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Khmer Script for Mobile Device


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Khmer Script for Mobile Device

  1. 1. Khmer Script For Small Devices
  2. 2. Khmer Script 1. History of Khmer script 2. Challenging with new technology 3. UI Fonts
  3. 3. History of Khmer Script - found in 3rd century with Vo Canh inscription during former Champa kingdom (Central part of Vietnam).
  4. 4. History of Khmer Script - It drived from Pallava script with more and clear inscription found in 7th century (Srah Keo of Thailand and Angkor Borei of Cambodia).
  5. 5. History of Khmer Script - The script was used to combine singlesyllable (Khmer original word) and multisyllable (Pali/Sanskrit loan words)
  6. 6. Challenge with new technology - From Pali/Sanskrit loan word or multi-syllable style, it makes bodyheight of Khmer text getting much larger than Western European text.
  7. 7. Challenge with new technology - Printing industry came to Cambodia in early of 20th century, in French colonied period. Khmer script started to enter modern technology.
  8. 8. Challenge with new technology - Khmer letters were used for printing with metal type to keep long vertical space as in most of the inscription, and manuscript.
  9. 9. Challenge with new technology - Khmer computer font from Khek family, Om Mony in USA and from Cinotec in Vietnam in 1990s can make body-height of Khmer text getting much smaller than metal type, but it is still larger than Western European text.
  10. 10. UI Fonts UI font is designed to reduce the overall body height of text, and allow Khmer to have descender and ascender-lines closer to other scripts. It also allows their use in UI components where vertical space is a premiun.
  11. 11. UI Fonts -Khmer UI of Windows Phone -Noto Sans KhmerUI of Nexus 5 -Hanuman UI of Samsung Android phone
  12. 12. UI Fonts Microsoft Windows Phone Samsung Galaxy S4 LG Nexus 5
  13. 13. UI Fonts Microsoft Khmer UI Noto Sans Khmer UI
  14. 14. UI Fonts Why do we need to create UI fonts? -Hamornize with English text. -Need more info display on small screen.
  15. 15. UI Fonts
  16. 16. UI Fonts →
  17. 17. UI Fonts OpenType features
  18. 18. UI Fonts How to do? -Learn from hand writing style. -Learn from banner design. -Some old inscriptions also try to make vertical space shorter.
  19. 19. UI Fonts
  20. 20. UI Fonts
  21. 21. Question?