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Website Me


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An infographic I put together for my website.

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Website Me

  1. 1. Julie combines affability and amiability with a high sense of duty. Although she is quite ingenious and idea- oriented, she is rather modest about her finer qualities. In everyday activities, Julie is tolerant, open-minded, flexible and adaptable, enjoying the present moment. She may impress others, albeit unintentionally, by knowing something worthwhile about many things, especially when she speaks about one of her specialised subjects. In her own work, she can become intent upon doing things her own way in order to ensure her high standards of operating are met. She can adapt herself to a wide variety of tasks, but prefers the familiar. Julie is always outstandingly practical and sensible. Easy-going, neat and orderly, she nonetheless values appreciation from others. Her common-sense denotes a practical ability with people and things. Julie likes to prepare well and prefers to know why and how things happen. Serious, conscientious and loyal, Julie is a dedicated worker. She will seek an environment in which she can be quietly productive. She is at her best in work that involves people and task, where co-operation can be achieved through goodwill. Julie is seen as a gentle, caring and sensitive person who keeps many of her intensely personal ideals and values to herself. Her dependability and willingness to lend a sympathetic yet objective ear makes her a supportive team player. (Full 18 page report available upon request) Hi, I’m Julie! Insights Discovery W h a t t h e p r o f i l e r s s a y ©OurOtherOffice I am a motivated and industrious career Executive Assistant who has a proven track record providing dynamic, comprehensive and fully tailored support at Board level. With extensive experience supporting Directors and Senior Management I am highly organised, efficient, personable and able to deliver consistently high results in challenging and pressurised environments. Having worked in SME, Parliamentary and FTSE100 environments I have not only worked very hard to become incredibly good at my job but have a depth of commercial experience and a ‘Will Do’ attitude that can bring huge benefit to you and your business. I have worked as an Executive PA in a variety of environments ranging from SME, Parliamentary and FTSE100 and as such have a great administrative, time management, IT and interpersonal skills as the basis to a varied and business centric skill set. My Career Critical Thinking Skills The Talent Lens Critical Thinking Assessment has long been used in educational and business settings to determine an individuals ability to think critically, as a way of assessing their suitability for an organisation or a specific position within it. The process of critical thinking involves the careful acquisition and interpretation of information from multiple perspectives, and the subsequent application of that information to reach a well-justified conclusion whilst separating facts from opinions and assumptions. In short, the test is most commonly given to graduates, managers and senior managers across a range of professions, especially lawyers, accountants and the finance sector. The most common score is between 30-40% and any score above 67.2% is considered outstanding. Skills and Competencies A self-starter adept at Managing Workloads and Deadlines without supervision Excels at even the most complicated diary/ email/ travel management Driven to produce Timely and Accurate Work no matter the external pressures An adaptable Problem Solver and Decision Maker, fully at ease in a Fast Changing environment Adept at Planning Ahead, as well as an Unflappable attitude in dealing with the unexpected An involved team member who focuses on developing Strong Professional Relationships Friendly and articulate with great Interpersonal Skills, whatever the level of seniority A sound understanding of Corporate Governance, and the necessity for Relieving Bottlenecks A quick study with a passion for Learning new skills, as well as Developing existing Actively seeks to Expand Contribution beyond the confines of a job description A confident and literate IT User, with an Above Average working knowledge of MS Office Excellent knowledge of WordPress, BrainLoop, SharePoint, MailChimp & Skype amongst others, A Prince2 trained project manager with a consistently methodical approach Event Planning experience that is flexible and wide ranging in its application Financial experience from budgeting and accounts preparation to day to day book keeping AAT qualified with a strong head for numbers and the eye on Detail that involves Being a VA not only gives me scope to use all of the knowledge and skills that I have been developing and refining for the last 15 years, it also affords me the opportunity to explore and spend more time on many of my areas of knowledge and passion that the more conventional EA role for larger business does not: I am fascinated by small businesses and the energetic and passionate people who run them I have a passion for all things creative, especially marketing, presentation design etc I have a flair for and love copywriting … whether it be marketing, websites, blogging or social media I am a guru for all things organisation and administration There isn’t a process I can’t design/ streamline or a problem I can’t solve