch andaccepted donations to Paralympics GB in return for photos with the torch. Members of the NationalGrid team clocked up additional Win4Youth miles by running, cycling and rowing in the onsite gym.At the Bouverie Street Head Office, Mannie Neville got into the competitive spirit: “It was more likea decathlon than a triathlon of events here at the Hazlitt House stadium in London — we even hadan official games maker in attendance!”The winnersTo reward the admirable efforts of the hyphen teams far and wide, medals were awarded for thebest CSR initiatives.Scooping up the gold was the hyphen team at Birmingham Business Park, who clocked up amassive 581km for Win4Youth — and raised over £450 for Paralympics GB. The essence of theday was summed up by one of our BBP colleagues: “Everyone’s spirits have been lifted today andwe have raised a great amount for charity. It truly was a Great Place to Work.”The silver medal was shared by the Everything Everywhere team who raised a staggering £867,and the Aviva team who got many of their client contacts involved; while the bronze medal wasawarded to the Keele NRC team for their inventive school sports day and fancy dress.‘Honourable mentions’ also went to the National Grid team, Legal & General team, and theLondon-based Permanent Recruitment Practise.In total, the hyphen CSR day raised over £1,500 for Paralympics GB and other selected charities,and clocked up over 1,000 miles for Win4Youth.Feedback or questions? Get in touch on 6
  7. 7. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Long service listRaise a toast to the dedicated colleagues celebrating a 5, 10, 15 or 20+ year anniversary inthe coming week. Thank you for your talent, commitment and loyalty. Enjoy your specialday.Colleagues celebrating a 20-year anniversary:Allison Skeggs - Hatfield, HyphenColleagues celebrating a 10-year anniversary:Richard Hatchett - Manchester, Badenoch & ClarkKelly Warren - Kendal, Adecco RetailAmanda Todd - York, Spring PersonnelColleagues celebrating a 5 year anniversary:Kim Macdonald - York, Spring PersonnelLeanne Edouard-Betsy - Strategic AccountsFeedback or questions? Get in touch on 7
  8. 8. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Payroll informationPay day is Friday, 28 September. The deadline for returning employee paperwork including signedcontracts and P45s for the HR admin team was 5pm on Monday, 10 September.You can contact the team at 3010 The Crescent, Solihull Parkway, Birmingham Business Park,Birmingham B37 7YE.T. 0845 337 0464F. 0844 844 7675E. starter pay datesNew starters joining before the 16th of the month will be paid on the 28th of the month in whichyou begin work, (subject to receiving all of the above paperwork).Starters after the 16th of the month will be paid on the 28th of the following month.Starters and leaversPlease inform HR of any new starters, leavers or changes in terms and conditions by completingthe online forms on MyHR.Feedback or questions? Get in touch on 8
  9. 9. The Wire – Issue 102 18.09.12Coming soon • The launch of Adecco Group’s first official job board • The launch of the rebranded Ajilon websiteFeedback or questions? Get in touch on 9